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Firemane Industries and Technology

Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
Corporation Name: Firemane Industries and Technology (FIT)
Headquarters: Kaeshana
Locations: Dahomey, Vandelhelm.
Operations: The company has is currently a research and military technology company, but is hoping to expand into mining/exploration and military contracting.
Rationale: After stepping down as Lady Protector, Tegaea Alcori was given permission to form a company encompassing part of Star Corp’s Omega Industries. The idea is that Firemane will eventually expand outside the Protectorate. The Eldorai Queen has given them permission to use Kaeshana as a starting base.
Tier: 2. Starting small but aiming to expand into the rest of the Protectorate and eventually beyond.

When Tegaea Alcori was nearly killed by the Sith Assassin Kaelin Isandros she was unable to continue her work as Lady Protector of the Omega Protectorate. Forced to resign, and with Siobhan soon following the couple withdrew to the planet of Kaeshana and Tegaea recovered there under the protection of the Queen.
Through almost entirely legitimate means, her and Siobhan Kerrigan had managed to acquire a substantial fortune through her time with Omega Pyre and the Protectorate. Due to clauses in her contract and later agreements she had acquired a percentage of all profits made on Dahomey and Vandelhelm, and even owned stakes in the planets personally. This made it easier to set down roots on Kaeshana and look to the future.
After realising that a life of leisured retirement was not for her just yet, Tegaea created the aptly named Firemane Industries and Technology.
With backing from the Eldorai Matriarchy, the company has set up a research and military technology division in Santaissa. This is to help the Eldorai catch up to the galactic tech level, but also to provide useful technology to sell to others.
The goal of this company is to expand operations on Dahomey and Vandelhelm to other planets and becoming a mining and shipping concern in the Protectorate.

In all, this company had the potential for significant profits and great expansion. The CEO will be Tegaea Alcori, with the VP being her wife Siobhan Kerrigan. Crown Princess Anya Venari is acting as executive PA and head of operations.