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Familicide on Telos [Sith Master Needed]

Rain splashed against duracrete, forming ever larger puddles of water amongst the back alleyways of Telos' capital city. Casting a fearful look over one shoulder, Mira urged her legs to carry her forward even as that building pressure in her head threatened to knock her down. From behind her, many shouts echoed amongst the walls. Some were jeering and laughing, others were hooting and calling out lewdly. She didn't know what the gang of thugs wanted to do to her exactly, but she had no intention of finding out. She had learned quickly in her time on the streets that other streetrunners were rarely after anything good.

As she turned a corner, a blinding flash of white-hot pain tore through her mind and Mira found herself slipping and rolling along the ground, stopping only thanks to the hard hand of duracrete walls. Her entire body felt numb and tingled unpleasantly as a maelstrom tore through her mindscape. Stifling a cry, Mira managed to pull herself up into a sitting position just as the first of the thugs appeared around a corner. Several of the gang members were barely in their teens, useful as sympathetic ploys and bait. A handful were in their late teens, much like Mira herself. The leader however was a man in his thirties with an unkempt beard and an arm stained with years of stim abuse.

"Looky what we got here, fellas. This dame think she can come into our territory and take from us what don't belong to her." Scowls and insults were thrown her way as the gangleader continued to incite his band of misfits. "She thinks she's better than us. Don't gotta pay us any mind or respect just cause she's a dame." Whatever else he started to say became incoherent white noise as the pain in her head continued to build rapidly. Instinctively, she curled away from the thugs when one of the braver kids ran up and slapped her booted foot.

The storm in her head cleared for a brief second, long enough to hear the sickening glee with which the man ordered the younger kids away while he 'took care of business'. Fear shot through Mira's whole body. As that artificially aged hand reached down to grab her collar, something snapped within the young woman. Her entire body seized before an anguished scream tore through her lips. A split second later and a small explosion overtook the alleyway. The duracrete dust was quickly smothered by the rain, revealing the lifeless body of the gangleader buried halfway in the wall opposite Mira.

Shock held each of the remaining thugs in place as Mira slowly rose to her feet. Rain plastered her hair against her face, masking most of her features, save for the unnatural smile that crossed her lips. With surprising alacrity, she jumped into the air at the closest thug and laughed as she snapped his neck without hesitation. Screams of fear rose and were quickly silenced until the only sound that could be heard was the soft giggling as Mira left the alleyways without a care or remorse.

Tricia Kalamack

Sleeps all day.... yawns all night
[traditional this would fit in the training section fo the empire. I shall be your master as one of the ladies of sector one under Kaine. PM me with any questions you might have]

Tricia stared at the alley from the rooftops, the former jedi master taking an interest in the young woman as she jumped off the building and hovered in the air. Her gaze merely drifted to the one leaving the alley not letting herself make a sound in the rain. She flew down and stayed above the woman slowly turning upside down to observe her and and following her with little tug in the force. It wasn't often someone was interesting the others she had encountered in sector one save in Thules castle were not worth the time or energy to deal with. Even her apprentices one she could admit to ignoring and the other who well... He had went off on orders of another to attack someone under Kaine. You did not do that.

"And interesting way to... Handle thugs, it is not often sector one has such levels of brutality." The sith master remained in the air but let her powers flex, gently probling just showing enough force that comes from a mental specialist. She could make her telepathy a battering ram if needed to do as she had done to Durn last time she was on this world with her previous apprentice.

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