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Florin Armetta


"Do you hear it? That's right, you can't because there's nothing to here...Isn't it beautiful?"

NAME: Florin Armetta.
FACTION: Jedi Order.
RANK: Padawan.
AGE: 13.
SEX: Despite his appearance; Florin is male.
HEIGHT: 5'5" (roughly 1.6m).
WEIGHT: 128lbs (roughly 58kgs).
EYES: Chocolate brown, rather dark however under the right lighting, specs of a lighter golden-brown color can be seen.
HAIR: Brunette.
SKIN: Pale; looks rather sick.


+Observant: Flo is one to take in his surroundings before considering what the best course of action to take is. Having a near-perfect eidetic memory, Florin uses past experiences and various others ways of recalling past events to observe the surrounding area. He shows signs of a great taction because of this.

+Intelligent: It may seem obvious by his appearance, but Florin isn't one that posses an astonishing physical strength, instead his greatest weapon is his mind. Having an IQ that matches some of the galaxies leading scientists and doctors, he has attained multiple scholarships to various academies for education.

+Obedient: The little boy does everything that is asked of him, by family, friends and even those who are his superiors. Fiercely loyal he is in essence like a dog, he just doesn't have the power within him to argue back or disobey; this stems from the upbringing his parents gave him. His father would beat him, if he didn't listen and do what they said.

+Dependable: It might seem like a very generic trait in a person, but honestly Flo is one of the most dependable kids his age. Not only can he get things done but he is also dependable in the terms of being there for a friend in their times of need. This boy makes a great little friend to keep around because he is so sympathetic as well as empathetic and can just understand people.

-Submissive: Since the boy is so submissive and obedient he really has a hard time refusing anyone even if what the person asking goes against his moral beliefs. You could say it's heroic flaw, he must help anyone and everyone no matter who or what they are. He wants to make people happy.

-Innocent: It's quite obvious that someone so young will still hold his innocent youth, even with his upbringing; Florin has kept some of the childish purity. Although this could be considered a good thing, it is in truth a terrible trait to have, he believes in second chances, third chances and so on and thus currently could never intentionally hurt someone.

-Shy: Like many geniuses of our days, the price for intellect is at times one's sanity. Flo had to pay his social skills, he is the type of child to stay back after class, sit in the shadows reading and observing. Opting not to talk till he is spoken to, he struggles to even converse, having what is known as a minor case of selective mutism which is an anxiety disorder that for some unknown reason renders a person unable to talk and in worst case scenarios move. Although he only suffers a minor case of it, when everything is too much for the young one he will essentially shut down and not talk at all. The longest he has gone without talking has been 2 full years.

APPEARANCE: An often mistake that is made about Florin is the fact people believe him to be a girl; his facial features soft and delicate just show how young he is; with flowing locks of bountiful hair that drape down in two bangs down his shoulders, the rest of his fine silk hair has been put into a pony tail that easily parts down a third of the way along his back. His small olive shaped eyes are defined by long eyebrows that really highlight his facial structure. But yet besides his cute little nose, or his eyes that show the youth within him, the most intriguing fact about his appearance is how frail and fragile his body is; appearing to be suffering from anorexia Flo eats like a horse however. His skin, pale but by no means beautiful, the type of pale you would expect someone to be dying to have, or possibly someone who was rather ill. Wearing long brown robes that covers most of his skin besides his face, Flo even appears to be shy by the way he stands (hunched a little with weight on the balls of his toes; a sign of anxiousness).

BIOGRAPHY: Born to two parents who had a rough life of their own, Florin was conceived on Crouscant between two 'high'-standing political families. Although these two newlyweds loved the gorgeous little boy they would give him up to adoption for unknown reasons. Florin would grow up on Crouscant as a sheltered child, the family he was with had close ties to the Jedi Order, and at the young age of five he was taken to be a future jedi. Showing excellent intelligence even for someone of his age, Florin would spend hours upon hours reading various datapads of past events in the worlds history. This was when the order would discover his eidetic memory, upon asking questions the masters would discover he could recall every piece of information that he had viewed. A prodigy in his own right, or he would of been but upon being struck with the flu at a young age, which crippled his body; his strength never full recovering he would be physically inferior to even his classmates. Florin was determined though, he wanted to become a Jedi and devoted his time to his studies he would make up in physical strength with the knowledge of how the wield the force like his master, a thirst for knowledge and power begun, he would have really no main mentor during his first stages of being a padawan but instead bounced from one mast or knight to another, learning anything and everything he could from them. Some feared that this boy would succumb to the hunger of knowledge and were cautious about teaching him, as a lesson can't be learnt over night as they would say. And yet even at the young age, knowing about all known planets that he could find out about he has yet to step foot off Coruscant.

SHIP: None.

KILLS: None.