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Finally, A Little Family Time

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Location: Small apartment, Sundari, Mandalore.

Cassiopeia breathed softly as she stood in the kitchen. They owned a small, 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in Sundari - near enough that they could easily travel to the palace and back. She and Raiz had bought the tiny home primarily as a place of residence during their visits to Mandalore. Their main home, of course, was on Westralis - a few systems over. The new young mom stood over the stove as she made tea for her and [member="Raiz Australis"]. They were taking some time off - to chat, to look at their beautiful babies, [member="Spencer Australis"] and Lily-Grace. She knew the time would come and go quickly - but she wanted to make every second that she could spend with her little family count. Plus... Sleep, kind of. At least every now and then between baby tears.

With all that had been going on, it had been a hard year. From the kidnapping of Yasha, Cassi, and Kaden in Barataria. To Adara death and revival. To Kaine being imprisoned for Force use & the destruction of bral. Beth was with Yasha, Baiko, and Gray, at least. The others kids were safely at home with Caz and Nibsani. She leaned against the counter, taking in the aroma of the tea. Maybe it was just psychological, but Cassiopeia already felt better physically & mentally now that the twins were born. It had been a rough, sickening pregnancy that drained her energy.

The whistle of the tea being ready brought Cassi back to reality. She poured two cups - one for herself, one for Raiz as she walked over into the room with two cribs with two sleeping babies. "Hey, love, here's some tea." She'd give him a smile as she passed it to him, resting her head on his shoulder while using her other arm to cuddle her cardigan closer over. "For babies, they're actually pretty cute," she said rather bluntly. Was she really up to be a mother, especially in this crazy galaxy? She took a sip of the tea, lost in thought as she waited for Raiz to reply. He was a wonderful husband, who she knew loved her and the two kids immensely. She couldn't help but wonder if he had any similar doubts about parenthood. She looked up at him, with a soft smile. They'd figure it out.