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For Honor, For Legacy, For Strength



I sat on a bed in the captains quarters. Dressed in nothing but generic clothing. It has been just about a year since I have last stepped foot on Hora. The planet of my birth. I came back to finally bring my company to the forefront of technology, as well as create a home for my company. Nick, my mentor, had kept it in his ship which was now given to me. Instead, I now brought some new stuff for me to use.

With the acquisition of a Stormcrow from the Iron Empire, and using some of their other ships for the time being, Following with us was the Kinta Satvas. The previous ship that was used for the operations of Cerberus Enterprise. All the ships were now mine, and were purchased by the Iron Empire. All notable connections with the Empire were removed for the sake of acting upon my own, as for the company.

I had half of the hangar bays filled with the other ships that would be taking us down closer to the surface. For now, I would leave this Star Destroyer in the Orbit of the planet. I breathed in a little as I stood up and got dressed in my gear. Making sure to have my sword sheathed upon my back, a lightsaber on my belt, and a pistol on my thigh. Leaving the mask off, I attached it to my belt and walked out of the room and a few steps down the hall to the Bridge.

"Commander on Deck!"

Everyone snapped to attention as the crew was a mix of Vanguard troops, Iron Empire troops, and a few Mandalorians I picked up here and there. However, most of the officers in here were of the Iron Empire. Nodding my head, I began operations.

"At ease. Status report."
"All shields are online and functioning at full power. Defense systems are functional and at half power. No reports from any section as to disturbances. We have received a message from the surface of Hora. Shall I activate communications?"
"Do so."

Within a few moments, a holoprojector came online with the sight of two individuals. One male, and one female. I knew the face of the man. Osiris. The father of my apprentice, and the man who was currently leading the Spathi kingdom. The female was a representative of one of the other Kingdoms. It was Osiris who spoke though.

"I would like to speak to the commander of the vessel."
"You are."
"I am Osiris. King of Spathi, and I would like to ask why you have stopped in orbit over our planet?"
"I am Atheus. Warden of Hora, The Voidwalker, and CEO of Cerberus Enterprise. I have returned to aid the planet in growth of technology, and create a base of operations."
"Atheus? It has been so long since I have seen you and Thalia. May I ask why you come here?"
"The explanation would be much better on the surface. As well, I feel that you will want to see your daughter in person."
"Agreed. Come to Makrosia and we will speak."
"Makrosia? Why not Spathi?"
"We have much to discuss."

The feed cut. Looking over to the officer, he ended our end of the line and already started on preparations for a small craft to go planet side. Speaking to me as he did so.

"Thalia, and Private are being notified of transportation to Hora. Prepare to board when you are ready Sir."
"Keep the engines warm. Scan for other vessels as well. Should anyone else pop up, Consider semi-hostile actions and drop into the atmosphere of the planet if necessary."
"Yes sir. Any other orders?"
"Prepare squadrons on standby."
"See you in a few hours."

Turning around, I walked out of the bridge and down the various halls and used the elevator to the hangar bay. Making my way there, I encountered Private and Thalia along the way. they joined up with me silently and got into the shuttle.

Time to work.
Bringing the vessel down, Private piloted the ship to the surface. Nearing the kingdom of Makrosia. My birth city. It was where I was born on the streets. A place where I had grown in poverty and fought every second of my life just to breathe. My past was long gone. My mother and father are dead. No brothers or sisters as far as I am aware. The best I had was an old friend who perished in a fight. Now? I had to move on. I had to continue what I had, but on a new path. To fix that, I needed to bring some of my influence to the people of Hora. Even if it was just my company at first, or just putting little seedlings somewhere, it was better than nothing.

Thalia looked over to me as we sat on the vessel. She was silent, and private was focusing on piloting the craft. I... I was stuck on Diana. What would she think of me doing this? With our recent get togethers, I seemed to be thinking more about her than anyone else. Of course I thought about Thalia and worried if I was training her correctly, or aiding Lady Kay in her own problems. I worried that the Iron Empire might throw me out for using their ships. But Diana? I was more worried about what she thought about me. Everything else I was worried about, It wasn't about me. For her, it was what she thought, how she felt.

All I could say was that I felt weird. And almost on cue, Thalia spoke up.

"You are never lost in thought Atheus."
"Sometimes men do think before actions."
"Rare, but when it does, its something worth knowing."
"I worry about people. With my changing, I will tend to do that more than I used to."
"Can't be Lady Kay. Is it that Delia girl?"
"Screw her name."
"Do you have a problem with me caring for someone?"
"No. I just don't think you should care for her."
"Why not then? She isn't dangerous, she isn't a cold blooded killer."
"Doesn't mean it's okay."
"I don't care if its dangerous or if you fear he-"
"I fear nothing."
"You fear losing me."

Thalia's face widened up with surprise. I simply looked at her. She was astonished that I said such a thing, yet she was also kind of sad. I could feel it. She now knew that I found out about her feelings for me. I bowed my head as she tried to speak.

"How did... when?"
"I have noticed for a while. I just couldn' tell if it was friendship, or love."
"I do care for you. I-"
"Thalia. You are like a Sister to me. I can't do that."
"Why didn't you... tell me."
"Do you know how awkward it would be with that hanging in the air between us?"
"I guess."

Nodding my head, Private yelled out that we were planetside and that we were about to land.

"I do love you. I love you as family that I never had. You have a kingdom to rule. I am not fit for that job."
"I... I understand."
"Your people come first. You come first. I am not the person for you."
"Are we still going to be friends?"
"Count on it."

That relieved her a little. She cleared up herself as the ship opened up. Walking out, Thalia came to hug her father, as I walked out to shake the hand of the woman representative.
Upon meeting face to face with these people. Osiris seemed a little more hagged than he was last we met. It was with the release of his daughter that he smiled brightly. Commenting about how much older she looked, and how she had grown. In all honesty, she didn't grow an inch, but seemed that way as he formerly saw his daughter as a child. Now, he sees her for the strong woman that she is now. I let the words of the other woman in my ears slip as I paid attention to my... sister.

It was after she and Osiris faced me, that I nodded to him.

"What is it that is so important that you speak to us planet side?"
"Makrosia and Spathi are being forced to work together against what is known as the Axis Kingdom as they have come together to try and dominate the planet. They want to remove us so the three of their Kingdoms can rule. You happened to show up at the right time."
"So I assume Miss here is the representative for the Makrosia people as Akhellious is missing?"
"Correct. However, they will not listen to us. Do you know of any way that we could ease this?"
"Maybe. Lets speak inside and let me figure out the full scope of everything going on."

Nodding both of their heads, both representatives turned around and walked inside. Thalia walked over to me and gave me a look of what I was thinking.

"You may be put into power sooner rather than later. As much as I would rather not, Your people need you. A young individual who will lead them to peace."
"You can't be serious Atheus."

It was with that word, I walked to follow the two others. Leading us through the Spathi Halls I knew all too well. It was when we came to a chamber room, a table with various generals were standing around it as well as some members from Makrosia. I could tell with the different uniforms, and having worked for both Kingdoms, I know the difference. Looking up at me, One of the Generals gave me a dirty look, one that I knew all too well. It was then that Osiris spoke up.

"Atheus, These are the current Generals of the militaries for both Spathi and Makrosia. If you need anything done, They are yours."
"I'm sorry?"
"I am no heir to a throne. I am the son of a concubine, and a deserter. Thalia is in charge of these men. At best, I am her advisor."
"My daughter is-"
"She is more than fit to lead. She has already led my own men into battle and won."
"She may have won on your terms bu-"
"You doubt me, Father?"
"No, I just-"
"If you feel she is unfit to rule, then why did you send her to me for training? To get her out of your hair?"

The man was silent. He knew he was not going to win this battle. He wanted to try and win this, but knew that there was no point. Thalia was the rightful ruler of the people. Her purpose was to lead them, and my job to help her. I was not King. It was then, that Thalia walked from beside me to stand in front of the table and command everyone.

"Why are these armies here? They are too far extended. Pull them back a click, and move them to the south to defend that position, and move this guy here to be next to them."
"Thalia. That is..."
"Look before you leap my King. For she has tactics that you have never heard of."

It was then that one of the generals, Makrosia, and the leading man of the group who spoke up.

"What position is this supposed to do? It seems like you are wanting us to fall back when we should be attacking on this front."
"No. If you attack at one side, the other will fill in to attack from your other side. Instead, you should move your line back, and let them attack. Pull your armies apart to make them think they have headway down the center line straight to Spatha, then enclose them. Use your army as a funnel to which you can pinch them."
"And if this works, then what do you suppose to do? Kill them?"
"You just said it yourself. Pinch them. Put them in their place."
"Put them in their place, yes. Kill them? No. If anything, its prime position to show them how weak their military really is, and push them to join us, and create one kingdom for the planet."
"You don't mean disolving borders to make one kingdom Thalia?"
"That is just what I mean."

Osiris looked up at me and questioned my methods time and time again. Now he could see the genius behind it, but also hated me for it. I was more of a father to her than he was. And he knew it.

"And what kind of leadership will take place?"
"A kingdom where the rightful heir will take over. As the other kingdoms will be invested into both Spathi and Makrosia, unless someone takes control of Makrosia, then it will be absorbed as well. I am sure your rep here will agree with me that the people need leadership. And as a Spathi, I can't take that from them. So making all kingdoms become one will be best."
"But Makrosia loathes me? They would rather die than see me king."
"This is why Thalia and I are here."
"I will become king by trial of combat with any champion who chooses to face me. I doubt anyone will face me, and if they do.... well, lets just say it won't be hard for me to obtain the throne. I will hand over the Kingdom to Spathi and agree to the terms set to create one Kingdom."
"So I will be... this kingdoms first ruler?"

Every mouth in the room fell open, and every eye was pointed at myself and Thalia. The question were raised if she was really ready to lead this, and how we might be power hungry. But I spoke before any other words could be thrown.

"Thalia knows of the Galaxy. She knows of the threats that many face. She has been trained not to just understand, but to look for inconsistencies. Many of you Generals have earned your way up the ranks to become where you are. Let me ask you this, Who would you rather have for a leader, One born into it and forced to do the job, or one who was broken, trained from the ground up, and taught how to be an honorable individual and young woman who can rival Kings and Queens of other Nations? If you so feel that she is not ready to lead, then face her. Say it to her face, and tell her why she is not fit. Because we have had younger patrons become leaders in the history books. Age is no factor here. Speak, or hold your peace."

I received silence.

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