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FI-Type 98 Anti-Vehicular Weapon


Phoenix Legion's General

Intent: To provide the Fel Imperium its first Infantry carried Anti-Vehicular weapon for both ground-to-ground
and ground-to-air engagements.
Development Thread: No.
Manufacturer: Kelliak Arms and Armor or Bugnology R&D
Model: FI-Type 98 Anti-Vehicular Weapon "Peacemaker"
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: Pay-Load only
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel
Description: The "Peacemaker" is an Infantry Handled Rocket Launcher, specifically designed to be effective
against enemy ground armor and harassing gunships or small enemy drop ships. The launcher shoots a
specially designed missile which (after around 100yrds) can seperate into three smaller missiles to provide a
"scatter" effect against enemy vehicle defenses specifically designed to ward off missle attacks. Each
war-head is filled with unstable plasma that upon detonation sends laser flak in all directions added onto
the standard blast and shrapnel effect. The "Peacemaker" cannot free-fire, it is either laser guided or
heat-seeking. The weapon is carried and operated by two troopers as opposed to one and therefor is a
liability in small teams. Another issue the "Peacemaker" is known to have is that it overheats and has to be
rested every 2-3 rockets fired.

Size: Shoulder-Mounted Weapon. (2 Person team.)
Status: Military
Length: 2.3 Meters
Weight: 83.9 kg
Ammunition Type: Rocket and Energy Cells (Some models also have replacable cooling units)
Ammunition Capacity: 1 Rocket
Effective Range: 155 Meters