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For the Animals of Atrisia

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Though the last few months Enga Thaal's mission had been going with relative ease. He had put up shelters on worlds such as Coruscant and Tython, made connections with the Iron Chef company about getting food and resources to feed the many non and semi-sentient occupants of his shelters, and had begun discussions with the 'Sanctuary' organization of the Confederacy, though he had not yet ironed out the details or established anything in their territory as of yet.

While he waited for the Confederacy and others to return his calls however, Enga had work to do. He had recently contacted a man from Atrisia, a Prefect or an Adjunct or a Gyon, he couldn't quite remember the rank of the man, had said that he'd arrange for Enga to have a meeting with the right person on asking permission to set up shop on Atrisia and it's smaller territories. So he made his way to one of the offices, a bit more ornate and cultural than most he had seen, spoke to one of the receptionists, and was told to wait until someone could speak with him.

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