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Force hunter

Tristan Wren


  • Intent:To Create a unit of mandalorian Commando specialized in killing force users Image Credit: How to properly source your images
  • Role: Elite Commandos Formed to specially Combat enemy Force users
  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, etc here.]
  • Unit Name Mandalorian Force Hunters
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian empire
  • Classification:Infantry
  • Equipment: [If your unit possesses any specialty equipment (weapons, armor, combat tools, etc.) Please list them and provide links here.]
  • Availability: Rare [ Choose from the following: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique. How many of this unit are there? Availability reflects a broad idea of how many of these units exist. Common are the main backbone units of the army using mainly mass produced items. Uncommon are unusual or less common units sometimes using minor production items. Rare are specialized units using limited production items. Unique are one off variants of the other types and have special features that makes them one of a kind. More powerful units are not as common, and specific named units are unique.]
  • Deployment:Limited[ Choose from the following: Mass, Minor, Limited. Originally referred to as "Strength," this reflects a general idea of how many of these NPCs are deployed at once as part of this unit. Mass units are deployed in larger numbers, like Stormtroopers. Minor units see more restricted deployment size, like Shadowtroopers. Limited units often appear in very small numbers, like the Imperial Royal Guard. More powerful units tend to have a lower strength designation and availability.]
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
  • -Bening a selective unit the force hunters only has so many active personal atone given time so if they suffer heavy casualties back to back they are unlikely to recover
  • +The Force users are Extremely flexible being able to function as normal infantry
  • -Force user Training is quite dragged out meaning The unit cant pop out fast and ready units which is why the unit has a smallish size while in war time
  • +Can be deployed quickly and silently
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  • Description: The Force Hunters were developed in Reaction to Reven and his followers joining the mandalorian wars. All memebrs are Trained deeply in Echani martial Arts And Teräs Käsi in order to stay on a level foot while fighting up close.Most members are proficient With high rate of weapons, gas weapons,Sonic weapons, Long range weapons and high explosives which are all effective against Jedi.Force hunters usually operate in 3 man or in larger 5-10 man section .They have also made use of eexperimental Cortosis weapons like slugs and grenades [Please describe your unit, how they came about, any special features, their training, and their tactical and/or functional application. This must be at least a paragraph in length.]

The Force Hunters were developed in Reaction to Reven and his followers joining the mandalorian wars.The unit had its baptism of fire at the battle of Jaga cluster. boarding A republic Flagship along side Cassus Fetts forces. As fett battled and eventually killed the captain of the ship The force hunters sweeped the remainder of the ship killing the Jedi who attempted to defend the ship. Even though they weren't listed in the official report of the battle. many members of the unit were awarded jaig eyes for their bravery.The Force hunter went on to serve until the end of the war disbanding after the actions on Malachor V. The group has been reformed multiple times under different leaders during different times in Mandalorian History. Prior To the Mandalorian Civil war The unit stayed unactive till reformed under The new Mandalorian Empire.