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Field trip to the Distillery (Red Devils/Open)


Nar Shaadda
Verin Street

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It had been a long couple of weeks for the Nar Shaadda Originals. First they'd taken Red Draft Cantina, then repelled an assault by the Vortex Swoop bike gang. Whilst they were left licking their wounds, and her people were shoring up their defences she had an idea. A field trip.

So she had invited them out for a ride down to Verin street where the young Corellian woman aimed to get her crew drunk as all could be, as well as buy the Distillery. Jast Shipwright Co. was already manufacturing ships, but the brainchild of a Smugglers Daughter needed another venue of business.

Whiskey always sold, and an uncle of hers in her Fathers organization on Corellia had sold her a secret family recipe.

She waited for her crew to begin the tour, leaning up against her bike. She only had one Mag Pistol on her belt today, her hand in her pocket and her black vest as normal with her patches. The day was getting hot, the sun shining down gold and serene through the buildings.

Hala took another drag on her cigar and tried to quiet her mind. There was no intense look in her eyes today. She was here for a little vacation and to get a tighter bond with her crew. Blood shed would have to take the back burner.
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Zai stepped off his ship, smiling in the sun. He'd taken some shore-leave from the gang for a while but, in typical fashion, he had wound up in even more trouble on his supposed vacation. Nar Shaddaa was one of the cesspits of the galaxy, but it was home.

Hala had sent a message to him a couple of weeks ago. She'd planned something big, but this time it didn't involve any hostile takeovers. Having barely escaped with his life in a mix-up on Coruscant, Zai was happy to return back and see what was happening.

The Red Devils had made a lot of progress since they took the Red Draft. Devils were set up outside shops, there as protection, and were milling around comfortably. He got a lot of friendly waves and respectful nods from those who recognised him as one of the originals. He stopped outside the Devil's newest sponsorship, a local school.

After the Red Devils cleared the streets, parents started sending children back to school. Shortly after, the Devils started funding the school, buying new supplies and reading material for the institution. The other originals liked this idea because it gained the support of the locals, but Zai was happy to see the place returning back to normal. He spotted Allie directing kids towards the school, scolding some. After her brother died, she'd given up on the gang and joined the school. Zai didn't blame her. After the skirmish, he'd thrown up and spent several hours looking the mirror asking himself why a killer stared back at him. That was part of the reason he had taken some time off.

His final stop before meeting Hala was Nikki's Swoop Shop. The Bith's business had done well after partnering with the Devils, but he was still perpetually frightened by any gang members he met. Zai tried to reassure him, but the Bith scuttled away to the back room at the sight of him. Zai sighed and left the shop.

Hala was leaning against her bike on Verin Street. It was the first time in a long time that Zai had seen her relaxed; she was even puffing on a cigar.

"Been a while Pres, good to see you again". He jumped on a nearby railing and practiced his balance. Hala didn't bat an eye, well and truly used to his unusal behaviour. He spent the time walking and jumping on the railing, talking idly to Hala while he waited for the others.

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"Hey hey, see you're getting better at your balance eh!" She chided.

Sometimes she felt a slight remorse at the life she had been dragged into. She was keenly aware of Zai's internal struggle, yet she had no notion of how the others had fared so far. From what she could tell they were doing fine, but activating the inner warrior could be a traumatising experience for some.

Some described it as a switch. Once it was flipped there was no going back. Hala had faced down her share of Reavers and Pirate Captains and even sent a few innocent souls to the void with a burst of her blaster cannons. But for what?

These were the questions she asked herself everyday. The answer for her was for a better life. There was an overall goal in this gambit, and it was in freedom. For her people to be free of all governments. The bloodshed she surmised was not for the sake of just killing.

"How you doing? Saw what you did for the school. Liked that a lot. I totally agree that we should be improving the territory we claim, making lives better any way we can."


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik decided decided to come after alot of thinking
Being the treasurer meant he would have to make sure hala would nye the distillery at an affordable price
Plus Zai annoyed B'kik by wasting funds on improving the local schools something B'kik saw as useless for a couple of reasons
the main reason was that B'kik saw schools as a horrible learning centre teaching kids useless shit un nothing practical
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"Well at any rate, let's all go inside."

She led the way through the double doors, where an Ithorian was there to greet them. Hala bowed and he bowed as well. It was his operation, and she was intent on buying it from him. So far they had negotiated a small price, which she was going to have B'kik go over with him. The Distillery would produce the family recipe known as Jast Whiskey.

A fine product with a moonshine punch.

"Facilitator Orin, nice to finally meet you!"

"You too Hala. Are you ready to begin?"


"This way please."

As they walked through the cask room Orin began.

"This place has been in the faily for seven generations. Started out as a moonshine operation and gradually had to decrease to whiskey strength. A lot of local governors and Hutt's tried to tax us out the arse, but we resisted. As such they torched most of our main operations. I'm going under which is why I am selling it off."

"Ok, how much can this place produce?"

"About a thousand gallons a month. Come over here and you can see the brewing floor, beyond that in those two rooms is the Still. That's where we separate the water from the booze and swill. It's a tidy little op. Care for a taste?"

"Certainly." She said, grinning.

"How bout it boys!"

Orin began to open a bottle and retrieved two glasses from a nearby cupboard. There wasn't really an office here, just a three room warehouse of joy.

"The price is half a mil in Credits if you please."

"B'kik, this is all you buddy."

She was willing to pay that. Jast Shipwright Co. needed another venue. She had dreams of turning it into a Trading Company.


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik took a seat at what seemed like a makeshift office desk
"half a jo jo muma is what baa want. very well let us sign the contract"
B'kik put a contract on the desk and it said
Distillery Purchase
This contract is for the purchase of the Verin St Distillery
Party 1(red devil cartel) shall pay Party 2(Orin) Jo Jo Muma toineepa for the deeds to Verin St Distillery
If both parties accept this contract Jast Shipwright Co. shall own 65% of Verin St Distillery, Red Devil Cartel shall own 10% of Verin St Distillery and Utinni Traded Goods will own 25% of Verin St Distillery.
Party 1 shall have 15 days to send Party 2 the payment of Jo Jo Muma toineepa
This contract can not broken once both parties sign this contract
Party 1 sign here B'kik
​Party 2 sign here ________
"ikee have the price as jo jo muma instead of Half a jo jo muma for a safe transaction"

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