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Forge of the Gods

Like Lightning
Welcome to the Forge of the Gods. This is a thread in which I will post all items in the prefactory for you all to take a gander, critique, or otherwise inspect. You all may also use this should you like me to specifically look through your own submission for inconsistencies, or mistakes!

Feel free to critique me or anything else!


Approved Submissions:
Kal'oritsir - Sword
Goddess Iron Skin - Summon Armor
Erebos's Pact - Consumption Ring
Like Lightning

  • Name: The Book of the Moross
  • Manufacturer:
    The Moross Crusade(Formerly)
  • The Moross Covent (Currently)
  • Supposed to be written by the hand of Neth The Keeper.

  • The Moross Covent Members
  • Any one of the Members of the Covent bestows upon

[*]Modularity: Yes.
  • Can be found on the Holonet, Stored upon datapads, Recorded in Holocrons.
  • Specifically printed as a tome.

  • Mass Produced - Holonet Version
  • Limited - Tome version
  • Semi-Unique(3) - Special Tome Version

  • Standard Tome Version
  • Binding
  • Cord
  • Glue
  • Parchment

[*]Aesir Edition Tome Version
  • Leather
  • Terentatek Hide
  • Binding
  • Cord
  • Glue
  • Human Flesh

  • Classification: Tome, Bible of the Moross Religion
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Historical accounts of the Aesirs
  • Accounts of Notable characters within the Religion
  • Parables used for teaching the masses
  • Accounts leading up to the fall of the Moross Crusade before, during, and after Netherworld Event.
  • Contains all notable characters of the Mythology including known Chosen of the Aesir, Aesirs themselves, and the named persons within the parables.
  • It's a book: This item is not a weapon to kill and maim. Its a weapon of the mind to be used to teach others throughout the galaxy of the religious texts of the Moross Covent, and the Moross Crusade.
  • Special Edition: A limited edition was created for the three living Aesirs. One for each of the three, these special editions are simply bound by the force itself to prevent the damage and destruction of it's pages.
  • Pages from the Heart: Simply, its a book. It can do no more harm than a child accidentally hitting you in the head with it, or causing those who do not believe to convert to the religion, or be filled with a sodium diet.
  • Special Edition: As with the creation of the force, the three special books that were created for the Aesirs alone lose their near indestructible pages when in a force nullification bubble.
These are two mentioned mythologies or stories that are contained within the pages of the book.

The Parable of Themisces
A man born to wealthy parents, sought to become the riches, and most beautiful being of the Morossi people. With his wealth, he adorned himself with all the riches of the world. Holding onto a mirror that showed his true self, his face in all of its handsome shine, and beauty. It was well known that the man carried this mirror around. Men who aspired to be him carried a mirror to attempt to replicate it. Hali, The patron of parties, and desires came forward to Themisces. Proposing that he was the most beautiful being he had seen in a long time. For his sight alone, Themisces' mirror was given the ability to shine brightly. Making all he touch beautiful and in the purest form.

Themisces was proud of himself. Seeking out every person who wished to become beautiful. Making them pay a heavy price for him to touch them, and bestow the gift of pure beauty. Neth, the patron of Knowledge saw this. Coming down before the man, asking him of his extortion of the Morossian people.

Themisces proposed that he was the most beautiful being in the galaxy. Stating brilliantly that he was even more beautiful than the gods, Inari, Salee, and Kalee all together. Neth, wishing to teach this man a lesson, disfigured the man with his powers. Slowly the man became a beast. Ugly and completely void of all beauty. Telling the man to look upon himself, Neth walked away from the sight of the man. Doing as told, Themisces looked upon his most precious mirror. Seeing himself as a monster, He dropped said relic that had been given to him. Fleeing in terror of his own sight, and shunned from the rest of the world, and the people who had once looked upon him with great awe.

Erebos's Pact
Kalee was a Goddess that once fought against beings who could shift and shape form to any of their desire. Born from darkness, these creatures could attack her and slip away. She was tiring rapidly due to the number of them.There were many that wanted to feed off of her energies, her power. It was when she was nearing death, that the God of Darkness himself came before her.

Bestowing a ring upon her hand. This ring was once worn by the God Erebus. A being that was known to consume all life, and will one day bring the end of the Galaxy within a great black landscape. Giving Kalee this ring, he required one single payment from her. She was tasked with fighting Erebus when the end of the Galaxy came about. When he consumes all, he will save Kalee for a final battle with the Goddess.

Agreeing to these terms, Kalee found herself able to consume the emotions and the energy from the plantlife and the creatures around her. Strengthening herself, she fought back the Shades. Killing one after another. While she had defended herself well, in spite of having to make a deal with the God of Darkness, She sought the Shades. Erebus's children, and slaughtered many of them. Only stopping when the God once more called upon her. Asking for her to end this war between his offspring and herself.

Kalee only smiled brightly as she retorted back to the God. For her to stop this war against his people, She could have the ring without any debts. Her debt would be paid with the living members being allowed to survive, or all would be killed, and thus the fight at the end of the Galaxy will commence. Sadly, Erebus, a being of destruction needed soldiers and men to fight for when the end comes. To destroy all that the Galaxy holds dear. With anger in his heart, and a fury in his black eyes, he relented. Freeing Kalee of her debt.

However, his final words would send a chill down her spine.

"I will save you for last Warrior Goddess. Hold you down so that you may see everything burn. Then, and only then, will I have you for my own desires."

Fading from the woman, She returned to the Pantheon much stronger, and wiser than before, however, knowing well that the God of Darkness does not make threats. He makes promises.
Like Lightning

  • Intent: Submit a Technobeast that was created Via training with An apprentice, as well as an elite unit for the Moross Covent
  • ​Image Credit: Warframe - Valkyr Fan Art
  • Canon:
    Vali - Chaos Canon

  • WIP

  • Name: Bastiet - Singular, Bastien - Plural.
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Exocron
  • Language: Basic
  • Average Lifespan: 45 Years
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: A cross between a Feline and a humanoid shape, The Bastiet have a stubbed muzzle in the shape of your average house cat, with a long face that ends with pointed ears. The body is devoid of any kind of hair, or fur. Having a mix of Organic tissue, and various metals. The muscular structure is very much visible only being covered in some areas with hardened forms of their organic tissue/metal mix. A very small mouth can reveal teeth that are sharpened much like any other feline with canine teeth that are sharp enough to easily bite down into flesh. Claws upon hands and feet are razor sharp and able to cut through various armor types. A tail extends from the creature's rear with a small hook upon it.
  • Breathes: Type I, Type II (Limited time)
  • Average height of adults: 178 Cm
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Various shades of Pink, Red, and Fair skintones.
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Feline Appearance, with elongated ears, Claws, Hook tail, Exposed muscular system.
  • Races: N/A
  • Strengths: [ 2 minimum ]
    Propriception - A term used for sensory of the relative position of one's own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. This also extends primarily in Kinesthetics, or the sensory of the movement of the body. This allows them to judge their movements, actions, or otherwise used with their heightened spatial awareness to perform feats such as always landing on their feet, spinning in air to right themselves to the ground/Center of gravity upon a planet or vessel, as well as useful in battle to have a keen awareness to their surroundings, foes, allies, and other such.
  • War-Frame - Utilizing these creatures as weapons of war, guards, or otherwise elite units within a company, or group, The Bastiet has the utility of claws upon their hands and feet, teeth, as well as a hook upon their tail for attacking enemies, defending themselves, or simply hunting for sustenance. While using Phrik for the Claws and teeth, this allows them to cut through most types of armor should it be mesh, or otherwise light.
  • Feline Hunters - Having much larger ears that takes up most of the size of their head, They have enhanced hearing capabilities. They can tell the very difference of a prey's situation from the sound of their breathing. Honed to hear the softest of sounds, or changed to listen to a distant sound source.
  • Bio-Armor - A mesh between organic tissue and Duraplast, and a mix of Rybcoarse to create most of the body. While there is more tissue than metal in the body itself to allow ease of movement, Hardy portions of the body such as "fins" upon the forearm act much like bracers to protect against blaster, and small slug rounds. Other places of this hardened skin are the shoulders, knee caps, bottom of the feet, Portions of the chest, back, and a large portion of the head. Durable to be compared to Stormtrooper armor.

[*]Weaknesses: [ 2 minimum ]
  • Concussive - Utilizing weapons such as Flash bang grenades, sonic weapons, or even force abilities such as Force Scream, or Force Bellow can injure their hearing capabilities. Such items or uses can disorient them rather easily. This can be used to slow them down, or to "stun" them to come in for an attack.
  • High-Powered Weapons: Weapons that are specifically meant to be Anti-personnel, Anti-Armor, or in general Armor piercing will be able to break through their armor and damage them greatly. These weapons can be anything from a Lightsaber, AP Slugs, Disruptors, Sonic Weaponry, etc.
  • Going Commando - As the bodies of these creatures are quite different from most human-like species, some general armors cannot work for them. Mainly helmets, gloves, and boots as they limit their use of ears, claws, and teeth as weapons. Thus about the best you can find of armor for them is maybe bracers, shin guards, and even more rare, are breastplates, or armor that restricts movement.
  • Technobeasts - As created with a Dark sided force power, These creatures can be damaged with Force Light, or any application of it. Ranging from injury, reduced to a vegetative state, or even death.
  • Wires, and Blood Vessels - Much like any kind of metal part, it attracts an electric charged when made out of ferrous metals. Thus, EMPs, Ion Weaponry or electrical based weapons can cause much more damage than compared to your average human.
  • Life Cycle - Due to the use of the force to create these beings, They have a much shorter life span than that of the average human. With the use of the force, They can mate with other species and create offspring, but the chances of for the offspring to be conceived are very rare, with the influence of the force, the chances of the offspring living any longer than a year or two, is slim.
  • Creation - The creation process of the Bastiet is the only way to create a "Pure Bastiet." While offspring can be born, These Pure forms of the Bastien are the only ones used in military based functions. So much so, that any offspring that lives is considered a waste, and is often eaten, or killed off. Thus their numbers are limited even more.

  • Diet: [ Note down common fods, what is poisonous]
  • Communication: [ Note their common communication medium ]
  • Technology level: [ Describe their societal technology level ]
  • Religion/Beliefs: [ If this species has a prominent religion or set of beliefs, describe them here. ]
  • General behavior: [ Describe general behaviors such as: family life, values, how they raise their young, how they find mates, how they interact with the world and other species around them. Do they hunt? Do they build? Are they inventors? Are they explorers? Are they nocturnal or diurnal? Do they attend schools? Etc, etc. ]
[ Describe an abridged history. If your species is genetically engineered or Sithspawn please describe the process through which they were created, by who, and why in at least three paragraphs. Explain the various challenges encountered during their creation. Most galactic species will be quite old - major events relevant to the species in how they evolved and developed into what they are today where appropriate. ]
Like Lightning

  • Intent: To create a stub for a series of Tattoos that are used to identify Covent members in a covert manner.
  • Image Source: Medical Daily
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Moross Covent/Crusade
  • Affiliation: The Moross Covent
  • Model: Mark of the Aesir
  • Modularity: Can be made uniquely, however, once set into the skin, it can only be added upon.

  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
    ​​​Tattoo Ink
  • Blood
  • Alchemy/Force Imbued

  • Invisible to the naked eye, unless specifically made with visible ink.
  • Alchemized/Force Imbued to be activated at users choosing.
  • Secrecy: Its made from invisible ink that can only be activated through the force. Thus, should someone search for the tattoo, or use blacklights, or other chemical reactions, it will not be found.
  • For the Crusade: A tattoo that is just a symbol of true devotion to the cause of the Crusades/Covent of the Moross religion.
  • Exposed: When entering a force nullification field, the tattoo will expose itself as it is simply being hidden through the force. Thus, if someone was wanting to really find it, they would have to nullify the force around the person.
  • On your Own: While the tattoo is a symbol of your devotion to the cause, it is not armor, nor can it protect you from anything at all. It is just a tattoo.
  • Flesh of my Flesh: Should flesh be torn away, or on the rare chance that a person changes their body physically or sustain damage to the area where the tattoo is placed, the tattoo can be taken away as it is attached directly to the person's flesh.
  • Removed: As the tattoo is used creating the force, and hidden with the force, If one were to use other aspects of the force to specifically remove it, via Force Light for those that are done through alchemy, it will be painfully burned away from the skin.
The Moross Crusade was a faction that combined the might of their faith, and government, into one entity. Their religion was the entire formation of their military. As such, many devout members would receive tattoos that were custom made for their branch of the military. While only a couple actually needed one, it was just a nice symbol to show that you were a part of something unique. However, with the falling out of the crusades through the event known as the Netherworld Incident, many of the members now got the tattoos to show that they were the surviving members of the crusades.

Present day, many have them, and share them as a symbol of secrecy. One where only the true believers show to those who have them. Even some residence will allow Moross Crusaders should they have the symbol upon them, but no one else. With the coming and claiming made by Kalee, and other Aesir, The tattoo is now more widespread and invigorated through artists within the Covent. They convert these tattoos to be something more. Still able to be hidden, but through the force to allow those who are held captive to not lose their identity, but allow it to be shown to allow access to various places, items, or even just to show that they are someone any other member of the covent can trust.
Like Lightning


[*]Primary Source: Me
  • Manufacturer: Kalee Bladesworn
  • Model: The Shield's Wings - Salee's Wings
  • Affiliation: Kalee Bladesworn
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material:
    Talisman of Calling
  • Neebray Wingleather
  • Feathers
  • Malaaras Bone
  • Terentatek Leather
  • Diathim Wings

  • Classification: Flight Unit
  • Weight: 8kgs
  • Resistances:
    Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
  • Kinetic: Low
  • Lightsabers: High
  • Pierce: Low
  • EMP/ION: High


  • Force imbued
  • Summoned
  • Flight
  • Angelic Flight: Created through use of various leathers, Feathers, and even wings from the sentient being of a Diathim, The wings allow the most superior flight of any kind of flight unit. Hover, move in any direction within the air, and have a movement that brings the true meaning of Air superiority.
  • Discrete: Using a special ring, the wings can be summoned to the user by uttering a specific phrase.
  • Winged Guard: As the wings were created using Force imbued processes, the wings are resistant to all forms of energy weaponry. While a large barrage or more powerful weapons, or constant contact with an energy source can eventually cause damage. With this in mind, it can be used as a last ditch attempt as a shield to defend onenself, or others should the need arise.
  • Grounded: The pure size of the wings, while necessary for use in flight, the wings are very large and cumbersome. Using these in tight spaces is difficult, and even downright impossible. You need larger open spaces to use this to its highest proficiency.
  • Broadside: Can you hit the broadside of a barn door? Well then this should be easy for you to hit. The size of the wings make it an easy target, as well as the wearer a huge attention grabber. You aren't walking around without getting a few looks your way, or a hail of blaster bolts aimed at you.
  • Icarus's Warning: Unlike flying too close to the sun, should a user enter a force nullification bubble, the wings will literally be stripped from your back, and cause you to fall from whatever height you are at. As well, it prevents the summoning of the wings in the first place.
  • Limitation: While the wings can be used for a time of two hours, should you put the wings away, or if they are taken away via force nullification, then the wings will start their timer of having to wait two more hours to be used again.
  • Rip and Tear: As with most fleshy targets, Anything physical causes a lot of damage. Sure, the leather and the wings themselves are durable, but they aren't great against kinetic impacts such as hammers, fists, or even piercing attacks such as slugs, arrows, or even knives and swords.
  • Back Problems: While flying, the weight of the wings is drastically reduced due to the wings themselves holding you up in the air. However, upon the ground, you need to hold your own wings up. With so much weight held out at a long distance, it makes it difficult to fight and move around with. While this can be mitigated to a small degree with prolonged use, it will always be a weakness.