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Fel is coming....(Fel Dominion of Ziost)


The Bastard Man
Darkness had its day and now it was time for the Iron Fist of Fel justice to rain down upon their worlds like a ungodly fire storm so horrific that a binding galactic resolution would be the only way to stop it. As the Fel navy came into the system, Ronin looked over Ziost from the bridge of The Rebirth, his personal flagship. The Sith had no fleets in this system, so Ronin planned on joining the ground forces in their plight to rid the surface of the Sith taint. First, the Phoenix Legion and some Imperial Knights would raid the Sith Palace on the planet and that's where Ronin would be. Second, Imperial Knights would rid the surrounding temples of any Sith presence and thirdly the Stormtrooper Crop would free the Sith's slave and then any captured Sith would be executed after the battle.

With a grim smile, Ronin spoke into the communicator "All fleets, deploy force immediately"
Task: Assault the Sith Palace on site and kill all inside
Dressed in my Medical armor, I considered myself now as a battle medic. Having the supplies as one, but having a little more umph in strength. I would be part of the group that would be taking out the palace. Since I was a good fighter with the lightsaber, and being a Cadet, it was one of the places where I could help most. and we were sure to have a few casualties here. Right were a battle medic should be.

I had very little ammo with me. Just a few extra for the heavy blaster pistol that I carried. I also had my yellow lightsaber with me. Well I always carried it with me. Taking a hold of the straps I held onto the drop ship, standing up rather than sitting to fit more troops into the drop. I was ready to fight these rogue sith.