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Force Imbued Fat/Lard

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Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy

Force Imbued Fat/Lard

OOC Info
Intent: To create a unique material to be used in the application of various items and weapons of the force.
Image Source: X & X
Restricted Missions: NA
Primary Source: NA

Product Info
Name: Force Imbued Fat
Manufacturer: Miss Blonde & Syndicate
Homeworld (optional): One could say it has many homeworlds.
Production: Limited
Affiliation: Closed Market
Modularity: Yes. Fat/Lard can do a million different things. It can be used for cooking, medicinal purposes, balm, soap, there are tons of practical uses for fat and how it can be modified to help in whatever it's used for. However, Syndicate's and Miss Blonde's use for force imbued fat is a bit more sinister in its modularity.
Material: Fatty Tissue, Acids, etc

Physical Information
Classification: Organic fatty tissue
Weight: Lightweight
Quality: NA
Color: Varies from species to species, most common is yellow, reddish pink, and white.

Special Features
Force Imbued: Force imbued fat and lard can be considered very lame and underwhelming for most, and in its basic state it is. But what makes this special is that versatile organic material that has been imbued with the force meaning that it can take on entirely new roles when being crafted and molded into its final product. It can be used to help create multiple items that can change how we view technology/products and the force not just limiting it to weapons, armor and whatever stupid make up line Zeltrons put out (shots fired)


Strengths and Weaknesses
Versatility: Able to be used for multiple applications, force imbued fat/lard is all about how it can be applied to the user imagination. There are almost no limits as to what you can do with it.
Storage: You have to keep it refrigerated or in some cool environment, otherwise it just goes bad and starts to smell. So once you get your hands on it, be sure to put it away fast or use it at once in case it goes bad.

As dark as it might be, Syndicate makes a lot of bodies. So one might ask what happens to all these bodies? Well. In the sake of being economically beneficial to the organization and Miss Blonde, they are used for various things. Syndicate's victim's bodies are butchered and have their fat extracted from their bodies. From there they are shipped off to other operations depending on the state of their corpse. Could be anything from animal feed to harvesting organs for the black market. But those details aren't important, we're here to talk about the fat and that whole process.

Once it's harvested Miss Blonde imbues the item with force energy like any other item and boosts the amount of energy it contains. That raw power bonds with the organic material and allows it to be used in different ways with it now taking on a role in the ethereal.

While its best not to think about where the fat came from, it's best to just assume it's from animals (It's not from animals). Though Syndicate and Miss Blonde don't expressly say this product is from the corpses of people, if you are a force sensitive individual you'll be able to sense that this isn't animal fat and it's best not to use it in cooking. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Strengths. Use it in whatever you want. Take the raw energy that's in the fat and shape it into whatever working you need. Need a soap that helps heal wounds? Imbue the energy stored in the fat with healing energy and render it into soap and bam you got healing soap that will leave your skin feeling brand new. Or perhaps you're into something more sinister? Render the fat, add some nitric acid and make force imbued nitro-glycerin that can release enough violent force energy upon explosion to hurt wraiths, spirits, and force ghosts. Place a drain life curse on it and you've doubled its deadliness. The only limit to this item is your imagination of what you can do with it.

Weaknesses. It's an organic material, so it goes bad pretty fast. It has a shelf life and you should really adhere to it to use it when it's most potent. Make sure you keep it refrigerated or else it can take that shelf life of a few weeks and drop it down to a few hours before it becomes useless. As the fat starts to decompose and go bad, so does the force energy within. Be mindful of this and make sure you have a plan on its use when ordering it.

Summary. While it might seem underrated at first, this is an item that any pro workshop user or crafter might find themselves needing from time to time in order to make truly unique products. Break free of the mundane swords, armor, and trinkets to make something truly special and amazing. Just don't ask questions on where it came from.

Seriously.... don't ask.
[member="Miss Blonde"]

Force Imbuement typically has a specific purpose or effect instead of a general free for all.

I can see this perhaps being Force Imbued to give an additional omph in endurance, or power, or strength, but it has to have a specific quality.

Please decide on a single effect that this "Fat" can be imbued with instead of a generic free for all. IE if you want it to help in healing for soap, have it have accelerated healing properties.

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
[member="Cira"] That sort of defeats the purpose as I could just directly sub healing soap and it'd get passed no problem. I could directly sub whatever it was I wanted to do with the fat and I'm confident I could get it through.

All this is right here is just fat that has had just raw neutral force energy tapped into it. Anyone who buys this basically has to imbue it themselves by taking the raw energy and shifting it into whatever other power for it to do anything else other than rot. I'm not trying to get anything game breaking or canon breaking approved here. This is mostly just fluff to add to future submissions where I submit stuff like soap or fat based bombs with a side effect.

While I completely understand where you are coming from and I know it's not my place to argue with a factory admin, I just feel that this isn't something that has a potential to be abused or break canon lore no more than anything else weird submitted to the factory.
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