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Fate intervened (Private Dranok)

Darth Torment

Her adventure was long and drawn out, as she walked on the planet of Vortusa, a neutral world, in the swamp regions she focused her mind as she took in the fresh scent of the world.... it was hot, but also was cooled off some and as she waited there she waited for a man that, if fate intervened a long time ago she would have been with instead of against, the first time she had met him was on tatooine and in a cantina, they danced some but she had to leave and they never seen each other again until he somehow mysteriously turned up in the Lords of the Fringe.

He had become a master sith and she had been proud of him for this, but now she awaited a duel that would either show the galaxy that Isis Fontana is not joke, or that would be a disaster, she would either show the galaxy that she was a dangerous opponent or she would fail in her path to be getting respect for herself... everybody thinks she is an easy target, but no longer will they consider her this. She also has a secret that she could only trust @[member="Dranok Lussk"] with, this time she was no fool and piloted her personal animus class assault carrier here, she dared not take a Jedi Shuttle since it could be tracked and could be used against her to reveal her ultimate goal.