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FNRP: Space Zombies

Location: Outback Space, Uncharted...


Her scout fighter pulled in close beside the Jast 1 and Reclaimer 1 vessel. Each had it's unique advantages. Her Copilot Drexal the Rodian was flying the Jast 1, a sleek fast freighter with small wings and triple engines. The thing rumbled as it went, pieces of plating threatening to break loose.

Ahead of them around the nose of the huge rusty box like Reclaimer she could see her mark. It as a scuttled asteroid mining facility. The coordinates had leaked out across the Underworld and ended up in the Mercenary Drop box somehow.

Having a mind for snapping up scrap Hala had taken right to it with a small contingent of hired Mercs. She wanted the scrap so she could pump out more ships for the Jast Shipwright Co.

But what was unknown to any would be salvager’s or other parties coming in, is that bio capsule on the station had ruptured. Mad scientists running the place of the grid had been tampering with Gulag Plague, and it had gotten out, twisting and mutilating their frames.

This was no ordinary Gulag Plague.

This as Weaponized, and had created an especially contagious black goo and another thing.....

Space Zombies!
Rekha sat back in her chair eyes glued to the holo. Her breathing came in short little gasps, followed by her closing her eyes tightly, and screaming out "OH NO!!" turning away quickly to not watch.

Her ship the Midnight Star was settled on a moon where she was taking her respite from anything. Who would possibly bother her way out here while she watched holos. She laughed picking up another bottle quickly bringing it to her lips and taking a long draw on it. A deep contented breath followed the drink, "ohh yeah"

She looked back to the holo drawing her fuzzy blanket up, and wearing her favorite ewok slippers dressed in her most comfortable dorm shirt that said, "HAN SHOT FIRST!" The next part of the holo was starting....she was ready.

Rick Kaloo

Rick's business trip had gone anything but well. He had planned to go to Alderaan to sign a deal, but the whole thing had become twisted. First, he had had to evacuate his business ship, the Defiance, due to a toxic gas leak. He instead took an Essex starfighter killer. Then, a strange signal had sent it flying out of hyperspace, near an asteroid mining facility. There was a chance he could get help there. The thin, triangular craft slowly flew toward the facility.

The facility seemed to be abandoned, rusting and neglected. It might not even be of much help. However, it was worth a look. The Essex's small frontal headlights came on, illuminating a hangar just large enough for a corvette to fit in. Very carefully, the Essex starfighter killer flew into the hangar. It set down its landing pads, gently touching down on the hangar. Its gravity was still functional, and the corvette remained on the ground.

For a moment, the ship was silent. Then, an officer spoke up. "This place gives me the creeps." the Mon Calamari officer said. "Let's send a droid in. If it comes out safely, we can loot the ship and fix our hyperdrive. If not, retreat and head to the nearest planet." Rick thought about that for a second. The place could have some hostile creature that forced the residents out, or it could have simply been abandoned due to no longer functioning properly. However, it was not too late to be safe. "I guess we should send a droid in first." Rick replied in agreement.

The Essex starfighter killer's landing ramp opened up from under the ship, and a small black probe droid flew out. The landing ramp then closed, and the droid buzzed off, looking for an entrance to the halls of the facility. "I have a bad feeling about this." Rick muttered to himself.
[member="Rekha Kaarde"] [member="Rick Kaloo"]

"Picking up two additional signals Hala."

"What we got?"

"Two smaller vessels, no hostile intent shown."

"Cool. Standbye, Ima scout her out."

Hala edged the X-Wing into the gap and crept closer. The lasers were replaced with kinetic cannons, which she found way more useful against shields and the like. The thing about it was she was fast, and well equipped to scan but absolute crap on defense. The thing barely had an armor frame over it.

"Draxal I'm picking up life forms. Can you confirm on your scanners?"

"Roger, got em myself. Not really human though. Real cool bodies."

"Aliens then?"

"Not sure, what you need me to do?"

"Hang back, hit up the others and ask for an assist. Tell em we'll split whatever we find. I'm going in."

"You sure about that?" Drexal chortled.

"Yea I'm sure. No big deal right?"

But as she edged closer she felt a sinking feeling in her gut. Something wasn't right.

"Kark it."

She went in any ways, brining the X-Wing through the rings to dock inside a small hangar barely large enough for her vessel to fit. The bottoms and side scraped with a grinding sound as she eased in.

"I'm in, standbye!"

Shamira Karuto

Burn the past - Heal the future
Breath in, and breath out. Breath in, and breath out. Breath in, and breath out. The Torguta continued her meditative breathing as the blue swirls of hyperspace ran circles around the outside of the cockpit of her borrowed OS G2 Knight-class Starfighter. She had been allowed to take one from the Temple to take on this mission. She didn’t like hyperspace. There was no life she could concentrate on as she moved as the ship she flew moved at ridiculous speeds. Without life, even in her meditative state, she felt cold.
She had been meditating in the Temple gardens when a master approached her, datapad in hand, and told her she had been given the honor of a solo mission, her first. Not much detail had been given about the objective of the mission. A spacecenter, seemingly abandoned, had passed through the edge of Rebellion space. Because it had been scanned, with little to no lifeforms on board, it was concluded there was little need to send an entire fleet to investigate. Therefore, only Jedi Padawan Shamira Karuto was sent to investigate. Well, not including her R8-17 astromech unit, Silver.
A short, chiming droidspeak broke her meditative state and inner thoughts. Silver wrote on the communitive screen in front of her that they would soon be dropping out of hyperspace. She grinned, glancing back at the silver and black droid sitting in the astromech slot. “Thanks Silver. Scan the area as soon as we drop out of hyperspace please. I’d rather not be surprised by a Sith fleet.” She smiled and settled back into her seat, awaiting the swirling blue to turn back into twinkling stars.

Like Silver said, the Starfighter dropped out of hyperspace moments afterword. The stars moved back into place, and directly out of her viewsceen, a massive spacestation. Another short chirp of droidspeak filled the cockpit, followed by another message on her communicating screen. Shamira furrowed her brow at the message and immediately looked to the sensor screen. Silver’s message was right, multiple ships were already in the area. Four, in fact. Two appeared to be grouped together, while the other two were spread out.
“There wasn’t supposed to be other ships here…” The padawan bit her lip, trying to adapt to the new situation. She was for sure she would be alone out here, but now, that was obviously not the case. Taking a deep breath, Shamira flicked the comm unit switch on, and tried to focus the transmition towards the paired ships. “This is Jedi Padawan Shamira Karuto. I am on official business for the Rebel Alliance. State your business for being out here.”

[member="Hala Jast"] (Speaking to through Comm)
[member="Rekha Kaarde"] [member="Rick Kaloo"] (In the vicinity)

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