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Fear and Loathing on Fondor

Aro Sloan

Aro moved his left hand slightly and watched the scarred tissue shift with an almost horrid fascination. His eyes shifted at the memory of the torture he'd endured at the hands of that Hutt. It'd taken him a year in gene therapy and an unbelievable amount of therapy before the OPIB had cleared him for duty again. Despite all the treatment Aro retained scars over a majority of his body from the forty nine hours of torture. The psychologists said he was lucky to have even retained his sanity from the things that'd happened to him.

He shuddered slightly as the cab slowed to a halt and the Twilek driver turned about with a odd look in his eye. The cabbie had noticed Aro's strange behavior.

"Twenty credits sir." The cabbie said as Aro reached into his pocket and retrieved a cred chip.

Aro exited the speeder and walked out into the cold Fondor rain. A raindrop went along a streak as it went from the tip of his brow, to his shoulder, and then to his black tie. The speeder took of as Aro walked through puddles and past various beings going to and from their daily tasks.

Investigator Sloan was about to perform a daily task as well.

Aro saw the back room cantina's sign from a distance and switched the safety off of his standard issue heavy blaster pistol as he approached. He wasn't expecting trouble, but given the fact he was working narcotics one could never be sure. He'd never been sure after that day.

He entered the cantina and gave a look about the establishment, mentally taking notes on all the shady characters inside. This was definitely the place the scum he'd interrogated was crying about. A few of the beings eye's went wide when they saw Aro. He'd probably arrested them at some point and had begun to build a reputation on Fondor as one of those Lawmen who skirted the edge of what they were legally aloud to do to a suspect. His resistance toward doing violence onto scum had disappeared after his own torture.

Sloan took a seat at the farthest back corner of the dimly lit cantina and ordered a small meal. He still had some time yet.