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Fire on the Horizons (complete)

The crown did not rest easy on Faith's head. The invisible one that she wore each day as she sifted through reports, trade agreements, and reports of unrest across the Coalition space. So when one of the nobles of Alderaan requested audience Faith wondered what had happened.

The High Council had not called upon her, there were no reports from Alderaan Security. Breathing deeply and preparing herself mentally for what could come she headed toward the parlor while Ana went to escort [member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"] to the sitting room.

Faith brushed her skirts down for the tenth time as she pondered what was it. Was it bad news? Was it...she sighed and tried to be patient.

Her mother always said she lacked patience in these matters, she was right. Faith felt she should know what was wrong, and have the solution all before anyone asked her anything.

She stood hand on the back of her favorite chair watching the doors. She could hear the echo of footsteps approaching, Ana's heels and Amelia's foot fall but little sound. She smiled so that when the door opened her guest would feel welcome.
A slight hiss escaped her lips as she slipped through the beam of light, feeling the burn upon her cheek, though lucky enough that it was already healing. It wasn't so much a hiss of pain as it was annoyance, the woman finding herself slipping and sticking to the shadows. Why did the meeting have to be in the middle of the afternoon? What was wrong with an early morning just before the rising sun meeting? Or even one at dusk? Another hiss escaped her lips as she was forced to cross an area with no shadows, her hand coming up to at least shield her face as she moved as quickly as she could.

As the door opened Amelia gave a soft smile and bow of her head to Ana, knowing the young woman worked hard for the Queen. Stepping through the door, she thought it only polite, even if it would be problematic, to remove her heavy helm. Taking in a quick breath, she brought her hands up, pulling the helm from her brow and setting it down on the table as she gave a slight bow.

"Your Highness."

She spoke before standing, making sure she found herself in the shade of the room. Her yellow hues moving from the Queen to the various areas of the room as if she were attempting to find the best place to position herself. The armored woman returning her attention to the Queen, admiring the woman just as much as paying attention to her. Really it was a shame that she were married, though such thoughts would need to be pushed to the back of her mind... for now.

[member="Faith Organa"]
Faith nodded, "Amelia of House Syrush you are welcome here" Faith could not help but to notice how the woman's eyes darted about the room sizing it up she assumed. It was not uncommon Faith herself often entered a room looking around making sure she knew where she stood and where were the exits. She would know about Amelia's aversion to light unless it had been discovered and made part of the notes that Faith reviewed.

"Let's sit and talk. Can I interest you in some emerald wine, or a cup of tea perhaps" It was customary for her to offer or anyone. There was a moment when Faith thought Amelia's gaze swept over her. Did she look unkept? She tried to ensure a good impression upon everyone.

She looked at the door as Ana slowly closed it. Ana sat down at the desk ready to take notes on anything that Faith promised, or was required to act upon. These notes and due outs were what kept Faith on course. She did not forget anything and often the ntoes were referred to as the secret book.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]
Faith needn't worry over her appearance, nothing was out of place and it was more that Amelia was admiring the Queen. A soft and silent nod followed as she was offered the seat. Stepping forward she bowed her head slightly before speaking.

"Wine will be fine your highness."

Amelia said before taking the seat, a soft hiss escaping her lips as the sun touched her cheek. A burn appearing as she leaned back into the shadows. The small burn already beginning to heal as her yellow hues fell upon the Queen once more. The woman sitting there quietly now as she crossed one leg over the other as gracefully as she could in a set of armor. Taking a moment to form her words together, a soft sigh escaped her lips before she reached into a pouch at her hip, pulling out a small device.

Sitting forward, she hissed slightly as the sun touched her skin again. For now bearing the pair, she set the device down, clicking a small button on the side. For a moment it flickered before revealing the image of a planet, slowly spinning on the display.

"I've come today with a request and a proposal."

[member="Faith Organa"]
Faith turned and picked up the bottle of emerald wine made on Alderaan at the Organa Vinerium. It was an accomplishment to restore the grapes to Alderaan and begin to create the green vintage. She poured the glass and turned to give to [member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"] just as she noticed the burn and just as quickly it disappeared. Faith was speechless. She set the bottle down.

She knew or read about many phenomena but she did not recall this one. She sat down, was it the light? Faith now began to think about her entrance into the parlor she turned her head remembering Amelia's steps, noting where the shadows fell. Then she thought she understood, "Ana my eyes are hurting can we draw the curtains lesson the sun."

Ana got up, "Shall I get you an pain reliever?"

Faith shook her head, "No, let's start with the light."

She looked at her guest remember what she said, "A request and a proposal, that's interesting. Tell of the request first." A request from one of the nobles her first duty.
As she reached for the glass that was offered to her, she once more winced and bore the pain of the slight burn. Leaning back into the shade of the room, an internal smile formed when the Queen requested that the curtains be drawn. A soft sigh of relief slipped from her lips as she took a moment to take a sip of the wine that was offered. Enjoying the taste she leaned forward and set the glass down on the table. With the curtains drawn as well, the flickering image of the world seemed to become more vibrant as the soft blue glow of the image lit up her face.

"As you wish your highness."

Amelia spoke before taking another sip of the wine, setting the glass back down as she closed her eyes. Collecting her words, her eyes slipped open as she motioned to the image of the world.

"This is Aldraig IV. My request is that it be, with your approval and backing, permitted to be locally ruled by House Syrush and to serve as the location of the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame within the Free Worlds Coalition."

Taking up the glass once more, she leaned back in her chair. It wasn't a sign of arrogance, and Amelia hoped she didn't appear that way. Rather it was a show of confidence, for while it was an outlandish request, it was the proposal that would secure the decision. Taking a sip from the glass of wine, she closed her eyes for a moment, listening carefully to what the Queen would say.

[member="Faith Organa"]
It was pretty outlandish request. However Faith considered the planet and then House Syrush who as of yet to ask anything of the Royal house. But this was a very high favor to ask. In truth she did not need Faith's permission to go Faith believed that it was Amelia's desire to keep the backing of Alderaan. Faith noticed that Amelia seemed relieved perhaps it was the way she moved now that the curtains were drawn. She would have to have Ana make a note of this. Faith was curious about this condition but too polite to ask.

"I don't know much about Aldraig IV what can you tell me about it?" She smiled Faith was not sure if [member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"] planned on removing an in place ruling body or if she had a plan to win over the hearts and minds of the population much as Faith's mother had on Aldera.

Faith should have suspected that when the nobles came calling that the favors they asked would not be anything short of grand. Faith sat back in her chair comfortably while she waited for Amelia to begin.
Amelia smiled as she took another sip of the wine, setting the glass down on the table next to her before sitting up, her eyes falling upon the Queen's. A moment passed as she gathered her thoughts before speaking up, her eyes never moving from Faith's.

"During the age of Palpatine's Empire, there was an AT-AT facility on the world. Beyond that it was your usual Core World, until more recently."

She took a moment as she gathered her thoughts once more, knowing that the next subject was going to be difficult to speak about, even more so when it was with the Queen of Alderaan. Taking a sip of the wine again, she focused herself before motioning to the holoimage of the world slowly rotating before the two woman. A small scene beginning to unfold as images of vessels moved around the world, a simulated reenactment.

"When the One Sith reigned over the Core Worlds, Aldraig IV fell under that Empire's reign. It was only released at the fall of the One Sith, and was left forgotten. Though its inhabitants hadn't forgotten the Sith".

Amelia paused to collect herself before continuing.

"They call themselves the Order of the Beast, cultist that worship the Sith as Gods. That is the ruling Government I would be displacing."

[member="Faith Organa"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Faith watched the holo events unfolded. A shiver ran down her spine, Sith. And now Sith worshipers it never ended. Faith looked down and gave consideration to Amelia's request. She noticed how Amelia watched her never taking her gaze from her.

Faith sat back considering all things she remembered how Alderaan had suffered at the hands of Sith. The unnerving part was they weren't that far away now. If this was who Amelia would be replacing. Faith nodded moving back in her seat. Sighing heavily with a decision that she knew could cost lives but would also put a control over a threat.

"I have no issue with House Syrush relocating to Aldraig IV . The move is not only beneficial to your house but also to Alderaan and everyone in our quadrant" At times it was hard for Faith to contain her displeasure about Sith but she also knew that there were some that were not a threat. At least at this time they weren't.
Amelia waited patiently, her golden hues remaining upon Faith as the queen took her time in making her decision. She took the last sip of her wine, setting the now empty glass down as she settled into the seat. Slowly crossing a leg over the other, the sound of the armor lightly scraping upon itself as she remained silent, ever watching.

For her part she had brought forward the simple information. All that was needed now was the final decision and when it was made, her head perked up slightly. Hearing the words of the queen brought a soft smirk across her lips, the hint of a fang being revealed as she leaned forward. Those golden hues locking with Faith's own stunning eyes.

"Thank you your highness."

Amelia said as her smirk slipped into a soft smile, realizing that her true nature may have been revealed. Taking a moment to regain her composure, she leaned back into the chair. Now the hard part would come, for it was one thing to get permission to reclaim a world, it was another to hold that world.

"I am sure though you've more questions."

[member="Faith Organa"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"I do. Will you require assistance from Alderaan? The Order of the Flame what will be their purpose within the Coalition?" She knew what the Order was now but would this move change it's design, and purpose.

She did not want to be giving permission for a army to be raised up and find it on her doorstep. Faith kept her gaze now on the face of Amelia . Faith practiced at reading people so much was told in the subtleties.

She folded her hands and placed them casually into her lap.
"I will refrain from requesting assistance from Alderaan itself and you, though this is not due to not needing it, more so to protect your appearance your highness."

Amelia stated bluntly as she leaned back. A soft sigh escaping her lips as she closed her eyes, finding the words she wanted to speak. The day had been long for her, though the talks were preceding at a pace that she had not foreseen. There was no stalling nor circling constantly, it was an actual talk. Opening those golden hues again, a soft smile crossed her lips to replace the subtle smirk.

"Should something happen on Aldraig, and were you to have offered assistance from Alderaan, your reputation could be tarnished. They may call you a despot and attempt to show you in a light as a conquer with a vendetta against the Sith."

Amelia closed her eyes once more, her hands coming together for a moment as she leaned forward. Resting her chin upon her clenched hands, her eyes slowly opened. Within they showed a resolve, a vision that would keep the Queen's reputation and the view others had of her safe.

"If there is no trace between myself and you, then our actions were our own. Should something happen you can easily claim that House Syrush acted without your knowledge as you gave us no such permission."

The armor clad woman then stood slowly, keeping her attention upon Faith for the moment before she moved towards the woman taking notes. Her golden hues falling upon Ana as she stood before the young woman. Reaching out, Amelia gently grasped the woman's hand, slowly setting her pen down. With her other hand she grasped the page of notes of the conversation, carefully removing the page before looking to faith.

"It is also to ensure that none can say you permitted this, that our conversation remain between us." Amelia said as she carefully folded the sheet and slipped it away into her armor.

"As for the Order, they and the Harbinger serve House Syrush. They are at your disposal as needed your highness."

[member="Faith Organa"]
An interesting turn of events, "Ana you can step out." Faith was accustomed to secrets as the Minister of Intelligence she often had to keep them. But she rarely hid things from her people or her family.

Vendetta against sith, criticizers would not be wrong. Faith had an issue with Sith particularly the ones who had vong formed her home into well they killed Alderaan.

"So you want to protect the Royal House should your plans be made to look as if you are cleansing Aldraig IV, is this correct?" She had learned always repeat to make sure you have it right. There was something about [member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"] though something about her movements.

Then it dawned on her Amelia was a predator her movements were that of a hunter. This made Faith slightly uncomfortable for in her mind it meant that Amelia had the capability of doing the thing that Amelia wanted to protect the throne from.

Faith caught her breath while she waited for Amelia to confirm the intent.
A simple nod followed, her own answer to the question, though she was sure that the Queen wanted such an answer to be verbal rather than a non-verbal movement. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she wouldn't speak yet until she heard the door closing behind Ana. Slowly she walked to the door, her hand flicking over the lock before returning her attention to the Queen.

Taking a few steps towards her, she once more slipped down into her seat. Grasping the glass of wine and finishing it before setting it down and offering a soft smile as she crossed one leg over the other. Her hands resting upon the arm rests of the chair as she kept those golden hues upon Faith.

"That is correct your highness. We cannot afford it to appear as though the House Organa has allowed a cleansing of Aldraig IV, not even if those being removed worship the Sith."

Amelia offered a soft smile, her attention remaining as she watched the queen.

"IF others believe though that you had not authorized such an action as to reclaim Aldraig IV from the cult, we can ensure that the Royal House is not dragged through the mud."

Amelia leaned forward slightly, her eyes remaining upon Faith though as she brought her hands together, clasping them for a moment before making a simple motion.

"House Syrush can be the monster of the Free Worlds Coalition. We can bear the brunt of any ill view to ensure that the Coalition remains clean and free of scandal."

[member="Faith Organa"]
These were dangerous waters they were swimming in, "We have all worked hard to bring the Coalition where it is right now. It cannot afford a black eye such as a cleansing would be. I have no love for the Sith that occupied Alderaan. It at times blinds me to things which I need to take in more carefully."

She sighed took a breath, "It isn't necessary for you to come to me and ask permission to do this. I believe you came to make me aware and to offer the services of the Order once you have a new home for them. So. That being said."

Faith chose her words carefully, "As Queen i wish you well in all your endeavors whatever they are. And will say in time that if the Order of the Flame is able to help the Coalition or the Royal House with anything I will be here to openly discuss it with you." Faith smiled.

"And @Amelia Sorenn-Syrush I will make an entry that states today you came for a visit to discuss options for the Noble House of Syrush." This would not be a lie for that is what they discussed in essence, "Does this help?" Faith did not like feeling twisted or having stated a lie she would instead dodge the exact truth. But would her conscience be able to handle what she knew Amelia was preparing to do.

She did not know, "maybe they should just be relocated" she blurted out.
Amelia gave a silent bow, lowering her head though not her entire form like many others would. Her golden hues upon the Queen as she stood once more. Keeping her attention upon her, she took a step to the side before a couple steps backwards towards the door. It was on the third step back that she pivoted upon her hind foot and spun herself around.

"The Order will be at your disposal when and if you require it your highness. Just as House Syrush shall stand by House Organa to ensure its continued reign and the longevity of the Free World Coalition."

She spoke, though didn't look back as she took a step forward. A soft smirk crossing her lips as she moved pass the desk. Her eyes moving to the small book that remained there on the table as her hand came up. Lightly tapping the breast plate where the paper now lain hidden behind.

"We all have our duties your highness. I would not want to keep you from yours much longer with talks of options for the House Syrush."

Her hand was already upon the door when she heard the suggestion blurted out which caused her to stop in her tracks. Taking a silent breath, she closed her eyes. Now it was her turn to find the words she required. Opening her eyes she remained facing towards the door before speaking.

"I promise you this your highness. Those that surrender themselves shall be relocated to a world outside of the Free Worlds Coalition. All others shall make their own decision."

With that Amelia slowly pushed the door open, taking a step outside as she looked to Ana. A soft smile crossing her lips as she looked to the woman. Giving a soft bow of her head to the Queen's aide.

"Thank you for your hospitality and your time."

She spoke before stepping away from the door, giving Ana a moment to step back into the room before closing the door behind the young woman. A soft hiss escaped her lips as she looked to the sunlight that slipped in through the large window. Slipping away to the nearby shadows, she made her way out of the palace, her mind set on reclaiming Aldraig IV.

[member="Faith Organa"]

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