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Fetching things and meeting new people.

Aleksander sighed as he sat on the bridge of an Attrition-class Mk 2 destroyer his father has recently bought a pair and he had borrowed one when his step father asked him to retrieve something. Hoth wasn't his idea of a fun place to keep an academy but he figured he might as well do it to keep his father off of his back and let him actually enjoy himself or find someone to train him at a later date. Looking down at the snow planet the young man sighed before standing and making his way into the hangar climbing into one of the Annhilator-class shuttles he made sure its cloaking device was on before taking off. Luckily the destroyer would stay cloaked while in system floating near the edge of the system to avoid detection even more. Marking its location and turning the shuttle towards the planet he started down into the atmosphere slowly as to avoid the normally telling flare up of a ships entrance. Moving down towards an area that seemed to be encompassed in a blizzard he activated a series of buttons opening the Master's hangar in the Academy of Bogan. Landing the shuttle he shivered a bit before starting down the corridors sighing as he walked without thought not bothering to be quiet cause as far as he knew this place was abandoned.
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