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Approved Species Fantasma Leviathan

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Renn Garrick

"Intergalatic Terrorist"

  • Name: Fantasma Leviathan
  • Designation: semi-sentient
  • Origins: Lab (Kamino)
  • Average Lifespan: 150 years
  • Estimated Population: Rare Starship Aqua Kadura
  • Description:
The Fantasma Leviathan is one of few in the leviathan class. It has a tendency to change ecosystems requiring much to eat due to its massive size. Its body can support eating plankton and meat of any kind.

  • Breathes: Low-Oxygen (Water)
  • Average Height of Adults: 20 m
  • Average Length of Adults: 100 m/60 m
  • Skin color: Clear/Bioluminescent
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Females grow to up to 150 m, while males only reach 80 m
  • Races: Leviathan
  • Force Sensitivity: Force Dead
  • Massive creature that can grow massive sizes
  • It can eat anything in the ocean besides coral
  • Its body can fit onto shallow areas and it may use its tail to pull it back
  • Force Dead, so Jedi won't have an advantage over non force users
  • It's massive and cannot get into tight spaces
  • It cannot be tamed easily, it will eat you
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Roars (The "You're Screwed" sound)
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Hunting anything it can find, kids aren't safe neither are anyone or anything.
The creature was create in a lab and dropped into the water, they were made to be trained killing machines, but they ate the trainers. Their birth size is about 30 m long and they are less than harmless, destroying a lab and killing many others until it was hunted down. Then came the others, it had reproduced with the other offspring created in the lab and they don't reproduce quickly, but having 80 m creatures can make up for that. They were meant to be copies of the Leviathans made by dark-force users.

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Races: Leviathan
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Force Sensitivity: Force Dead
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