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Fog of Serenity


Just under the upper hand.
Lews Therin sat cross legged on the soft grass of the Serenity Garden beneath a hearty tree. He liked it here it was peaceful and he could forget the concerns of the galaxy for a time.

He came here today however not just to clear his mind but to train. He closed his eyes and began his attempt to alter his environment.

He started with his breathing by concentrating on each breath and the intervals netween them. Then he opened himself to the force and began stretching outward with his senses. He could feel the grass and soil, the tree it's roots and leaves. He sensed small creatures, birds and insects. He stretched deeper. The moisture in air became apparent as did the fibers of the tree and grass. He stretched further still feeling for the molecules in the air.

It was difficult and he was begining to feel pressure in his head as if a part of him were literally reaching for something just beyond his finger tips. He breathed deeply and slowly. He drew on the force more fully and after how long he couldn't tell he felt it.

The tiny molecules of water in the air. He could almost see the tiny hydrogen bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen. Now came the true test.

He focused one the image in his mind and tried to precieve the latent force energy in it just as he had read. It was there. He knew it was there. It was just a matter of harnessing it. He tried to draw on it the fuel his attempt and had thpught it would work when his concentration slipped and his eyes popped open.

When eye looked around he was surrounded by a lite fog. That was far from what he was going for but it showed a result and that was heartening.

He closed his eyes again and just sat listening to the garden. Later he would try again.