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Fixed At Zero

Anara Valnor

The Crimson Siren
Dromund Kaas

Tiny beads of sweat rolled down porcelain skin as the night air did little to ease the humidity that called the jungle its home. The sun had only set a few short hours ago, but the moons provided ample light for the fire maned siren. Jungles were nothing new to the petite woman, but the planet itself was an entirely different manner. Dressed in a simple tank top and skirt that kept her cooler than if she had dressed in something more befitting of her station, the Sith Empress moved toward the structure that loomed in the distance.

As she navigated her way through the jungle, her mind turned to how those who claimed to be her brethren would behave in her stead. Would they cut a path through the jungle, making the planet weep in agony further? Or would they utilize something more fierce to cut their way toward the ancient temple she was attempting to reach. She imagined so and the souls within her whispered their agreement. Nothing was sacred anymore, not to the Sith or the Jedi.

Her progress was slow, but eventually she reached the over grown and crumbling temple. Once it had been grand, she was certain, but now it was less than a shadow of its former self. Eyes of obsidian studied the structure as her hair caught the light of the moon's, making it seem as though her hair was made of flame. A corner of her mouth turned upward in the smallest of smiles as she entered the forgotten temple.

@[member="Mikhail Shorn"]

Lord Ghoul

Inside the crumbling temple, Shorn sat, staring at the ruins surrounding him. This place had once been dedicated to some forgotten entity. Yet now all that was left were slowly eroding stones and whispers of power. It reminded him of the temples to Thronebreaker being erected all across the Empire. The largest of them was to be on Dromund Kaas. They were enormous undertakings and would surely last thousands of years. Was this to be his fate, forgotten in time as the last vestiges of his grandeur slowly turned to dust? Mikhail felt as though he was building sand castles while watching the roll of the incoming tide. In time, Dromund Kaas itself would no longer exist.

Even planets die.

Mikhail frowned as he felt a familiar presence enter the temple. He had nearly forgotten about her - Anara. When he had taken up the Soulsaber his connection with her had been severed. And now she came here, to the heart of the Empire. Why? Or did he even really care?
His black leather jacket creaked as he stood, pale blue eyes fastening on the woman who walked boldly into this temple permeated by darkness. There had been a time when she had feared the dark. Then Mikhail and Moridin had gotten to her. Again. He had ruined what she had once been. That pierced him like a knife. He seemed only good for breaking things - thrones, cities,... and people.

"Nobody can hear you sing out here," Mikhail said softly, his voice echoing throughout the temple.

@[member="Anara Valnor"]

Anara Valnor

The Crimson Siren
"I don't sing much these days."

Her voice was not as Mikhail would remember, but instead it was joined by three other distinct voices. One voice was that of an older woman burdened by a life of hard work, another was that of a young mans who had known no hardship in his life, and lastly was the harsh voice of a burly man who was incredibly cruel. Eyes as dark as a starless night held his icy gaze for a moment, her face impassive as she studied him. He looked exactly as she remembered him, but why wouldn't he? Turning away she inspected the cavernous ruins around them, Mikhail seemingly forgotten.

His Song was familiar to her as that of the Force, given their former connection, but she had ignored it upon entering the temple. Their connection was gone, meaning they had no reason to be troubled about one another. Once more they were simply another pair of wandering souls. Her eyes lingered upon a crumbling statue of some long forgotten Lord before finally she turned her soulless eyes upon him. She said nothing as she simply studied him, her eyes fathomless.

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