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Far side of the moon

With the rebellion quelled in the swamps, Stardust eyes turned to a new threat that had been made to get attention...the droids on the moon, she had gotten reports of activity on the moon, troubled by this Stardust called upon the aid of someone...who she felt was qualified to assist

She left bartic to his duties, as she prepped for the man to arrive, she wanted it nice and neat for well as getting tea on the stove as she felt a nice drank help...keep her from ripping his head

now what to do was wait for him to arrive at her hiuse, she sat in the living room cool and collected
[member="Cameron Centurion"]
Cameron's hands clenched on the armrests of his chair out of irritation. The Daisya Infiltrator glided smoothly through the upper atmosphere of...

"What's the name of this planet again? Imaholyen?"

The spacecraft commander politely corrected the Sith Lord. "Imahalyan, Mi'lord."

"Right. Play the recording again." There was no response from the flight crew as the holographic image of [member="Stardust Raxis"] appeared over a small projector on the right arm of Cameron's command chair. Silver-green eyes watched as the twi'lek form extended her clipped invitation, stating it was necessary to the stability of Imawhatchcallit. Cameron's initial desire had been to simply ignore the message, happy to be done with the domestic affairs of a fringe world of the First Order. He'd thought better of that - better to keep the pseudo-government leader happy and in line, so he had decided to send a small contingent of soldiers. Then...he realized that required paperwork, red-tape, and more importantly a historical trail of the action. The last thing he needed was for Stardust to lead First Order soldiers on some ill-advised genocide campaign.

If she chose to wipe out the people of Imaholylolly of her own accord, by her own hand, that was one thing. A thing that the First Order could later prosecute and summarily execute her for should she step out of line. The end result was...Cameron acquiesced to the request. The involvement of Lord Centurion would reach no official records...none that couldn't be easily purged. So here he was...the physical embodiment of Grand Moff [member="Natasi Fortan"]'s will and desire to keep the government functioning in lock-step with whatever overarching plan she had for the sprawling empire.

It was another twenty minutes before the alien-looking spacecraft settled under cloak into a private courtyard of the palace. Upon landing, the cloak had been deactivated, shocking a number of servants in the vicinity at the sudden materialization. The more savvy servants had realized that the downwash from invisible repulsors could have only meant one thing. Moments later, Cameron Centurion descended the loading ramp alone. A leather hilt protruded slightly from his dark blue and gray cloak that was open at the front, revealing and uncovered upper torso adorned in shifting sith tatoos. The hood of the cloak obscured most of Cameron's facial features, but silver-green eyes burned brightly beneath the veil of darkness.

No words left the Sith Lord's lips. Similarly - none really tried to speak to him as he swept through the corridors. Eventually, he arrived in a well-appointed living room, bright gaze immediately following upon the twi'lek. "Are you prepared?" Eyes slowly tracked in the direction of the provided refreshments. Cameron hadn't come for a tea party, and his determined gaze quickly found Stardust once more.
[member="Cameron Centurion"]

Stardust felt the Lord grow closer, quite the entrance he had for sure. A afraid servant busted in the room in which Stardust held a hand up and offered a simple nod to the servant.

She stood once Cameron entered and listened to him, he seemed so determined. She chuckled and simply motioned for him to sit as she spoke in a calm voice

please take a seat I had hoped to discuss more details with you in person

She waved her servants off who bowed and left the room, she brought up a holomap of the moon that circled the planet, one of two....the other was that prison that was used for those who committed graver crimes like murder arson or corrupt politicians...exactly where the council

She pointed to the first moon and then spoke

this moon is home to a droid race, recently we've intercepted message planet side and moon side...the messages was a plea for help and we think they are arranging a meeting at a factory....
[member="Stardust Raxis"]

Cameron remained standing, silver-green eyes indicating that Stardust should feel free to get to the point. Fortunately, that was precisely what the Queen did. For a moment, his eyes dipped to take in her form, but only for a moment and as a matter of pure habit. There was no deeper meaning or longing in the swift appraisal. She's not getting fat in her engagement, at least.

Once Stardust had finished her brief information about some droid race on a moon, Cameron cracked his neck from side to side before his deep voice reached forth to Stardust. "A plea for help from whom? This planet or the moon?"

A pause.

"Stardust, I swear if you called me here for some fething droids..."
[member="Cameron Centurion"]

She looked at him intently as she stood and stepped closer to him and looked him right in the eye as she spoke

Cameron....i called you here so this can be dealt with, those droids up there have factories that can produce weapons...if these rebels get their hands on them we could be looking at a war

She closed the hologram and pulled out looked over at him, she still didn't know what to think of this man, he was a odd type with a even odder personality

I'm wanting to put a end to these rebels so I can have peace on my....i mean this planet without having a worry if some attavk on this planet and her allies

She said as she then nodded and sighed

Well since your so eager let's go get this done

She started for the door to go outside to the landing pad...
[member="Stardust Raxis"]

So...she actually wasn't going to answer his question then? Watching as Stardust turned and effectively initiated her progress towards the door, Cameron remained motionless. "I asked you a question. What does this 'plea for help' that you intercepted have to do with any of this? And if you're worried about some droids on the moon making factories, why don't you just blow them up?"

None of it made any sense to Cameron. That wasn't to say Stardust didn't have a reason for rushing off to go fight some droids, she just hadn't actually articulated anything. Were there innocent people on the moon with the droids? Were the droids killing them? Could the people not be evacuated?

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