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Fiera Eldaska (Asha Seren)

the bedbound bard
NAME: Fiera Eldaska (formerly Asha Seren)
FACTION: Reconstituted Je'daii Order
RANK: Knight/Balance Temple Master
SPECIES: Epicanthix
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 56kg
EYES: Icy Blue
HAIR: Jet Black
SKIN: Tanned

Personal Overview:
Asha is a known Peacekeeper who seeks a Balance within the Galaxy, focusing on the virtues of Eudaimonia through self-betterment and intense study of the Force. Following the Philosophy of the Ancient Je'daii she believes that a perfect equilibrium of Light and Dark, that is Ashla and Bogan, is crucial, allowing her to stray no closer to one than the other. While she rarely resorts to violence, except in the more crucial of circumstances, or for training purposes, she is known to have an immense amount of strength considering her appearance and knows enough about lightsaber practise to defend herself where necessary. However, she is no Master Swordsman, and avoids conflict where possible. Ontop of this, her health is known to deteriorate at random intervals, often rendering her weak and exposed. Thankfully, during such times, she is still able to rely upon the Force, which she has a close connection to. More often than not Asha is found in deep meditation, either in a trance-like state induced by the likes of the Meditation of Emptiness or Floating Meditation, or a waking Movement Meditation which she has adapted to be used when actively on the move as opposed to completing continual, repetitive actions. While she may show all the signs of a Jedi this is far from the truth, as Asha is often chaotic and conflicted internally, which is a drive for her studies into the likes of Alchemy and other questionable Force practises such as Ballistakinesis. She is wholly neutral, on the precept of both Ashla and Bogan, and as such has the position as Temple Master of Akar Kesh, otherwise known as the Balanced Temple Master.

Primary: Epicant
Secondary: Basic
Tertiary: Mando'a

Innate: Empathy
Signature: Ballistakinesis
Primary: Art of the Small
Secondary: Telepathy
Tertiary: Telekinesis
Quaternary: Force Sense

Primary: Soresu

Meditation of Emptiness
Floating Meditation
Movement Meditation
Battle Meditation (Used only to calm others)

Personal Vessel:


Single Standard Lightsaber Hilt: Aqua Beam.

[SIZE=9pt]Asha was born upon Panatha to two Epicanthix parents. At the age of 2 her mother moved her away to Cadinth, with her father absent from then onwards. Remarrying, Asha soon found herself with a little sister called Phoenix whom she adored, and she would do anything if it meant her younger sibling was happy. Due to the deserts of Cadinth Asha was never taught to swim, yet from the age of seven she would venture out of Saskapeg to explore other avenues, often scavenging from crash sites on the outskirts of the city. She spent a lot of free time tinkering and fixing what she found.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]However, shortly after her ninth birthday Asha was found out in the desert by a Jedi known only as Carn Dista. Finding her to be Force Sensitive he walked her back to her home and discussions were held between the Jedi and her mother over the next few days. Finally Asha was taken by Carn Dista, with her mother's permission, to be trained as a Jedi at his side. Over the next nine years Carn Dista mentored Asha in the ways of the Force, although his studies were more knowledge and combat orientated, her only real instructions in the Force being very sensory based. The only exception to this was Telekinesis, something she was found to immediately excel at.

When she reached the age of seventeen Asha was taken from solitary training to the main hub of Jedi activity, with Carn Dista disappearing off the radar. While she excelled with her studies and combat abilities the Jedi found a flaw in her training of the Force, which had been heavily neglected, deeming Telekinesis to not be enough for a Jedi who had been in training as long as she had to know. With Carn Dista still unheard from after a year Ashas training was handed over to Jedi Knight Nikolai Siviyr, the only aspects of her training which were truly lacking were Force based. While her affinity was strong he trust in it was less so.[/SIZE]

With time Asha was able to grow to understand and trust the Force; and through this she focused most of her Force training around physical-enhancements such as Force Body, already set to one day, become a Guardian. Her former training with the Mandalorians, alongside Carn Dista, gave her an unorthodox approach including infrequent use of a blaster, yet while her training was almost purely combat based she did not cease in her studies, delving deeper and deeper into the Philosophies of the Old Republic and advancing further within her medical applications. Eventually, she was deemed ready. She had spent 9 years in training, travelled from one end of the Galaxy to the other in order to do so. Asha was raised to the rank of Jedi Knight upon passing her trials.

Her training did not stop there, as no Jedi's should ever stop, and she delved further into the Force as her trust increased; this time using it to increase her medical abilities, after all there were some things in the known Galaxy which required more than a Doctor could prescribe. Force Heal, Detoxify, Prognosis, each became her ally in a Galaxy which seemed to be in constant conflict. This dedication to medicine, however, showed another side to Asha, the side which sought to be balanced within oneself and ones skillset, rather than focused fully on one aspect - shown first through her decision to learn Niman, and now through the willingness to take on a more Consular-approach. Her old dreams of becoming a Guardian were dashed with the realisation that her heath was too finicky for the physical output it would require, but by this point Asha's view had changed entirely.

She realised that Carn Dista had been training her for another Path, that of the Sentinel - her upbringing had been riddled with investigation, subterfuge, stealth. She would become a balanced Jedi, and spend her time outside of the Temple. Within her first year of being a Knight, Asha took on a Padawan by the name of Gareth Yalthik. He was an able student, very well learned and willing to adapt to the constantly changing lifestyle Asha provided him with. However Asha soon faced a difficulty many her age, in her position, would not have come out of. Her Padawan was taken from her just a year into their training, killed before her very eyes and nothing that Asha could do, medical or Force wise, was enough to save him. Shaken, Asha could not bring herself to take on another Padawan for some time, until the Council themselves decided it was time for her to do so.
the bedbound bard
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