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Approved Tech Fenris Cyber Mastiff

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[SIZE=11pt]Fenris Model Cyber Mastiff[/SIZE]

  • Intent: To create a new technological terror for Archangel. This cybernetic hound can be used as a companion for characters or as an attack animal, using ferocity and speed to attack and maul enemies. This is of course balanced by a lack of ranged weapons and weakness against heavy armour.
  • Image Source: Here. Fausto de Martini, fan art for Warhammer 40k
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Archangel Research & Design
  • Model: FN-0001
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market (May be used once marketplace or contract is approved.)
  • Modularity: The Fenris can be ‘skinned’ to appear like a regular dog, kath hound or other canine like animal. In that way it functions as a Canine Replica Droid.
  • Material: Durasteel skeleton, alusteel plating, serrated vibro fangs, regular droid components.
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Height: 75cm from ground to top of trunk. 1.25m long.
  • Movement: Quadruped
  • Armaments:
    Retractable claws on the paws.
  • Durasteel fangs.
  • 2 x serrated vibro fangs

  • Misc. Equipment:
    Low-light, motion, heat sensors.
  • Can retract into smaller rectangle for transport and concealment.
  • Live feed from eyes to remote locations for scouting.

  • Can pounce targets.
  • Fast moving.
  • Vibro fangs and crushing bite deadly.
  • [SIZE=11pt]The Fenris can leap up to 3 metres in distance, up to 1 metre off the ground to charge a target. The Fenris is programmed to use its weight and savagery to hit the target enough to knock them down and stun them.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=11pt]The Fenris can move at up to 30km/h for long periods and up to 60km/h for short bursts of up to a minute. At higher speeds its ability to turn is of course greatly reduced.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=11pt]The bite of the Fenris is equivalent to 24,000 kilopascals, a crushing bite reinforced by the fangs. Two vibro fangs are at the front and top of the jaw. These are pyramidal in shape, and allow the Fenris to puncture and cut through flesh or light armour with horrific results.[/SIZE]
  • Speed. The Fenris fast, sleek and agile. Able to charge at 60km/h it can be on an opponent before they can react or try and stop it. Its low profile makes it a hard target to hit.
  • Ferocity. This droid is able to leap long and high to knock down an enemy. Its fangs can crush and tear whole handfuls of tissue away. It can splinter bones and even rip off limbs.
  • Terrifying. The ruthless cyber mastiff charging at a person, fangs glinting, is enough to make even the most stalwart fighter consider fleeing. The Fenris’ ferocity, speed and seemingly unstoppable onslaught makes its fear a potent weapon.
[SIZE=11pt]Weaknesses [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]:[/SIZE]
  • Droid. With a limited brain, the Fenris carries out orders it is given, but shows little adaptability or initiative. It will charge an enemy by the most direct way.
  • Ion. Being a droid, the Fenris is vulnerable to ion, lightning and other droid killers.
  • Melee. Lacking any ranged weapons, the Fenris must get into melee with an enemy to hurt it. Thus shooting at long range or staying out of reach makes one immune to it.
  • Penetration. Even with the vibrofangs, the Fenris is ineffective against any material a vibroknife could not also penetrate. This includes heavy armour, vehicles etc.
  • Lightsabres. The Fenris has no protection against a lightsabre. Except in numbers the Fenris is not an ideal tool to use against a Jedi or Sith.
[SIZE=11pt]For millennia the galaxy has known of the ferocity of Kath Hounds and other canines. They have been used as pets, guards and attack animals. Archangel, knowing the unpredictability of organic life though, took the concept and forged it of metal to make the ultimate attack animal.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Named after a fearsome ancient beast of myth, the Fenris is designed not just to attack, but to terrify. Whether used by Archangel or their more ruthless customers, the Fenris can serve a variety of purposes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Two things stand out about the Fenris above all. First of all its speed and agility allows it to charge a target at full speed, leaping to use its weight and fangs to savage an enemy. This agility also provides it with a low target profile and is also a hard target to hit when moving. Second, the fangs of the Fenris are especially noteworthy. The vibro engine inside them makes its two front fangs essentially two vibroblades. Combined with the crushing bite and other fangs, the Fenris can literally tear a human’s arm off or so maul it that it can rip them to pieces horrifically.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]As a weapon of terror, distraction and ambush weapon the Fenris is savage and terrifying. However, against vehicles, ion weapons, capable lightsabre wielders it is mostly ineffective. [/SIZE]
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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