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Felix Corso


NAME: Felix Corso
FACTION: Sun Guard // The Golden Company
RANK: Stellar Centurion
SPECIES: Thyrsian
AGE: 38
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.85 meters
WEIGHT: 100 kg
EYES: Sunburnt
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Dark

  • Crack Shot: Corso is capable of accurately firing over long ranges with nothing but a hand held blaster. While some of this innate talent may be attributed to his stronger than average connection to the Force, a lot has to be said for the years upon years of practice and experience that made him the marksman he is today.
  • Duelist: Although he prefers to fight with a talwaar and sidearm combination, like all Sun Guards the Tribune is adept in a variety of melee styles and martial arts, particularly the art of the force pike which is revered in his culture.
  • Most Wanted in Seven Systems: Even before he was a mercenary for the Golden Company, Corso was a freelancer and hired gun. Notorious throughout the Kathol Outback and Wild Space for everything from grand theft to murder, while these days he conforms to Thyrsian standards of honor and conduct often his past can return to haunt him.
  • Spice Addict: Once aimless, searching for a greater purpose and finding none, Corso turned to spice as a way to spend his otherwise mostly untouched earnings. No longer acquiring credits for anything but the sake of it, before he realized it the mercenary was hopelessly dependent on the drug, to the point where skipping his fix can start to cause tremors in his hands.

From all outward appearances not too differently dressed than your average resident of the Outer Rim, perhaps Corso's most striking feature is the intensity of his eyes. In the right light, glimpsed a certain way, it is almost as if you can see novas in the irises. Keeping his hair closely cropped, everything about the clothes he wears is practical, nothing ostentatious. Almost giving off a sort of monk like aura when at rest, Felix can explode into action at any moment, and then he is another sight to behold entirely. Favoring a simple long duster in his freelancer days, now it is rare to see him out of his Sun Guard armor.




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