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Approved Tech FlynnGlove

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  • Intent:To create a personal armor for Lynn Nantaris
  • Image Source: Spider-Gwen Cosplay
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: RMIA
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: [member="Lynn Nantaris"]
  • Modularity: Moderate
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Phrik-shell spider silk mesh, power armor liner, electronic components
  • Classification: multipurpose
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Quality:
    Blasters: 9
    Lightsabers: 8
    Piercing/Slashing: 4
    Kinetic: 0

    Heat/Cold: 8
  • Faraday cage
  • Agile
  • Modular
  • Gauntlets (1 concealed modular slot per wrist, built in vibro knuckles, light shields)
  • Boots (Magno grip soles, rocket boots, grav-boots, retractable combat blade)
  • removable shoulder mount (for a pauldron on each shoulder, cloak, or other attachments)
  • Military grade HUD
  • Long range encrypted comms
  • Advanced long range sensors
    Bioscanners, electromagnetic, infared, ultraviolet, x10 magnification, anti-flash polarizing lenses, sonic dampners, aural amplifiers, X-ray, echolocation, Motion, thermal, range finder

[*]Environmentally sealed system
  • Air purifier, Reserved oxygen supply (20 minutes), Environmental filter, Temperature regulator, climate control, hermetically sealed.


  • Faraday cage: To help protect against EMP and ion attacks, the electronic components of this armor are protected by a copper Faraday cage
  • Agile: The entire purpose of this armor is to allow the user to continue to remain as agile as possible at all times, the power armor liner is designed moreso to increase agility, flexibility, and reflex time instead of strength.
  • Modular: All the gauntlets, boots, and other parts may be switched out for desired parts in the future such as upgrades or other brick-a-brack

  • Agile: This armor's powerliner is designed with a unique purpose. Instead of augmenting the wearer's strength, it is focused on augmenting the wearer's speed, agility, and reaction time. Lynn may find herself feeling like she isn't wearing anything at all--or like she is even faster and more limber than before.
  • Passive stealth: The armor here dissipates Nantaris' heat signature out into the environment flawlessly, it emits zero sound (Lynn's actions themselves... well that's another story), zero on the electronics frequencies when idle, and is non-magnetic. There are scanner systems that do bypass these measures for sure, this is not stealth armor and it does not tout a stealth system, however, many of the counter sensor units are military grade and higher in their usage.
  • Highly modular: The pure limit to this armor are two things; number one, the amount of damage it can take, and number two, Lynn's planning. This armor is highly modular, with slots able to be changed on the wrists, and sensor units able to be discarded and replaced with what is needed for the job.
Weaknesses :
  • No Combat harness: This armor has no combat harness, its all about the wearable technology and all that jazz. Pretty much whatever they want to bring into combat, the user has to carry in their hands--or have someone else carry for them (if you can find any volunteers, that is).
  • Vulnerable points: This bodyglove offers the same protection all over. However there is a serious downside, the gaping weaknesses in the armor's protection plan.This armor does zero against any form of kinetic damage, and poor protection against piercing and slashing damage.Slug throwers will be the downfall of this armor specifically since they use both piercing and kinetic damage. Vibroblades and bludgeoning weapons are also going to prove to be pains in the booty for Lynn.
  • Repair: Fixing this armor is prohibitively hard, only those who crafted the armor itself know how to properly repair it. Also, the equipment to do so is pretty hard to come by, so pretty much the only people who can repair this for Lynn work at RMIA. Between her trips to get this repaired.... well, she is just out of luck I guess.
At RMIA, we do not normally accept the private solicitations of buyers. However, when Lynn came to us and said they needed armor specifically... well, money talks. After a small fortune was spent in R & D, and another small fortune was spent to procure the arts, this armor was made, cutting the very edge of cutting edge.

Parts were micronized to their smallest, from HUD range finders to sensor units to the gauntlets themselves, everything was made with one idea in mind; to make Lynn the most protected and uninhibited fighter on the streets.

The power armor liner was reduced in size as much as possible, a few millimeters, so that Lynn would be able to flow with it with as little trouble as possible. An environmental seal and regulation was added for her own safety and so that she would feel cozy no matter how horrible her circumstances could ever be. It is one of the best things of this armor, since its design is to increase the speed and flexibility of Lynn to push her to the very limits of what is possible. As a part of this, there are no plates in this armor. It makes Lynn rather vulnerable to kinetic damage and piercing or slashing damage.

For all that awesomeness, the real piece de resistance is the actual protection of the armor. The secret to how RMIA did their work here is closely guarded by the advanced armorsmiths of RMIA. First they began by weaving and compressing several bundles of shell-spider silk into one garment. This compression took several dozen tons worth of pressure to make the process work. The resulting product was a lot stronger than the original shell spider silk and somewhat thicker. Due to the time and cost of this, really it isn't anything worth considering for mass-production.

Next, the armorsmiths procured a small batch of phrik to their needs and heated it to insanely intense temperatures. The sheer intensity of the heat first melted, then vaporized the very phrik itself. As the vapors of the phrik rose to the top of the heating chamber, an electromagnetic current was polarized through Flynn's new body glove. Microionized phrik became deeply embeded into the shell spider silk, embedding it with some, but not all, of its strengths.

The resulting product was the incredibly strong and vibrant armor that Lynn requested. All in all, its just a multipurpose armor for Lynn Nantaris.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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