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Public Fashion Week!

Claire Organa

Contessa CEO


Its that time of year again, dig out your most iconic couture, bring your credits, and have a party.

Its Fashion Week on Alderaan.

This year rather than holding event in the city of New Aldera, we are heading over to Belleau-a-Lir once the artistic and cultural center of Alderaan. Now a City on the Rise visit the botannical gardens, the spas, museums, art center, and any number of tradesmen and artisans offering jewelry, varieties of food, and clothing. Meet the artists! Party in the sauare!

But come sit in the Cultural Center this immaculate 2 story building will house our Fashion Show

It has been sometime since we held Fashion week, is anyone interested? This could also double as a meet and greet for businesses, and like minded people.

We would also prefer the bomb squad not have to be called.


Active Member
I've got bomb droids if you need to. I thwarted a heavy attack on antien prime. Or I could get my npc to place them if they pay me enough to do it.

my character doesn't care much for big fashion but he might be interested in models ........

Osmund Krei

ʟᴇᴛ'ꜱ ꜱʜᴀᴋᴇ ᴏɴ ɪᴛ
Fashion? Yes, yes, yes. I shall be there personally with bells and whistles on.

Why? I refuse to let my wardrobe become stale with last years throwaways, ugh.

Plus I'm extremely wealthy, and will buy things - often things I won't need or want. It's a blessing and a curse, truly, being rich.

Ta ta, see you there!


Claire Organa

Contessa CEO
Well this sounds like a thing to do. I will put up a thread and tag everyone. I will write it up and post it this weekend.

Woohoo! Should be lots of fun.

Jonathon Patches Jonathon Patches | Tatiana Ordo Tatiana Ordo - either way it goes looks like the bomb aspects are taken care of.

Baros Sal-Soren Baros Sal-Soren | Isobel Nakano Isobel Nakano | Osmund Krei Osmund Krei - bring your designs, and your wallets / purses....love to see you there.

Holly Starstorm Holly Starstorm what would fashion week be without reporters

ARS VAMI ARS VAMI - models tend to show up at these things

Senator Seto Du Couteau Seto Du Couteau would be honored for you to attend

Tegan Starfall Tegan Starfall if you wish to attend you're welcome to be there....talk to Patches and Ms. Ordo about the bombs. :)