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First Day On The Job

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
"You're not Miss Blonde anymore. You're not Miss Blonde anymore." Staring into the mirror of a public refresher, Patricia was talking to herself in a tone that made even her uncertain.

"You. Are Not. Miss Blonde." but when she stared in the mirror, all that stared back was the gas mask that had claimed thousands of lives.

Shaking her head, the ex crime lord splashed a bit of water in her face and then exhaled a heavy and relaxing sigh. Her surroundings were dark, dim, and otherwise melancholy in the aesthetic tone they took. Half functioning stalls lined dilapidated walls made visible only by a fluttering light that disturb the fluorescent glow of the room. It reeked of desperation, all of it. It smelt not only of filth but the certainty that whoever found themselves here without a job or purpose, well they might as well of been dead to the Galaxy.

Thankfully though, Patricia was here with a purpose. She was here on a job for her new employers, The Outer Rim Coalition. Honestly she couldn't really care less about them, but since her retirement from the criminal underworld she spent the majority of her time raising her children at home. Hell, even now she looked like she was ready to burst with the child she currently carried in her womb. But just because she was retired from that life, it didn't mean she wasn't going to work. Part time was more than enough for her. A job here and there would suffice just fine.

And today's job? Today's job was simple. Find and recover an old manuscript that might of been written by a rather famous individual she herself had experience with in her lifetime. Here was the thing with manuscripts though, they were all so easily forged. So she had teamed up with another individual working with the coalition, and with her help they could not only track down the object but authenticate it as well.

[member="Cear'bhaill"] was the said individual and now that all the exposition was taken care of, it was time to hit it. Stepping out of the restroom and into the banging and rumbling bass of a club, Miss Blonde felt rather at home here. It was funny how that worked, she was more comfy in the seedier parts of the Galaxy than she was at home with her children. An effect or feeling that she was hoping to lose in time.

But before that could happen, she would sit down and wait for her partner to arrive. At one of the booths that lined the walls next to the dance floor, Patricia sipped on a bottle of water and awaited her contact. Hopefully they'd wrap this up and be done, because this was not a safe place for Patricia. Not in the sense of her well being, but just beneath the surface Miss Blonde was still in there. She wanted to get out, she wanted to take this club as her own and run guns, drugs, and other illegal activities. She wanted to kill and stomp out her enemies and blacken the eyes of empires through the sheer force of her will. She'd done it before and being in one little club in the undercity of coruscant would make her want that life again.
"Is there anything else I can get ya sir?" Looking up to see a long haired brunette, the shaved portion of her head showing off a intricate tattoo, the design being similar to his. Shaking his head, he looked over his shoulder, the thumping of the bass disrupting he mellow thoughts, laughing as he say an intoxicated couple get in a heated dispute.

"I don't think so, but uh..." Turned back around he inclined his head towards the barista, speaking softly. "nice ink." Taking a sip of his drink, he searched the mass of bodies around him feeling someone familiar, but being a little too far to clearly identify. Standing up and slipping the woman a few credits, he made his way through the crowds and over the dance floor, burning eyes landed on a familiar face and head of blonde hair, recognizing the woman, albeit slightly more pregnant then he remembered.

"I'll be damned." Resting a hand on the opposite booth from her, he smiled, a genuine smile to see his long time friend and employer still alive. "Fancy seeing you here, how you've been handling yourself lately?"

[member="Miss Blonde"]
Jim had been at this club a while. Drinking as he would typically any other night. He looked at the bartender.

"Lum Martini on the rocks, Shaken, not stirred." Jim said as he began to look over the playing field. Surprisingly enough there weren't man woman in the crowd, most of them generic looking club goers, however one woman caught his eye, she had blonde hair, like the color of sand from Tatooine, albeit that is slightly less romantic of a metaphor than he was looking for.

"I wonder what conditioner she uses." Jim muttered to himself. The woman herself seemed to be preggers. Now Jim obviously didn't want to be rude and go right up and ask her if she had a husband or if she was seeing anybody. Besides if she does, he can play it off as if he was doing a nice thing for a pregnant woman, Maybe see if the mysterious Ms. Blonde over there had any other cute single friends.

(OOC: Jim doesn't actually know Miss Blonde is the Miss Blonde, he just makes nicknames for people on the spot when he doesn't know peoples names.)

Jim looked over to the waitress "Yea can you send your finest bottle of mineral water to that blonde lady over there?"

The waitress looked over to him "I'm sorry sir, due to too many complaints we can't allow you to buy drinks for women you don't know anymore."

Jim looked over to her. "Yea I know her! She's Miss Blonde." Jim said defensively.

The waitress looked slightly frightened. "You mean the Miss Blonde? She's here?"

Jim knew that this was the perfect lie, "Yea THAT Miss Blonde. You better go get that mineral water before she gets mad." Jim said as he stifled a laugh. Jim had heard about Miss Blonde before, however he always concluded she was nothing more than an urban legend. The waitress zoomed into the back and over to the blonde lady.

"Excuse me, Miss Blonde? I'm so sorry for the wait, The mineral water was courtesy to the mustached man at the bar." The waitress told [member="Miss Blonde"] as Jim looked over and gave her a wave.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Patricia's first reaction was to smile, get up, and hug her good friend Nate. Despite how cold she tended to act around her former employees, she really did love and care for Nate. He was loyal through and through and she always admired that about him, not to mention he was great in a fight. Maybe if circumstances were different, he'd of been the one whose child she was currently carrying. But those were just thoughts that would always be pushed down into the dark recesses of her mind.

However. Before she could say anything or even get up, Patricia was confronted with a nightmare scenario. Some nobody waitress in a dead end bar on Coruscant had given her a mineral water and called her by her name, and it wasn't the one she was born with either. So what she going to do? Obviously the most rational thing Patricia would do was to say that wasn't her name and calmly thank the woman and explain the misunderstanding. But then again, that's what Patricia was going to do. Miss Blonde on the other hand, not so much.

In almost a blur of movement far too fast for a pregnant woman to accomplish on her own merits the waitress was gripped by the shirt collar and in a slight twist, her head was slammed against the solid surface of the table with a loud thump of impact. Making sure to of attacked when the song changed and the crowd cheered as to cover the scream of shock, a small but deadly switchblade was produced and gleamed in the lights of the club.

"You're going to tell me who told you I'm Miss Blonde, and you're going to forget you ever heard that na-" There was a pause in her speech.

She saw herself, Miss Blonde. In the fear laced watery eyes of this young girl, she saw Miss Blonde getting ready to carve up her face without a second thought. Letting go of the woman immediately, Patricia took a deep breath and exhaled in order to calm her nerves.

"Don't move." The woman said in a calm voice, though despite its steadiness and gentle ton the waitress would dare not defy her.

Three thousand credits were set on the table in large quantity chips and given to the waitress who took a moment to fully realize she was being paid off.

"I apologize for my behavior. I would appreciate if you didn't speak to anyone about this. Because if I find out you did, well I'm sure you get the point." Taking the bottle of mineral water the woman popped it's top and poured herself a glass.

"Have a seat, Nate. It seems that my retirement might be at a slight risk, and I think I know by who." she was of course referring to the man who purchased her bottle.

The one who was waving at her and had a @&)# eating grin on his face. With a smile on her face she waved back almost beckoning him to join the two of them in a rather friendly manner, despite the waitress walking past the man bruised and in tears holding a wad of credits.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Jim Pehico"]
Jim Pehico had a bad feeling about heading over there. There was something slightly insincere about the blonde lady's smile, he would know after all he's seen plenty of woman smile. or it could be he was being paranoid due to the buzz he had going on. Jim grabbed the bottle of lum just in case she or the man who was with her tried anything. To make it seem more natural, He chugged some of the bottle as he got over there. Something that he probably should not have done cause he was already having a hard time walking over there as it was. He passed the waitress who seem to be terrified and ecstatic at the same time, rare combination. Could this woman actually be Miss Blonde? Jim walked over to the woman.

"Wow, hello 'Miss Blonde'." Jim stifled another laugh. "No, but seriously my names Jim, Jim Pehico." Always the charmer, he raised her hand and kissed it.

[member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
Raven was here only for alcohol to drown her sorrows. She sat in a corner booth, away from most of the club. Today was filled with combat, but not between her and others, but between her and her own mind. Her hand shook a little each time she raised her cup. Gazing out at the rest of the club, she watched a scene unfold where a man bought a pregnant woman a bottle of water, the waitress walked away, looking terrified and ecstatic at the same time. Another figure sat across from the pregnant woman, possibly her husband. The man who had bought the glass walked over, and kissed her hand. This would most likely not end well. Raven got ready to stop a fight, if one broke out.

Then, the mercenary felt something. Power, emanating from the man sitting across from the Blonde, and from the pregnant woman herself. Raven had felt this before, only near force users. Fighting force users never ends well. So, Raven decided to spin stead keep watching.
Almost moving to stop his long time employer, he rethought his action, more so just following her to where if he needed to pull her off he could. Reaching forward as the woman's head hit the table, his hand took his Boss's wrist gently as he saw the glint of the knife, hoping not to get stabbed by the rather pretty but pregnant and very dangerous women before him.

"Whoa whoa whoa, easy there boss..." Speaking in a soft voice, his other hand went to remove the weapon, but she seemed to gather herself, put the knife away and pay off the waitress she just banged up. Releasing her wrist, he sat down on the edge of the booth, smiling faintly at his boss he patted her hand lightly, making up since she couldn't hug him earlier. "That's fine, I got your back like always no matter what."

Looking up at her words and a growing pretense his burning eyes narrowed at the short man. Is he trying to die? Smacking her hand away he gave the man a cold smile, the flames in his eyes glowing brighter.

"In case, you didn't just see what she did to the waitress you sent over here, I suggest you go about what you're saying very, very carefully." Voice coming out low and dangerous, he continued. "Or just leave altogether and come back after we had out conversations."

[member="Miss Blonde"]
Jim looked up at the huge man who smacked the womans hand away. he looked up at the giant man,

"What'd she do?" Jim asked looking slightly concerned, but then he thought it over for a second. "Naw don't bother telling me. Look, no offense buddy, but I just paid for this woman's mineral water. I'm slightly insulted that you'd think I'm here to cause trouble, big fella. I mean look at you! What chance would I stand?" Jim said patting the scary looking man on the back while slightly trying to inflate the man's ego. Just in case he was getting his ass kicked it wouldn't be as hard. he then looked over at the woman.

"Could you believe that waitress thought you were Miss Blonde." Jim couldn't help but laugh.

"Everyone knows that Miss Blonde is nothing more than an urban legend. Hell, I've known Hutts who would karkin' piss themselves when they heard that name. I'd do it everytime! 'Heard at a cantina Miss Blonde was looking for you' I'd say!" Jim laughed even harder.

"Anyway, I should introduce myself, Big guy and 'Miss Blonde'." Jim said giving her an over exaggerated wink. "Name's Jim, Jim Pehico. Best pilot in the core worlds." Jim called another waitress over to the three.

"look doll, I need one of whatever he wants and some lum on the rocks. Thank you." He said with a smirk. Jim thought that these two would definitely have some sort of job to do. I mean what 6'7" man goes clubbing, it certainly would be fishy, that's for sure.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
[member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Raven Elrimina"]

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Instincts of a woman who'd been in a life of danger and death were internally screaming at her. They told her to clean house and leave no witnesses, that half measures only got people killed or exposed. Patricia had spent over two decades ruling the criminal underworld from the shadows and now that she was retired, she had to do her best to keep those instincts at bay. Because every fiber in her body was telling her to order Nate to cut Jim's hand off then pluck his tongue from their mouth before making them beg for their life on the ground, and spoiler alert, she'd of killed them anyways.

But that was Miss Blonde, the old Patricia. She was still learning how to live life again without the mask, and she needed to get that mentality of non aggression into her head. This was the civilian world, everyone wasn't trying to kill you or take your thrown. So rather than cutting off hands and plucking tongues, Patricia simply smiled and did her best to act like everything was normal.

"I'm sorry, this is my husband John." she said motioning over to Nate.

"We're here meeting a friend on business. I thank you for the water though, I've really needed to catch up on my... minerals... I guess." she said as she took a sip from her glass.

Standing up, the five foot tall woman walked over to Nate and stood on the tips of her toes while wrapping her arms around his head to bring him down a bit to give him a loving kiss on the cheek. Though her more than pregnant stomach brushed against his side in doing so.

"John honey, let's just sit down and have a drink. As for you, if you could please not spread those nasty rumors of me being that awful lady Miss Blonde. I'd greatly appreciate it. And if you'd like to sit down and have a drink with us until our friend arrives we'd certainly love to have you." Kill them with kindness, not bullets and knives.

She needed to make this situation look as non hostile and pleasant as possible. She had the nagging feeling that they were being watched by multiple parties and that she needed to make sure everything returned to its normal self. She couldn't quite take back the whole bashing of the waitress bit, but it was best to move on from that.

Once more taking her seat at the booth the woman gave a bright smile and sipped at her drink. Internally though the wrathful Queen of the Underworld wanted to give Corellian neckties to people.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Raven Elrimina"]
Cold, calculating eyes surveyed the entrance to her designated meeting place. She could feel the beat of the music within as the droves of party goers jostled for position just outside.

One last drag from her nicotine stick, blowing the smoke through her nose, before tossing it down and snuffing the burning ember beneath her boot.

The once proud and ancient woman had sunk pretty low. The phrase "Oh how the mighty have fallen" played through her own mind and she chuckled coldly as she hefted her body off the alley wall and vectored towards the establishment.

The crowd irked her senses with it's noise, and movements, and obnoxious stench. It was only then she laid eyes on the door security; one rather large, dark-skinned human looking male and an unusually bulky Twi'ilek. Both took note of Cear's approach, moving to intercept, and puffing out their chests. It did little to affect the woman who only glared daggers at the two from beneath her hood.

The Twi'ilek spoke first, his tone confrontational,"Look, Miss, unless you have a special invitation, you have to wait in line like everyone else." his arm swept over the waiting mass to prove his point.

"Well, I do not have a special invitation, but I am NOT waiting in line." she matched his tone, adding special emphasis on certain words.

The duo were seemingly surprised at the bold statement from such a diminutive woman. The made some sort of silent agreement, nodding to one another before the more human looking man placed a hand on her shoulder, knocking the hood down in the process.

"Let's not cause a scene n-" he would never finish that statement.

Out of nowhere, and seemingly impossible to those nearest, Cear had one hand on the offending wrist, twisting it painfully outboard. This caused the man to easily submit and fall to his knees.

His partner was stunned silent.

Her free hand had summoned her hilt, materializing the new amethyst blade, bringing it up at an angle to cleanly separate the man's head from his shoulders. It was then the other found his function, attempting to turn and flee inside. But it was no use.

Cear flung the blade low and relieved him of two appendages before retrieving her weapon.

He writhed on the cold floor in obvious pain as she methodically stepped behind him and without a single sound, Cear buried her saber to hilt...through his head.

After a moment, the woman removed herself from the carnage and eyeing the shocked crowd,"Well, what are you all waiting for? The doors are open."

Without another pause, the mass of bodies rushed into the club leaving the former Jedi looking over the deaths she had caused.She used to feel terrible taking lives, even defense of herself or those she cared for. But now, she had taken to doing so on a regular basis...and had lost all sympathy and empathy of doing so.

With a quiet huff, she too, entered the place.

The management were now attempting to quell the surge of newcomers, but were quickly losing. Cear'bhaill did not care as she surveyed the inner workings.

It wasn't long until she spotted her contact, accompanied by two others; one she knew of vaguely, and one she did not, whom was apparently being a bother. Great.

Deliberately, she began moving through the crowd towards [member="Miss Blonde"]'s setting, stealing a full drink from a Neimoidian who was nursing it to lushly, downing it quickly.

Her arrival was almost silent, until her presence was made known by hip checking [member="Jim Pehico"] out of her way,"I would appreciate some privacy as I discuss business with my associates."

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
Standing there, he couldn't help but admire the blonde woman next to him. Considering the fact she was practically in a form of withdrawal and pregnant, she could always come out on top of a situation.

Watching her, he couldn't help but smile as he felt her pull him closer for a gentle kiss on the cheek. At first he was scared she was going to rip his throat out all cannibalistic and such but his minor precautionary instincts melted away as her aura washed over him. Albeit without the sense of overwhelming death and chaos.

"Alright love... but I think she's here now." Inclining his head towards the woman that had just shouldered past him, his eyes narrowed. Wasn't that the one...? Optical senses already answered for him. That was-had been- the woman his friend Dax had saved. He didn't mention her being a nobody. Flaming eye took in all of her, the small amount worth noting that was.

Has a saber
Smells like death sticks

[member="Cear'bhaill"], [member="Miss Blonde"]
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
Zai brushed down the wrinkles in his vest. He was tending the bar, whistling an idle tune as he served customers. This was his first formal time as a bartender, but his sporadic tutelage of alcohol under Hala had given him enough skill to convince the owner to hire him for the night. Despite doing the job purely for the money, he was actually enjoying himself. But, oh boy, did he need the money.

He'd landed on corusant with a significant sum in is pocket and had immediately headed towards the nearby market. He'd spent a fair amount on odd trinkets and other worthless items but his favourite buy was from an old man with only 3 teeth. He'd sold him hydroponic seeds that were imbibed with growth factor to assist with a 2 day cycle of growth and harvest. Well and truly convinced, Zai bought it with the last of his credits and took it back to the ship to show off to his droid co-pilot. Hearing of the scam, GR-8 had laughed as hard as his circuits had allowed. "You've quite literally bought magic beans, like from a child's story".

Zai scowled at the memory as he poured a 'Lum on the Rocks' for the waitress to send out. Jim Pehico had been at the bar several times already, giving Zai a chance to catch up with the old friend. It was good to know that there was no bad blood between them, but Jim was quickly exhausting the club's supply of Lum.

Zai was bouncing happily as he served more customers, a sudden influx of people into the bar had doubled the amount of people at the bar. Zai's hyper and almost manic behaviour was putting-off some of the club-goers, but as more and more became drunk, people were starting to enjoy his devil-may-care attitude. He was having a lot of funf. It was a shame it was only for tonight, and that he was here for another job.

A bald man with golden eyes had approached the bar. He had tattoos of stitch marks on the skin around his lips, as well as a tattoo of barbed wire around his neck. "Do you have the Taris vintage to sell to a new customer?" he asked casually. Zai gave the counter-sign: "It's reserved out back, follow me". Zai turned to the other staff member at the bar. "Sean, I'm taking a break". He vaulted over the bar and led the man to an adjoining alley.

The man looked around to make sure the meeting place was secure. He nodded, satisfied. "Before we begin, I'm not taking questions and you either agree now and accept the job or you walk away". Zai didn't have to think about it for too long, he didn't really have a choice. "I agree, give me the details". The man smiled grimly. "You're to take these documents I give you and hold onto them until you are contacted by the target. The documents are forged, so don't bother trying to sell them to anyone but the target" "Who is the target?"

The man frowned. "I said no questions" he hesitated, thinking. "We're not sure yet, we just know someone will come for the original. Your plan is but one eventuality that may occur, you might not be contacted at all. If you are though, you'll sell them. Make sure to think of a suitable cover story." The man finally handed over a sealed package. Zai tucked it into the inside of his vest."Included is 5000 credits for the job, and you can keep whatever you sell the fakes for'. Zai stared, this was the most money he'd ever recieved for a job.

"A lot of traffic in undercover deals happens in this bar, so make sure to cause a scene. If the target is here tonight, it would be good to establish yourself in the forefront of their mind so they don't pursue the actual documents". The man nodded to Zai and walked off into the night. Cause a scene? Oh, Zai could manage that.

Yelling and whooping loudly, Zai ran back into the club and jumped on the bar. He started dancing in a haphazard, erratic manner. His only interruptions were to point at someone and offer to buy them a drink. It didn't take long to attract a crowd and Sean stomped off, presumably to find security.

~ [member="Miss Blonde"] - [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] - [member="Jim Pehico"] - [member="Raven Elrimina"] - [member="Cear'bhaill"] ~

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
[media] [/media]​
Blonde wasn't sure if Zai had missed the whole double homicide thing, but Patricia certainly didn't. Not to mention pretty much everyone else in the club, so that was a thing. The entire club had gone from a place of fun and petty sins to one of blood and death in only a few seconds, and for Miss Blonde that was just any other night and that act was enough for Patricia to lose control of herself. So when said deaths occurred, she screamed in terror and hid under the table in almost a cowardly manner as to not raise suspicion from anyone else that a pregnant woman just watched silently and drank her mineral water while two people died. Death really didn't phase her anymore, it was an act as simple as breathing for the ex crime lord.

When the panicked and frenzied crowd eventually left the club in an abandoned state of spinning lights against an empty dance floor, from under the table a force reached out and one by one the security cameras in the club began to go offline as a squeezing and crumpling noise echoed through the force causing wires to spark until the recording devices were nothing but scrap dangling off the walls.

Slowly a force signature of pure will and danger began to rise up from underneath the table. As if a cobra dripping with venom spread its hood and bared their fangs in threatening manner that they were about to strike and kill their target for the fun of it.

A holo pad slid itself out towards Nate's feet and it had a picture of a younger man with a slight beard and shaved head, he was Caucasian and had a mustache that curled slightly almost separate to their beard.

"Find him. Bring him to me." The robotic laced voice of Miss Blonde echoed from under the table giving Nate instructions that were absolute in their authority.

Rising up from the table the woman sitting there before known as Patricia was gone, and in control was Miss Blonde. A person who would slit everyone's throats without a second thought. Wearing a black overcoat on top of her black dress, the woman had the infamous gas mask strapped to her face and in her hand was a rather frightening pistol.

With a wave of another hand, the exits in the club began to close until only the one in front remained open for Nate to escape from.

"Now let's get this clear right off the bat. I'm in control here, and if you all like your lives, I suggest you all simply walk away right now before I start breaking necks and slitting throats." Blonde said in a voice that conveyed this was far from a threat, it was a promise as to what was going to happen if they screwed around with her.

"Psycho with the sabers. Drop them before I end you." It was best to get control of the situation before it spiraled even further out of control.

A routine recovery mission where no one was supposed to die went south extremely fast, and in crucial moments like this order had to be established. The cops were one hundred percent on their way, but in a neighborhood like this one in the under city, response time was going to be anywhere from ten to thirteen minutes. It was a little messed up, but that's just how things worked. Cops didn't like throwing their lives away, especially when the report potentially included signs of a lightsaber in use.

Which gave Blonde plenty of time to do what needed to be done. Five minutes top and she'd be out of there.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Raven Elrimina"] [member="Cear'bhaill"] [member="Zai Avery"]
Jim didn't fear death anymore, so when the lady with lightsabers told him to walk away, he did, however unlike everyone else he walked towards the bar. As he did Zai, an old accomplice of his, started dancing on the bar, it was slightly out of character of him so he went over, looked around for the bartender and ended up hopping over the bar to grab himself a drink.

"Hey kid, long time no see, what are you doing?" Jim said as he poured lum into his flask. He was slightly concerned that the kid had went off the rails.

suddenly the entrances and exits swung shut. The pregnant lady started barking orders at the tall guy and then she threatened the lady with the lightsabers. Could she actually be the Miss Blonde? Jim kept drinking his lum and watching the events as they unfolded, after all if the blades-woman did attack and he did have to jump in, having Miss Blonde owe a favor is a very powerful tool as a smuggler and if she isn't Miss Blonde well, at least he'd be helping a pregnant woman out.

[member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Zai Avery"]
[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
[member="Raven Elrimina"]
Double homicide. Wonderful. Raven had been watching the whole club, and now, things were happening. A man ran in and began dancing wildly on the bar, while the killer killed two people mostly unnoticed. Then the pregnant woman disappeared, and in her place was the infamous miss blonde. With a voice that showed that she was promising her threats, the outlaw ordered the killer to stand down. This was why Raven didn't go to the underbelly of chorus ant much. Things got weird. However now, hostilities were being opened, and Raven was in her element. Standing quickly and quietly, the mercenary raised her pistol. This could be a job opportunity. Besides, miss blonde tended to not leave witnesses.

"Listen to the blonde. We don't want this to end badly."

As her pistol was a slug thrower and not a blaster, she did not fear the sabers of the killer. If this murderer knew anything, she'd understand how bad of a position she was in. By now, the club was beginning to notice, and a semi circle formed, with the crowd drunkenly chanting for a fight.

[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Zai Avery"]
Sighing, he rolled his eyes slightly as the blonde woman shrunk behind cover, her dark aura finally making it's appearance after so long in denial. "There she is." Muttering to himself, he couldn't help but miss the docile side of her, even if he had only glimpsed at it for a few minutes. It was a nice change of heart, even if it died hard instantly.

Looking down at the holo pad, he waved off her threats and commanding voice, not caring for the blander she usually brought with it. Of course, he loved the boss, just not the things she did sometimes. Likely how she felt towards her self and maybe even him. Reaching out with the force, he felt for the mans aura. Outside. And moving fast.

Slapping the newcomers wrist out of the way he growled, pulling his pistol out and flipping it around. "Move." Not even looking at the person he shoved past, he chucked the pistol through the window and into the back of the targets bald head, a thump being heard shortly after as he collapsed momentarily. "There he is." Moving towards the bar, he pulled the cork out of a bottle with his teeth, gesturing out the door. "Go get him, and grab my pistol too."

[member="Miss Blonde"], [member="Cear'bhaill"]
Tsido awoke to the sound of screams and running patrons. He had passed out drunk during his game of sabacc with a smuggler he was all too eager to swindle. Tsido lifted his head off of the table scanning the room. The smuggler had disappeared leaving his sabacc cards scattered across the floor. Suddenly he turned to see what he never expected, miss blonde. Tsido groaned and whispered "The hell?" He had never believed in urban legends but one was standing in front of him. He quickly put on his stolen mandalorian helmet and crouched behind the booth, gripping his blaster if need be.

Miss blonde started shouting commands, Tsido was so drunk he could barely interpret what she was saying, but he assumed it was a threat. Everything was happening so fast, now what seemed to be a dark Jedi was squaring up to a merc with a slug pistol. Tsido had been in plenty of fights in his time but he didn't know if he wanted to be apart of this one. His old V-19 star fighter was docked just outside, but the only way to get to it was through the front door. The front door being blocked by an armed mercenary, a dark Jedi, and miss blonde. Realizing his only way out would involve confrontation he stood up and drew his pistol. "Listen lady I don't want a fight! Just let me walk out that door to my ship and I won't say a word." Tsido knew he wasn't leaving that easily. (To clarify he didn't know she ordered everyone to leave bc he was drunk out of his mind.)

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
[member="Raven Elrimina"]
[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Miss Blonde"]
[member="Zai Avery"]
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Zai had stopped dancing and looked around at the chaos of the bar. He was in way over his head and whatever was about to happen in the bar was a one way ticket to the afterlife. He needed to get out now.

"Good to see you Jimmy, but I gotta leave. See you around." Zai vaulted over the bar, hurrying towards the staff entrance. It was one of the few exits that didn't seem to be barred. Naturally the customers didn't know about this exit and Zai was heading in the opposite direction to the frenzied crowd. He hoped he was viewed as a just another innocent bystander. He walked outside into the fresh air.

He walked a good distance from the bar, then dumped the fake documents in a nearby public bin. Next step was to get off planet, and not come back for a while.

His ship was parked on a public landing pad. Zai payed the dock master the fee and boarded his ship. GR-8 greeted his master with a warm welcome for once, after seeing the boy's grim expression. Zai plotted a course for Nar Shaddaa and pulled back gently on the controls.

The ship rose gently into the sky and flew out of sight.

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