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NAME: Felyn



SPECIES: Irnish - Human

AGE: 21

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.7m

WEIGHT: 70kg

EYES: Blue - Right eye is blind

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Caucasian




  • Gunslinger - While not exactly proficient with long arms and heavier weapons, Felyn is no slouch with sidearms and has the skills to prove it. Whether his skill derives from his ability alone or if the Force has a hand in things is unknown and, if he’s honest, Felyn doesn’t really care either way.

  • Lie Detector - His Force training is incomplete, if not entirely non-existent, but one thing he seems to constantly shine through is his ‘gut feeling’ to decipher a truth from a lie. Gray areas, however, are extremely difficult to decipher.

  • Armorer - Exposed to powered armor during his time among his captors, he did his best to learn as much as he could from the generally non-functional suit or two they had laying around their hidden base. While he never truly repaired one to full function, his time among the hulking monstrosities coupled with his natural intelligence gave him all he needed to venture out into making and altering his own designs as well as using them.


  • Cyclops - Felyn is blind in his right eye, causing about as much trouble as one would think for the visually impaired.

  • Force Wild - Felyn has no formal training and has no desire to learn. He’s quite content to simply live as he is rather than let his Force sensitivity define who he is.

  • Pirates - A former slave of a small-time pirate lord, Felyn harbors a quiet hatred of those who would prey on the weak. While hardly a white knight in any sense, he gladly goes out of his way to deal with pirates and their ilk, regardless of their personal sense of righteousness.

Felyn is of average height and wiry build. He has brown hair that he wears long and tends to sport a short beard of the same color. Though one eye has the faded cast of blindness courtesy of an old scar, the other is a bright blue and quite capable of keen sight.

Not much is known of Felyn outside of what he can guess at, so long was he in the hands of pirates or slavers. Most tell him his accent is Irnish in origin, but he has never been sure nor does he remember anything beyond vagueness when homeworld or parents are concerned. Sold and bought in a constant stream from slavers for most of his life, he eventually found himself the prisoner of a small time pirate lord. Prized for his ability to function as a human lie detector, courtesy of his unknown force sensitivity, he had more freedom than most in his position. He often used that leeway to learn more technical skills in order to ensure his survival by improving his usefulness. It was in doing this that he taught himself how to modify powered armor.

Later on, he was saved by the daughter of the Betna clan chieftain, Mirshko. The two escaped after Mirshko was sent to investigate the pirates’ activity and discovered an imprisoned Felyn.

Currently, the two run and operate Avalon in Kathol Outback space.






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