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Force Levitation training (self training)

Kyla Foy

Ophelia was currently on the planet Coruscant. She had just learned from her master with a bit of extra practice learned her first technique which is called force levitation. She was currently located in one of the training rooms, where the weights were located. She placed a pillow on the ground with the light weight on the pillow. She looked at it for a moment, “So, I have to do rainbow force and make it levitate! Ophelia, you can do it!!”, she told herself as a self motivator. She sat on the ground on a pillow herself. Her legs were crossed over each other while her eyes were slowly closing. Her eyes were focused towards the weight and slowly closing. Her arms were crossed while a bright smile was upon her face.

She had to get her body in a state of concentration, the state where she felt full of happiness, where she would be able to see the beautiful rainbow, which was for her 'the force' Her master had allowed her to think of her own way of thinking what the force actually might be, this was her decision. She followed the path of the Aing-tii, who saw the force as a rainbow. She had to visualize herself deep in an area. The area contained a river filled with the most clear water. The water symbolized nothing else but the actual wall in order to successfully preform the actual technique and use the force in a correct matter. The rainbow on the water was as a path to the other side. It helped her to make the flow from the force go over the river and it was the actual force. If she learned to control it more the light from the rainbow would be brighter and the rainbows bigger.

She had her eyes remained close at all times while she slowly inhaled and exhaled holding her hands onto her upper legs, quadriceps. She breathed in and out very slow, slowly visualizing into a stage deeper which would help her even further. She thought about the weight and visualized the actual place where it lied, which was in front of her. She slowly allowed her force surged from her body towards the weight. The distance was short which meant that it also was a bit easier for her to do. The weight was slowly getting filled and surrounded by her extreme happy rainbow force style.

The weight slowly went into the air and it start to move up inch after inch very slowly in a very unsteady fashion, but it did go up slowly and steady. It went up that inch what she wanted but it still rose as she was now completely calm. She opened her eyes wanting to take a peak, but the moment she took a peak, the weight fell down, but by the sound she knew that it levitated in the air only not from how high.