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Approved Starship FIV Ashira

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Intent: Flesh-out Thalera's personal Interdictor Cruiser, giving the Governor some respectable mobility in a galaxy filled with people who would want to see people wearing her uniform dead and to create some trouble for the loathsome wretches who turn their noses up at Order and by extension; Ashira. The vessel also allows the character to partake in fleeting and space stuff which I'm excited to explore!
Image Source: Star Wars Rebels Concept Art.
Canon Link: Imperial Interdictor, Interdictor Cruiser
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Imperial Interdictor, Interdictor Cruiser

Manufacturer: First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers
Model: Imperial Interdictor
Affiliation: Thalera Isianthar, First Order Navy, First Order Government.
Production: Unique
Classification: Interdictor Cruiser
Length: 1450m
Width: 570m
Height: 290m
Armament: Average
Defences: High
Hangar: Very Low
Manoeuvrability Rating: Moderate
Speed Rating: High
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
Minimum Crew: 2,115
Optimum Crew: 7,200
Passengers: 2,800
Cargo Capacity: 20,000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 years

  • Gravity Wells: The FIV Ashira is equipped with four large gravity well projectors, allowing it to prevent four different vessels irrespective of size from entering hyperspace or interdict four different contacts already travelling in hyperspace. They also can individually block different bearings for hyperspace escape, up to a maximum of four. For a single vessel, this creates an impossibility to retreat from the Ashira. The gravity wells additionally aid in point-defence where they can pull guided and unguided missiles off of a course with the Ashira.
  • Tractor Beams: FIV Ashira is equipped with ten different tractor beams which augment its capability to prevent ships from escaping into hyperspace to avoid its scans or attacks, it can also use these ten tractor beams in an offensive capability if necessary and use them to tear apart smaller ships. Their sheer number permit the Ashira to lock a significant number of ships in place.
  • Point-Defence: With a comprehensive point-defence array and anti-missile octets augmented by a Bastion fighter/missile defence system. The FIV Ashira is well-protected from the likes of guided munitions, boarding craft, fighters and dumb-fired rockets. This is necessary given the amount of retaliation it is expected to attract as an Interdictor cruiser.
  • Gravity Wells: Though the gravity wells are powerful they are also prominent and volatile weaknesses when the Ashira's shields go offline. One of the four gravity wells exploding would certainly cripple the ship and have a chance to cause a chain reaction and vaporise the aft of the vessel; Destroying or crippling the Ashira.
  • Aft Arc: The Ashira's aft firing arc doesn't possess the weaponry to adequately engage a target aft of the ship, although it can still trap ships with its gravity wells if not necessarily the tractor beams. This limitation extends to the Ashira's scanners, it cannot 'see' behind itself. Preventing the crew from determining if any vessels over that arc are lawful detainment targets.
  • Ventral Hanger: The Ashira's Ventral Hanger poses a weakness in the hull design, the Ashira is not very high and the Ventral Hanger's cargo crane and the elevator take up a significant amount of space on the verticle axis. Concentrated fire into the position of the ventral hanger's ceiling from either above or below the Ashira with significantly powerful weapons can split the Ashira in two just fore of the four gravity wells and hanger proper.

Description: The FIV Ashira is an antiquated Imperial Interdictor-Class Cruiser that has been brought out of storage and upgraded to modern standards for Governor Thalera Isianthar of Val'hala. The vessel's namesake is the Goddess of the Eldorai people "Ashira" who is said to embody and personify wisdom and order. The ship is identified by this name in the foreign runes of the Eldorai and inscribed in crimson across the fore sections of the dorsal and ventral hull. The vessel is staffed by personnel from the First Order's Navy and the ship itself is a part of the Narrant Sector Fleet. The FIV Ashira is equipped with typical weaponry for an interdictor; Turbolasers, Laser Cannons, Gravity Wells and Tractor Beams. The chief difference being the addition of anti-missile octets and the inclusion of the Bastion Defence System to which the octets and laser cannons are connected with to provide an extremely comprehensive point-defence system against incoming guided and unguided missile systems. The Ashira can wade through fields of missiles, asteroids, fighters and boarding craft without needing to fret too much about being stuck. The FIV Ashira's reactor output has been significantly improved with the new model taken directly from the Resurgent-Class Battlecruiser that creates a blistering sub-light acceleration and deceleration, allowing the ship to investigate sensor contacts quickly. It can, however, be out-maneuvered by smaller more nimble vessels due to it being roughly the same size as an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, albeit more elegant giving it a slight maneuverability increase over the Imperial-Class. The Ashira's offensive capabilities likewise leave something to be desired and can still be out-gunned by dedicated assault star destroyers and battlecruiser-type ships, the same cannot be said for its defences which are formidable. Lessons learned from previous Imperial designs in the days of the Galactic Empire mandated the Interdictor have concealed shield projectors which are surrounded by the bridge's superstructure, making it nigh impossible to bypass the Interdictor's shields through any other route by battering them down. The bridge itself is also sleeker and smaller presenting a small and elegant target to ships positioned off of the bow or stern. The Ashira is ironically equipped with a Hyperwave Intertial Momemtum Sustainer in the event of an interdiction so as to preserve enough momentum to shoot out of range of the would-be interdictor before dropping out of Hyperspace.
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