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Princess of House Solidor

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The wind swayed the leaves in synchronized perfection. A mere artificial act caused by controllers in their seats by the command bridge, as if they were trying to gain dominance under nature through mere buttons on their panels, but in his view there were few natural things about maintaining a greenhouse of that size inside a battlecruiser. amid the emptiness of space. That place was just a symbol of her vanity, a place to make her more familiar with her homeland and the homesickness she left in her heart. The elzeri missed the woods of Kaikielius, and even JanFathal lacked the sweetness of its flowers due to the density of its deep woods.

There she kept only what had been most important to her. Smelling flowers, fruit trees, some smaller animals and easy training, many birds that have adapted better to the space but still she felt the falsity of that environment. Not just because she knew it was a fake but because of little things like the cold wind lacking moisture, or the earth having that absence of being fresh.

Still, it was a good place to meditate, even more so to make decisions like that. The princess had joined the New Imperial Order as she had grown tired of serving in an immutable court in her homeland and was looking for grandeur and power, now that she retained the coveted title of the imperials, Lunafreya felt only a bitter taste in her mouth. . The betrayal in Bastion had been done with cunning and perfection, but it had been costly to her mind and even more to her personal convictions and left her full of doubts. Was helping the Sith a mistake? Or did that put her at a certain level with them? The imperials had betrayed their trust. Dogs like Halketh, Bralor and Dooku licked Tavlar's boots without remembering how mundane his mortality made him, and the only comfort Kyber Dark had given her was knowing that creatures like Avernus were dead.

"Ignorance is the blessing of the Gods.", She murmured to herself as she sat in a luxurious chair in the middle of her small greenhouse's gazebo. In front of him hung a table with an elegant teapot and some sweet snacks, with another chair, identical in every detail, but empty.