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For the Pursuit of Greed

Melvand Zrimmir

Generic Neimoidian #459
Nar Haaska, a planet of Hutt space, and a deep history among crime syndicates, most notably the Hutt Empire. Although not infested with crime as many other worlds in Hutt Space were, it was far from a pristine planet. Its main stay had been trade, despite its relatively unknown history until the fall of the Hutts, and rise of the Republic Remnant. Ever since the Republic's inclusion of the planet into its space, things began to be improved, and it started to build a stronger relationship with the outside galaxy, a waste in Melvand Zrimmir's opinion.

Zrimmir had come to this planet for one reason, to oversee his investment in a small consortium of criminals and drug pushers. After integrating himself into the Underworld of the galaxy, he had found himself at the receiving end of many applications for investments, although these were hardly like the ones he received as head of Zrimmir Universal Banking Union. He had accepted a plan, by the Haaska Consortium, of investing in a large scale plan to use Nar Haaska's prominent position as a trade planet to spread illegal narcotics across Republic space, thereby setting up a lucrative position for the Consortium to wield power in the crime scene of Republic space and for Zrimmir to profit big time.

The first step of this big plan, infect Nar Haaska with the plight they'd be infecting the entire Republic with. The consortium had prepared six different narcotics, all different in the effects, and some even having a different way of injection, but all had a similarity, a signature chemical found in the region they worked. Already, the first batch had been sent to the major population centers to begin their work in hooking the Nar Haaskans on the stuff, and the results had been astounding. Now they were on to their second batch, and soon they would begin preparing drugs for offworld consumption.

Zrimmir had not come alone, besides his trustworthy Neimoidian bodyguard, he had come with two dozen soldiers of The Lost, a mercenary company of former Imperials he had on retainer, after his negotiations with [member="Valerie Rein"]. He did not want to be captured by any means, not by the Republic, or the criminals.

When his shuttle landed on the surface of Nar Haaska, near an abandoned depot of a small industrial town on the south west continent, he was welcomed by three aliens all wielding weapons, one of which, a very smiley Duros, was the leader of the crew. As the shuttle bay opened, he opened his arms and exclaimed, "Welcome, my friends, to Nar Haaska! I am so glad you can make it to join us in our little operation." Zrimmir waggled his finger at Barin, the gang leader, "You know I am not here to work, only to see the progress on my investment." Barin nodded religiously, "Of course, of course. Let me get out the wine! For we have to celebrate, to our success." Zrimmir smiled thinly, and Barin led Zrimmir and half of his guards inside, leaving others to create a perimeter around the facility alongside the gangsters already guarding it. Hopefully no one would come spoil their fun.

[member="Alexandra Feanor"]

Valerie Rein

[member="Melvand Zrimmir"] | [member="Alexandra Feanor"]

Vee walked silently besides the Neimoidian.

She wasn't usually one of the guards that stuck around the alien, but unfortunately she had lost a bet with one of the other troopers. Bodyguard work was a little bit below her...expertise, but a bet was a bet and she wasn't one to back down. Of course she had a suspicion that her opponent had sneaked a sabacc up his sleeve, but there was no proving that. Not yet anyway. She had a certain plan when it came to that, though it would have to wait until this was over.

||Make sure to check the corners.|| Her voice would call out over the comm inside of their helmets.

It was one of the benefits of wearing armor, you had completely secure communications among your squad. Even the Neimoidian wouldn't be able to hear them. Of course for Valerie it was just a way to make sure that the Troopers under her command actually did what she wanted them to. As far as she was concerned they were walking into a trap, though she was always on the verge of that assumption anyway. Gripping her rifle tightly Valerie continued her slow walk beside the Neimoidian.

Her eyes wandered slowly, always keeping a look out at every corner.

Never could tell what might jump out.