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Felicia Tannul


Green with envy
NAME: Felicia Tannul
SPECIES: Mirilian
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
WEIGHT: 78 pounds
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Dark green
+ Though she doesn't know it yet, Felicia is very strong in the force.
+ She is highly skilled in levitation, telepathy, and empathy techniques, taught to her by the bouncers of Ruusan.
- Having never been away from her home planet, Felicia is very naive. She is very prone to believing almost anything.
- Felicia usually only sees good in people, and this can sometimes affect her judgement. However, she isn't completely clouded by this, and can sense emotions and intentions.

SHIP: None yet.
BIOGRAPHY: Felicia was born on the planet Ruusan, but immediately abandoned by her parents when they found out about her potential from the bouncers. As an infant, she was defenseless and alone in the strange world. However, a small group of bouncers, the same who had revealed her likely future, protected and raised her. Growing up with the green, furry sentients, she quickly learned the importance of peace and prosperity, and how to conserve life in all things. By their teachings, she also learned how to use the air around her to make her body lighter and float above the ground. Later, she would perfect this ability and glide through the air with the other bouncers. When she became twenty, Felicia was out exploring, and came across a small cave and decided to see what was inside. What she found was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Not too far in the cave was a metal door. When opened, it revealed a research laboratory. Curiosity got the better of her, and she rifled through the hidden wonder. Upon further investigation, she found notes and even holos. Setting aside the notes, the mirilian played the videos and gasped at what she saw. Staring her right in the face were the faces of her parents, long gone. It seemed to be a simple recording of an analysis, but she couldn't help but think that it was meant for her at some point. The young woman was astonished. Looking through some other holos, she found one delving in the art of making lightsabers. Following it's instructions carefully, she crafted one for herself, using one of many crystals stashed in a small cylindrical container. Days later, she would return to her closest friend, one of the bouncers named Fel'roth. After telling him of her findings, he explained to her how she came to be on the planet. Though he explained her origin, he withheld any information on her perceived fate. Being as naive as she was, Felicia believed the story and didn't ask about anything else. However, she continued to explore the field of science as he parents had supposedly done.