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Rogue Magnaguard
Name: Faquoral

Region: Outer
System: Squerrel system
Suns: 1 Class A Sun.
Orbital Position: Habitable zone.
Moons: Faquoral 1, Faquoral 2, And Maqorral.
Coordinates: 16 F
Rotational Period: 48 Earth hours
Orbital Period: 1 Standard year.

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 25,585 km
Atmosphere: Type 2.
Climate: Humid.
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: 2/4 of the planet is a Jungle, 1/4 is an Ocean and the other quarter is a mix of Mountain and Forest.

Native species: Faquellians (Will make a species thread), Acklay.
Immigrated species: Sarlaacc, Human, Rancor, Twi'lek, Cathar.
Primary languages: Galactic Standard Basic, And Faquellian.
Government: Lords of the Fringe (Not sure what government they are)
Population: Unknown, assumed to be 13 million.
Demonym: Faquoralien (Immigrated), Faquellian.
Major cities: Fareleia.
Major imports: Weapon parts, Weapons, Technology.
Major exports: Tourism, Minerals.
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe.

Culture: The Faquellians have a complex culture. They believe that the Acklays are the wrath of their god, Farelei, Because they have sinned and disrespected their god. Most of them do not resist when getting killed by Acklay. The men are more dominant then the women for the Faquellians. The men do most of the work while the women stay at home and raise the young.
Technology: Up to modern, Exept for the few Faquellian tribes.
History: <Abridged history of the planet>
Notable PC's: None.

Intent: To add a new planet for the Galaxy.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="IG-100-08"] This submission will need a great deal added to it as far as description goes. The technology needs to be filled in, and the history section needs to be rather meaty as you are building up the lore of the site with these planet submissions.
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