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Approved Tech Fondorian Katan Suit

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Disney's Princess
Fondorian Katan Suit - (Netherworld Shift)

Intent: Personal Protection, Hostile Environment Combat Suit
Development Thread: None

Manufacturer: OPSAAT R&D Corellia
Model: Fondorian Katan Suit Mk V
Affiliation: Any
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Agrinium Armorweave, Synthetic Fibers and Plastics; with Titanium, Kinetic Gel, and Glasteel Components


Prototyped on Corellia and field tested at Firebase Phoenix Fondor, the Fondorian Katan is an improvement over earlier Cinnagarian EVA designs. The suit was created specifically for Extra-Vehicular Activity in deep space as well as deployment in hazardous terrestrial environments during war-time conditions.

The layout is composed of an Agrinium Armorweave overlaying an insulated, synthetic black body-glove. Reinforced Titanium plates with insulated Gel layers are applied throughout the design to facilitate moderate kinetic protection and to ensure high combat durability ratings. Titanium is also applied in the construction of the helm, the exotic filtration attachment, and the powered backpack. Glasteel is molded and opaqued as the visor to counter deep space flare mitigation. The crowning achievement of the EVA design however: the Powered Backpack now offers Jetpack compatibility.

Netherworld Description:

Shifted by the dark powers of Akala's Realm, this suit of armor has taken upon itself a wild and completely alternative decoration. Melting from bronze to an ethereal silver hue. However, this twisted sister's prowess is purely cosmetic. The armor somehow retains all the former suits traits, materials, and integrity. Whatever strange powers created that twisted nether and this memorizing new battle armor, no one may know for sure.

Classification: Hostile Environment Combat Suit
Weight: ~ 16kg (w/o Jetpack)
Quality: 6

Armor Features:
  • Insulating Synthetic Body Glove provides outstanding displacement against hazardous chemical substances and the vacuum of space.
  • Titanium Plates and Agrinium Armorweave provide excellent protection against energy weapons.
  • Powered Backpack offers 8 hours worth of a breathable bio-air mixture as well as powers many of the suit's components.
  • Mag Boots incorporated into both boots.
  • Power Gloves incorporated into both palms.
  • Steel tethering cable incorporated into right forearm bracer. (~ 5m)
  • Jetpack compatible.
Helm Features:
  • HUD display
  • Audio-Visual Transmitter and Recorder
  • Light Amplification Interface
  • Rebreather Attachment
  • Exotic Filtration Attachment
  • Wireless Attachement
  • The suit is named after Mandolorian Champion Bo Katan
  • The suit received a new cosmetic design during the Netherworld Galactic Event.
Gallery: - Image Credit: - Masateru Ikeda of Japan. Warframe. Photoshop.

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