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Force-fated meeting

Khantor Ruu

Senator of Shili
Yavin Four

A cool breeze passed through the forests of Yavin Four, the wind sending much needed relief to the young Togruta, as hot beads of sweat rolled down his bare chest. With training saber in hand, Khantor continued his daily training, taking out his hate and frustration out on the wooden dummies that served as his sparring partners. It had nearly been a year since the Togruta's escape from his captives on Corellia, and still his hate for the Republic that had abandoned him burned like an inferno. His Master Nazari had told him to use this hate, let it make him stronger, but the Togruta doubted whether it could actually do that for him. The young Sith prospect still struggled with controlling the Force, only being able to bend it to his will for short periods of time, often leaving him exhausted. Nazari had told him that if he couldn't master such a simple skill, then he was not deserving of the Sith title and would be killed. So with his life on the line, Khantor had persisted, although not achieving many successful results.

Soon his frustrated screams could be heard echoing through the forest, causing birds to stir among the trees, leaving to find a more peaceful location. Leaning against the trunk of a tree, Khantor closed his eyes, refining his hatred, attempting to twist it into a powerful enough force to connect with the life energy around him. Picturing his life before the kidnapping, images of his senate staff and people back home on Shili kept returning, as well as his dear friend, Akodya Mune. Well she was once his friend. She was the one who had abandoned him, she had promised to come to his rescue. So where was she now, it had been a year and no word had reached him. It was all her fault, it was the Jedi who did this to him. The Jedi and their precious Republic. Boiling rage swelled up within him, rising until he was fit to burst.

Relasing all his bent up rage, Khantor was shocked when a sudden burst of violet lightning escaped through his fingertips. What, how? he thought, staring at his fingers and at the scorched trunk a few meters in front. Bringing back the rage he had felt, he couldn't replicate the same sensation. Sliding down with his back against the trunk, Khantor fell until he was sitting on the ground, hand raised as he stared at it, confused as to how he had exactly performed that act of Force mastery.


Levi Hutch

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Xardus sighed as he sat down a few meters away from his ship. Peace and understanding, that's what he needed. Recently, he had been pondering over his father's death again. Since then, he had come so far. Today was his birthday, he had just turned twenty-eight, yet he could still remember a time when he was but seven, training with his master, his closest friend. His father, Darrel Folidaar. A small tear of remembrance welled up in his eye, unrelenting as ever. Wiping it away, he looked below into the jungle clearing, the beautiful sight calming him somehow. His long mane of hair billowed in the wind as he looked downward, the breeze refreshing him. Then, something caught his attention. A sudden surge in the force. Dark force. This was followed by the stirring of hundreds of birds, and his eyes narrowed. Could it possibly be a Sith? There was one way to find out, as he resolved by picking himself up and sliding down the steep hill. Reaching the bottom in a cloud of dust, he began to journey through the thick expanse of branches and bushes. At some points, it would become so thick he was forced to activate his lightsaber and cut through the mess. A low hum filled the air as the orange blade swished back and forth across the living bark and leaves. Eventually, he could feel the actual presence, and resolved that not only was it a weak one, but that it wasn't nearly dark enough to be Sith. This perked his curiosity even more. Pressing on, he continued to find the source.

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