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First Break

Adron's shuttle came out of hyperspace in space above Hurikane. The young Count sat in the back of the transport, clad in a silk shirt and black jeans, covering him was an ebony cloak to match his outfit. The Dominion, who had been attempting to create several Force User orders, had a rising need for lightsaber crystals. However, it did not want to compete with the rest of the galaxy for their supply, for this they would need to hunt in the outer rim.

The orders came in quickly. Adron and another Senator, a Sith by her appearance, were tasked with visiting a planet deep in wild space. Hurikane had been known to have a healthy supply of lightsaber crystals, some of the finest in the galaxy.

One of the problems was the crystals were only able to be found by the natives, so there would have to be a deal struck if they were going to leave this planet with anything of worth. Normally Adron traveled unarmed, or with a simple vibroknife, however today he had a Vibrorapier attached to his waist. One of the pilot's came from the cockpit to the passenger area. "We've arrived, My lord." He stated as he addressed Adron, "My lady." He added, as his eyes fell over Adron's companion for this mission.

Not in the mood for talking Adron dismissed the man with a wave of his hand, pulling his cowl over his head as he looked to the woman sitting across from him. "This planet is simple and barren. We can use that to our advantage. I'm sure if we offer some provisions they'll happily show us where their crystals are." He stated, taking note of the lightsaber hanging from the woman's side.

Subtly Adron turned his head to peer into the cockpit, as he did he reached out with The Force, probing the woman before him.

[member="Grace Darkson"]
Hurrikane was a quiet world, a planet out of the way enough, and so backwater, that the ravages of the wars outside of the galaxy. However, that was not something to rely on. The saber clipped to her belt, as well as the blaster on her thigh were a sign of that. Even so, the woman had spent most of the trip playing Fires of Chaos. Good heavens, had they actually sold this? It felt so... samey. Apparently this was enough to sell a few trillion units. Whatever. She had played enough this trip to know she didn't want to play it again. Her yellowed eyes looked up as the pilot entered.

"Thank you." She said, the words holding a small amount of disdain. Servants. Go figure. She closed the game, sliding the device into a small bag sitting in the small of her back as she stood. "I would consider offering more than just provisions. If we want to have enough for the whole order, we may need to offer a lasting supply." She paused, thinking. "I'm sure Ventooine can supply it, either way." She took a step towards the door, before something brushed her mind.

Defenses that had been lax were reinforced in an instant, and she froze, mid-step, for a second before continuing on like nothing happened. She cast a glance at him, before giving only one thing to him.


[member="Adron Malvern"]
As the shuttle touched down onto the planet's surface Adron felt a chill run through his spine. His probing had been cut off as if he had ran into a wall within the Force. The Sith were a curious lot, if nothing more. The young Lord had never had any dealings with any outside of the Jedi, and this woman's presence in the Force was shocking to him. He felt the Dark Side of the Force radiate from her as she rejected his push, it attempted to transfer to the boy like a lit flame to paper. Angered thoughts coursed through his mind as he was reminded of his parents death and the near destruction of his house.

A light exhaled was offered, clearing the negative thoughts and purging the Dark Side of the Force from him. He stood and pulled himself deeper into his cowl, his curiosity about the Sith woman rising.

"If we have to we can offer them other things. Serenno has plenty to barter with, but I'm not inclined to unless necessary." He said, his breathing slightly labored as if he had been in the middle of exercise.

Did this woman really shake me up that much? He mused, deciding to focus on erecting a barrier to his own mind. He knew this woman could tear through it if she wished, but not without him knowing.

His eyes took to the nearly barren landscape before them and immediately he felt a sense of....boredom. "Well....this is stupid." He commented with a slight exhale for emphasis. In the distance a grouping of tents could be seen next to a stream that ran in conjunction with the valley. "There?" He questioned, gesturing to the village with a nod of his head.

[member="Grace Darkson"]
"A solid deal is better than one we have to re-negotiate." Grace responded, studying the outside plain as she frowned. There didn't seem to be much to the planet, save for the natural canyons that carved through it like massive scars. She had sensed his struggle with the Dark side after her response to his invasion, and for a moment, she wondered if she had been too forceful. He indicated the camp, and she nodded. "It's as good a place to start as any." She replied, and began to walk towards them. The count seemed almost bored, like simply being on the barren world was enough to make him wish for something better. Common pampered rich brat. Maybe her her response hadn't been harsh enough.

"Why did you try and read my mind?" She asked, her seemingly inquisitive tone undercut with a a steel. It would seem this question wasn't going unanswered.

Even if Grace had to tear the answer from his head.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The woman's words caused a brief moment of debate in Adron. He knew it would not take much manpower to forcefully wrench the crystals from the natives, if it took any manpower at all, but he also knew to take what was not yours was not his way. "Perhaps." Was all the boy said in reply as he followed in tow.

Her questioning did not come as a surprise nor did Adron necessarily feel the answer was all that strange. "Because, I sense the Dark Side in you, I have never met one of your kind before, so naturally I was curious. Though I shouldn't have done it, it was rude of me." He stated, half apologizing with his words.

As the two made their way to the village Adron decided it best to continue conversation, after all they were going to have to deal with each other. "My name is Adron, Count of House Malvern." He stated, pride dripping from his words as he spoke them.

[member="Grace Darkson"]
"And curiosity is enough reason to invade my mind?" Her voice was cold, a dangerous tone playing through the words. "Do you have that little respect for me?" Shaking her head, she stared forward, continuing on in silence. He didn't seem to have met someone his equal in this realm. She doubted he had expected her response. The poor soul was lucky she hadn't retaliated. He managed to draw a sideways glance from her at the mention of his name.

"Grace Darkson. Sith." She responded, the words short and curt. "Titles won't get you far out here, kid." A small, almost mischievous smile crossed her face. "This your first time doing something like this?" Her gaze studied the town as they began to draw closer. They were nomads, the tents simple, designed to be movable when the seasons or the wildlife changed. Ah, the joys of Feral worlds. They were lucky to be able to find a settlement so easily, at least if her guess at their nomadic lifestyle was correct. That may make a lasting trade deal more difficult. Ah, well.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The Sith's words were laced with venom as she spoke to Adron. His hand casually found itself resting on the vibroblade hidden beneath his cloak. "My father once scolded me, telling me a Jedi does not indulge his base thoughts...I'm not a Jedi yet." He stated simply, as he passed the woman.

Adron had never met a Sith before, and as of yet she was not impressing him, though her presence in the Force was still chillingly unsettling. When she spoke of titles a small burst of insolence erupted from him, normally out of character for the boy, but becoming more and more common as his days went on. "It will get me farther than you've ever been." Her next question was met with a simple nod, his inexperience in the field speaking for itself.

In time they found themselves nearing the camp of the natives, their scouts already taking notice of them a small commotion began to erupt from their huddle of tents. "Savage....not very impressive, at all."

[member="Lady Psyona"]
"Of course you're not. A Jedi would have known better." Her eyes scanned the camp, watching the growing activity. Warband, by the looks of it. When outsiders come, espically off worlders, you prepare to protect your own. Hmm.

Her comment on titles seemed to strike something with him, if the anger he felt and his response, spat out at her like some boiling poison, was anything to go by. She laughed in response, a sound not sarcastic, but one of genuine humor. "We're not on Serenno anymore. Those ideas that your birth means anything more than what shape your body takes? Those don't matter. Experience, skill, and intelligence will benefit you more than anything your birth can give you." She knew it wasn't entirely true: the count probably would have the money to do almost anything, and much more than she had at his age. But to a woman who had put herself through college, fought for survival since she was four, and had nothing given to her, something like your birth was nothing to be proud of.

After all, what pride is there in something you can't control?

"Not every world is a blossoming metropolis. We're not on a hyperlane, and there isn't much to gain from colonization or trade. Of course they're primitive. No one has the need to come here, and they don't have the resources to leave." Her eyes never left the growing group of locals. "Show some respect to them. We don't want a fight, and your arrogance may just start one."

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The Sith's words were only met with a great deal of skepticism. "Worlds like this should be taken under the galaxies wing, i'm sure there could be a use for it if one only searched hard enough." He offered a brief smile before continuing their advance on the camp. Before they could reach the camp itself they were met by a party of the natives, each seemed to hold a mixture of fear and confusion that one did not need the force to sense.

"Why do you come here? We have nothing for you off-worlders to pillage." A voice called from the group, quieting the few hushed whispers that had erupted over the greeting party. The mass of the group parted to reveal a man, at least in his late thirties, holding a crudely fashioned spear.

Adron did not immediately answer, letting the Sith do the talking as his eyes took to the jewelry that had been crudely fashioned for each of the tribesmen. The very same crystals that had called the two of them here, already their mission seemed to have a bit more fortune than he expected.

"Those." He pointed to the crystal that hung from the man's neck.

[member="Lady Psyona"]

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