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Private Fear to Tread

Factory Judge
Golbah City, 26:50 Local Time (Late Night)
The Crown, Landing Pads

Cool, desert air blasted his face as Alkor stood quietly, waiting. The information he'd collected over the past year all incriminated the man, yet their political situation dictated that he do nothing. Now, the Sith Lord arranged a meeting with the Confederate Leadership in order to address their relations in the current galactic political climate. With tensions on the rise between the Sith and the Silver Jedi, where the Confederacy stood placed things in a precarious situation.

To remain allies through a proper war between their ally and a party they maintained a non-aggression pact entailed a great deal of tedious talks and carefully kept promises. It was the Silver Jedi's war, not the CIS', but their position remained 'we can defend our allies.'

Alkor doubted anything about that would change that night. It might never change. Poltics were a battlefield where he held no away.

Why, then, did Prazutis decide to put pressure on the situation at all? Neither the Sith nor the Confederacy wanted a larger scale conflict with the other. All it meant was that the known killer of a Knight Obsidian was on Geonosis, unmolested.

It obviously had not sat well with multiple Knights, not the least of whom was Gerwald Lechner Gerwald Lechner . To deal with the Sith, the Exarch who brokered the terms of their deal arranged a meeting with her Adjunct. Srina Talon Srina Talon and Lunara Azure Lunara Azure waited in the Vicelord's own office.

To escort Darth Prazutis Darth Prazutis , was Alkor.