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Family Meeting

The dinner was over and no one had gotten hurt. She looked across to her father who had a bottle in one hand, and a glass in another. She knew her mother, sister, brother, and likely brother in law would all be joining them in this room.

This was one meeting she did not know what to expect or even what to say. She felt such a sense of relief knowing her brother and father were alive and functioning. Granted she knew that Theo, Dar'yaim and Bud were missing but well...she was closer to her father and brother. She grew up with them.

She always felt uneasy around her mother. It was like her mother expected something that Bella just had not delivered on. Or was it something else? She didn't know Bella stayed clear and performed her duties as they were told to her to do.

Right now Vena was what she was told to do, or asked to do. She was doing it.

" ok?"

[member="Garith Darkhold"]
Dad… are you ok, what a question. There was a time he had felt ok. It was a long time ago and life times apart.

Tilting the glass in his hand the caramel colored Corellian Whiskey rushed forth out of the glass. Whiskey and ice hit the floor just near Garith’s feet. Then he let go of the bottle and shattering on the stone floor.

“No”, he finally spoke. Since when did Garith spill his whiskey on purpose? In the past he had snapped when someone had spoiled his drink.

Facing his daughter, Garith reached out to his right. A new bottle floated to his hand. “Though, when have I ever been, ok”, things had changed. He was going to have to collect himself before the others entered the room.

[member="Arabella Darkhold"]
[member="Garith Darkhold"]

Bella jumped up something was definitely wrong her father dropped the glass and the bottle. Cobalt blue eyes showed worry and concern for her father. She watched the next bottle go to his hand.

"OH I can remember when Garith and I were smaller, you seemed to have a good time with us. Course raising a set of twins could try the patience of a saint Dad" She smiled trying to be a bit funny to ease her father's tensions. She knew from the words spoken on Roon what could be lingering on his mind. She didn't know quite how to help but she knew whatever it was she was there.

She walked towards him not really doing anything but watching, she wanted to say it was going to be alright. She knew her father though he'd glare and have something to say about sentiment so she'd keep that comment to herself.

Food. She was hungry she looked around, "excuse me, can you bring something to eat in here I'm famished" She watched the door knowing at any time her mother, sister, brother inlaw and brother were coming through it.

fun fun.
[member="Arabella Darkhold"]

He could see that Bella was worried. He was not blind. He appeared to not give a stick, but when did he ever admit to caring.

He did not smile nor laugh; there was just his sour mood despite Bella’s efforts.

She was being polite to servants? “I see, you have been spending quality time with your mother”, Garith felt indifferent about it. However the old Garith, the Garith they knew might have been displeased at that moment. “Interesting”, he stated, “asking the servants politely.”
[member="Garith Darkhold"]

They had time to kill so Bella decided to tell her father what had happened. She looked down at the floor already knowing that he would be disappointed but t was best to be honest than to lie to him.

"Dad" Bella cleared her throat, "while you were away, I was captured by Jedi of the Silver Order one named [member="Audren Sykes"] helped me. I got hurt on Korriban." None of this was going to go over well. She slowly lifted her gaze from the floor to her father's face watching it for the twitch that said ugh are you really my daughter.

"They tended my injuries. Another Jedi [member="Connor Harrison"] talked to me about the differences of Jedi and Sith. Some of what he said made sense. You always said we should learn everything we could, I was learning from them. And yeah it's ok to be nice to the servants, they actually don't mind doing things when we are nice." She was wishing she could shrink right now before her father.

"I have spent little time with my mother. I remind her of you and that.....tends to upset her. I've been around Faith and Tia Rianna. They..always say please and thank you. I guess it rubbed off on me." It wasn't terrible to be nice or even appreciative she thought to herself, but she knew her father and knew him well Bella knew what he expected of her.

She hated being a disappointment to him.
Garith audibly sighed. Here was a moment he could easily act like the father [member="Arabella Darkhold"] remembered. Garith was so much more now. He had changed. If it was for the better or the worst he had not shown it yet. Truth was he was conflicted. He wanted to give his family safety and security. There was still a part of him who wished to see the Jedi suffer. If they still deserved his wrath or not, it just did not matter.

“I have every right to hate the Jedi”, he spat out in a venomous tone. “It was because of one Jedi, yes only one. Because of her greed my parents, brothers and sisters are dead, my entire race, the Kashi race gone.”

Garith fell silent for a moment. He was most certainly thinking about something. His eyes moved to look at his daughter.

“This one time”, he had come to some sort of conclusion, “I will try to look past that [member="Audren Sykes"] and [member="Connor Harrison"] are Jedi. Whoever they are, I will look past that they’re Jedi. Ok, maybe once I will look past that they’re Jedi. I do not know what that means right now, so don’t ask!”

Garith looked down at his bottle. It was at least three quarters full. He still felt like he was going need a lot more before this day was done.
[member="Garith Darkhold"]

"Yes Father I understand your hatred of them, I understand your desire to hurt them for what happened." Bella gaze fell to the floor again she had expected his anger. But the words that came next surprised her, she looked up slowly.

She saw that her father was looking at the bottle, "Thank you Father." She wouldn't try to tell him more perhaps for now it was enough that they had helped her. She smiled, as she did the food arrived.

Bella went over to look at what had been brought whatever it was she didn't care. She picked something up that had a green filling. "ok" She popped it in. Bella normally stayed away from things that were green. She had learned over time that health was associated with green. She just didn't like the peppery green taste that often came with it. But tonight it was good.

She looked towards the windows, there had to be a storm coming too many things were going well.

Before everyone came she had something to say, "Dad, I missed you, I'm glad you're back." Whatever anyone else thought she didn't care he was her father she loved him. She was devoted to him even when he had bad moods. It gave her a more centered feeling. Perhaps even peaceful.
The old Kashi was very uncomfortable. Bonding with anyone meant you had someone to lose. If you always pushed them away, then you would not have to live with the pain of losing them.

Shifting the conversation would mean he would not have to deal with a sentimental response to [member="Arabella Darkhold"] . “Where is everyone at? You would think your mother would be here by now. How many toadies does she have to make sure she is on time? Maybe I should by a watch for her”, he almost said something else but just sighed. He sighed then walked over to the window.
Bella laughed, she knew in her heart he loved her to. "I don't know maybe she didn't stick her pinky out right and it takes time to correct such errors." Bella sat down with a plateful of the treats.

"They'll be here, you know royalty, in their own good sweet time." And besides they were hanging all over her brother like the long lost boy he was. She could see where they still looked alike but he had changed some. No one else would have noticed but she did.

Where he had been left a mark on him, but how deep did it run? She would have to wait to find out. Finally there were approaching steps she hoped it was them.

[member="Garith Darkhold"]
Faith had gone on to change from her evening wear into something more comfortable, and traditional. She could hear the voices carry slightly in the hall but could not hear what they said.

Faith was alone right now, [member="Draco Vereen"] and [member="Laira Vereen"] were having a discussion about the party. [member="Theo Vereen"] would be along shortly after he changed and heard the talk from his father about using the staff for pranks.

Faith had left [member="Arianna Organa"] and [member="Garith Darkhold JR"] talking about arranging a room for him near her. Faith had to admit she was slightly jealous but in time it would pass. It had been a long night of discussions and deals. Tomorrow would be long as well.

But now she was going to go and talk to her father, she walked into the room her gaze immediately rested on her father [member="Garith Darkhold"] it had been some time and yet he looked the same sort of, maybe not. He seemed distracted. Faith wasn't sure what to do, hug him? or nothing?

She smiled at Bella and nodded her greeting, "Good evening Father , welcome to the Winter Palace." She took a few steps towards him giving him opportunity to approach or to wave her off. "It's good to see you."
Yet there was another in the room.

Garith was looking out the window but he turned to view his daughter [member="Faith Organa"] entering the room.
After she spoke and stepped forward.

“We do not have to be so formal”, Garith spoke with a softer tone. He did not know how far he could push Faith. Frankly he was starting to get exhausted of pretending. He knew why he used to push away those he cared about away. His mind was going in circles but he understood.

He held back several snarky comments. Comments like we do not have any courts to impress right now. Or did your mother tell you to say that. They did come to his mind but he had stopped himself from saying them.

“I”, Garith looked from Faith over to [member="Arabella Darkhold"], and then he turned his gaze back to Faith.

No, that is not what I want to say, Garith shook his head at himself. “A daughter should know if they can hug their father, or not”, he was not ignorant and could read body posture. Faith was not really one to hide her feelings anyways.

“That would be my fault”, Garith actually admitted to being wrong? “I will not be angry if either one of you want to hug me. Nor will I stop you from hugging me.”
Faith smiled taking his words to heart she skipped over to her father throwing her arms around his neck and holding on tightly.

He smelled spicy that might be ok. "Where have you been? Are you ok?" She whispered in his ear. This was her father and she wanted him to know he was wanted here.

She did not know to be any different with family and if he wished to be more active to be with them she would not deny him.

[member="Garith Darkhold"]
Garith was being hugged?

Something simple as just a hug, it had been so long. He was stunned, caught off guard. At first he did not know what to do. It was a little awkward? Then even more awkwardly, it was slightly hesitant, he hugged [member="Faith Organa"] back.

Did he not hug [member="Arabella Darkhold"] or @Garith Darkhold when they were growing up? No... not even once. What kind of trauma would that cause a young child? He was starting to see how wrong he had been. He never meant to but he had actually hurt his children by never hugging them.

“The truth Faith, I am not ok”, he was being honest too? “Physically, I am fine and when the rest of the family is here I will explain where I have been.”

Was he supposed to pull away from the hug now or was she supposed to? He was confused by whom should do what so, he stopped hugging. He did take a rather large drink from his bottle.
From the doorway she watched. There had been a time when she knew him best. A time,when a touch was never unwelcome and conversation never awkward.

To see him now hugging Faith gave Arianna hope. There was no reason he should not be hugged. It was just how he liked it. But where had he been all this time. She had asked,her son the same question before he could answer they were interrupted.

But she could not help but smile as she entered.

"Welcome home Garith" She walked over placing a soft hand on his arm the one holding the bottle. She looked at him then headed too sit down .

[member="Garith Darkhold"]
Faith stepped back, "ok. I look forward to listening to what you have to tell us" She nodded to her mother as she passed her to go and sit with Arabella who had grown very quiet. Faith looked around family. They were fortunate to have a big family. Unfortunate that they had members missing.

But Faith found comfort in this time, having her father, and mother in the same room. She expected cannon fire, not drinks.
Garith looked to the hand that touched his arm and then to its owner [member="Arianna Organa"]. It’s all complicated, he thought while watching her go sit down.
Was he home? Had he ever slept here? Maybe she did not mean literally home? Maybe she meant home was where family is?

“I still do not know how to say it”, he said to Arianna. She would know what he was speaking of. Saying thank you never came easy for Garith. If he did, it would be a action meaning he cared.

Looked forward to listening? [member="Faith Organa"]

Garith laughed, “Relax Faith, you’re not in court.” “Here, have a drink”, extending his arm out, the bottle of whiskey was in reach of Faith.
"Ok" Faith got a glass and had her father pour. "It's all good" She lifted the glass and took a drink.

Her parents in the same room. She didn't know what to think. And so far no shouting, nice.

"Is JR able to come?"She wanted to talk to him. She didn't want to have him go before leaving.

She took another sip smooth a little strong
A glass? This was Arianna’s influence.

“Don’t worry, he will come”, Garith said while walking over to a table. He picked up a glass and poured some whiskey into it. Then proceeded to walk over to [member="Arianna Organa"]. He went to hand it to her. Protesting or not he was handing it to her. Either Arianna would take the glass or it would drop in her lap.

“Drink”, he said to her, “You’re going to need it!”
"It will come in time." She went to sit down before going she looked into the eyes of the bad man he want as bad qs he looked.

Standing there to the left She could see the moon. She put the cushions together. Maybe This was all good.

Just as they learned as they went they do the same now. She took the offered glass and drank.

How bad could it be. She held the glass out. "More"

[member="Garith Darkhold"]
A burst of sudden laughter erupted from Garith. [member="Arianna Organa"] was supposed to sip her drink. He really did not expect her to try to get drunk. He had stuff to say when the whole family came together. Would she even understand if she got too tossed?

“Take it slow”, he said while pouring her another glass. “We don’t need you crawling around on your lips before you hear the news.”

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