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Falling Skies

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del had been on Corellia for about a week now, finishing a contract and picking up another. He got an interesting proposition earlier that day from an old spacer named Marek. Marek was employed by a small outfit that hauled goods across the galaxy. There was a freighter hauling metals and other fine goods en route to Rydonni Prime. The freighter "Lucky Seven" was shot down upon entering the atmosphere of the planet.

The assailants were undoubtedly pirates or possibly mercs. Marek wanted two things recovered from the crash site, if possible: The Black Box, which records all flight data and systems information. If possible, Marek also wanted the survivors recovered if they were still vertical.

Payment would be 5,000 credits and any goods still left intact.

There was a problem however.....Drof'del didn't have a ship, so he would have to find someone either willing to help him on the job, or be brave enough to take him to Rydonni Prime.

Today would prove to be interesting.

[member="Vhennu O'Nhoa"] | [member="Merric Rhoso"]
Taking hold of the last crate Merric lifts it up carrying it down ships gangway, literally dropping it on the ground upon reaching the bottom. Releasing a sigh of relief "Finally done!" he says siting down on the crate wiping the sweat off his forehead. Then his attention is stolen by a cantina close by. "One drink can't hurt" he mumbles to himself, standing up from the crate Merric begining to make his way to the cantina. Upon arrival he walks up to the bar folding his arm in front of him leaning on the counter.

It's good to have a second to put the feet up after a job, and Corellia is a good place to do so. Sitting back drink at hand in a cantina surrounded by friendly faces well... Kinda friendly if you consider your local smugglers, mercenaries and small crime groupies to be friendly then you came to the right place.

"Corellian whiskey hold the ice" he slides credits onto the table along with a friendly smile. he takes a seat on a bar stool watching patiently as his drink is poured in front of him. When the bartender finishes Meriic lifts up the Glass Saying "Cheers" to the bartender.Taking a sip of his drink he sink into thought, Apparently there was rumors going around for a job or contract. Alright pay but high risk Merric thinks for a moment, until he comes to the conclusion that he'll have to look into.

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del figured the cantina would be the best place to find transport. Although he would have to pay them somehow, maybe he would find someone who could help him with the job in general.

Walking into the cantina, it was filled with a somber haze and it was bustling with patrons, of all different species. Drof shuffled up to the bar counter and tapped on the counter "Renan Irongut, if you have it" he stated as he placed credit chits on the table. He took his rightful seat at the cantina, removing his helmet in the process and clipping it onto his belt. The young mercenary took a brief look around the room trying to "spot" a pilot or spacer.

Most of them looked young, more than likely on the death stick craze and partying their life away. He did see a few pilots but most of them looked as if they would shoot you instead of making an honest deal. He looked to his left and two seats down he noticed a younger man, with a computer on his wrist.

Hell, I may need a slicer he thought to himself. Just great, not only did he need transport but he needed a slicer too, the Black Box may need security clearance to access and Marek didn't provide any clearance codes, only coordinates of where the last transmission took place.

Drof stepped up to the plate and offered a subtle gesture to the man near him "Fancy gadget you got there friend, can it bypass security?" he then gave a brief chuckle to mask the seriousness of the question.
This reclamation mission could potentially depend on this young slicer.....if that's what he is.

[member="Merric Rhoso"]
A massive YT-2400 descended onto a docking platform. Vhennu shifted the freighter onto its repulsor engines, shutting down the converters and ejecting the entrance ramp. He sauntered down, paying the security droids for the platform space. The young man had been from system to system,space station to nebula and everything in between and relished in finally being on a planet, especially a Core world like Corellia

He also desired nothing more than to drown in liquor. The cheap, tasteless alcohol served on space stations was agonizing to drink. The blaring music was audible from outside the establishment as he ambled inside, shouldering through the chatting and laughing Niktos, Barbels, and Klatoonians. He nodded and smiled at the bartender, tossing several credits on the counter and ordering a Calamari Xinphar. He thanked the bartender and took a few sips of it.

What Vhennu needed more than anything was credits. His luck on booking contracts had sunken recently, and he needed money to keep his starship up and running. But until then, he'd drown his thoughts and anxieties with the cold liquid alcohol.

[member="Drof'del Tavor"] | [member="Merric Rhoso"]
Raising the cup to his mouth for a sip he notices in the corner of his eye a man approaching him. After the delivery of his question he looks at his wrist computer then to the man. "Well yeah one would assume any computer with the right user can bypass a security system." Picking his drink up for another sip before placing the cup onto the table "Why do you ask? Or should I ask who are going to piss off?"

Turning his attention outside of the conversation for moment a YT-2400 in good condition catches his attention, landing at a nearby dock. Now that's a nice ship his mind turns to ship geek mode as he wonders who owns it. Before bringing his attention back to the conversation. "Umm... Sorry about that" looking around his lowers his voice close to a whisper "Look buddy I should be able to help with whatever you need, with a decent pay I'll unlock secrets of hell for you." taking what's left of his drink he lifts it to his lips taking a swig emptying the glass.

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]
[member="Vhennu O'Nhoa"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del listened long and hard to the man's question, thinking of a way to "pull" this off. "Well, I need to find a crash site, and what i need to find there is more than likely locked up pretty tight." He knew that finding a decent slicer that could open a ship might be harder to find than he thought. After Merric was done and informed him that he would offer his services, Drof gave a slight smirk and nodded at him "Decent pay? The proposition that was given to me was 5,000 credits along with any valuables that may be on the ship. It was a cargo freighter hauling goods so there is no telling what's on that vessel. Ill be more than happy to split those profits, should you accept. I just need a lift off this rock, I have the coordinates to where the supposed crash site is located"

After explaining the contract to him, a freighter docked nearby, it was a nice-looking vessel; a YT-2400 Now there's a vessel that can carry us and our goods outta here he thought to himself.

He felt a sweat starting to form on his brow; he wasn't sure if this slicer would leave him high and dry or if everything would be perfectly fine. Time would tell. He had to instill some trust between them. A moment later he saw the pilot of the YT-2400 step in to the cantina approaching the bar. Maybe he found a possible pilot to help them?

"Name's Drof'del Tavor, soldier for hire; I don't believe i caught your name friend?"

[member="Merric Rhoso"] | [member="Vhennu O'Nhoa"]
Tapping his fingers on the bench Merric listens closely to the details of the job, thinking it over. A smile lightening up his face "Look i'll cut you a deal, buy the next round and i'll join your expedition." raising his glass he empties whats left of his drink down his throat. "Also Next time your looking for a slicer, don't go to the first guy with a computer on his wrist. I'm pretty sure that's profiling."

"The name's Merric...Merric Rhoso" Swinging around on the stool he looks at the pilot entering "If you think that ship is perfect, here's your chance go get him tiger."

(Sorry for the late post I got caught up for ANZAC day.)

[member="Drof'del Tavor"] [member="Vhennu O'Nhoa"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Merric Rhoso said:
"Look i'll cut you a deal, buy the next round and i'll join your expedition."
Drof shot a smile toward the man and nodded "Sure thing, ill buy next round, just let the bartender know what you'll drink. Forgive my boldness on the profiling, not had a slicer as a partner before."

He knew he wasn't good at socializing, which is one of his minimal skills. Still he tried to make the best of the situation, at least he got another person aboard for the expedition.

Merric Rhoso said:
"If you think that ship is perfect, here's your chance go get him tiger."
Drof'del waved the man over in hopes to lure him in with the proposition, maybe he would offer drinks to this man too, to make the deal that much better.

"My pal and I were just gazing at your YT-2400, pretty impressive vessel you have there friend."

Let's see how this deal will turn out.
[member="Merric Rhoso"] [member="Vhennu O'Nhoa"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
The man strolled right on past them. Perhaps he wasn't interested in making small talk. That just leaves Drof'del and Merric for now to take on this task.

"What about you Rhoso? You got transport? Shouldn't be too risky of a flight where this vessel is located"

Drof took out his datapad, but did not engage it. He wanted to hear Merric before he dove too deep into this mission. If Rhoso didn't have transport, then they would have to rely on someone else perhaps. The contract wasn't pushed for time, but the longer they waited, the more likely chance that pirates/looters would have raided the wreckage.

Drof ordered the next round of drinks while awaiting an answer, eager to see what this slicer had to say.
[member="Merric Rhoso"]
Merric waved down the Bartender "Corellian Whiskey actually make it double, and he is paying." he points to Drof'del. Merric sit's on the question for moment before answering, almost seeming like he was ignoring Drof'del. Looking down to his wrist com he turns it on sliding pass a bunch on schematics he was working on earlier to a picture of a YT-1760 small transport. Moving his arm in front of Drof'del showing him the picture "I have this, It's a bucket of bolts in all honestly, but it should get us there and hopefully back."


After the bar tender pours his drink he raises the glass to his his mouth taking a sip. placing the glass back onto the table he ask's "If we're expecting trouble, do you think we need more people?"

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del examined the freighter with an intrigued look. He was also digesting Merric's question about needing more people.

"That should be fine, your ship looks fine friend, to you it may be a bucket of bolts but if she runs.....then she is good. As far as needing more people, i am unsure. There is no confirmation that there are bandits or pirates at the wreckage. Should we need more people ill need to get a hold of someone but i think you and I can get most if not all the work done"

Drof waved at the bartender and paid for the drinks.

His client didn't give him any other specifics on what to expect. It was strange that Marek didn't send a salvage crew himself to reclaim what was lost. Something had to be up.....

"Well....should we need someone else, i do know a guy. He is really good at what he does. Runs freelance security. He would be worth every credit. I would easily give my fair share of credits to him. I am not doing this job for the money but more so trying to get more contacts and allies. It really pays off in the end."

Drof crossed his arms while leaning on the bar counter. What would [member="Merric Rhoso"] think?
Raising the glass once more Merric empties his drink down his throat, coughing afterwards being a large hit. "My ship should get us there. If you think we're fine just the two of us, it sounds good to me." Standing up from his stool he looks back to Drof'Del "My ship is at dock 5, I've got some prep work I've got to do before we go."

"Is there anything else I need to know?" Switching his attention back to his wrist computer, the quick press of a few buttons Merric sets up a private com channel. "Until we leave we can contact each other through a private channel."

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del confirmed the man's response by giving a brief nod "I think the two of us should do rather will with a mission like this"

He thought for a minute then confirmed by sending the job parameters to Merric, which contained information on the vessel, payment and other factors to consider. "If I missed anything, it should be in this file i sent you"

Drof waved the man on "Alright, I gotta do some prep work myself. Ill be at Dock 5 in an hour" He knew that they could get this done no problem, it was just a simple grab mission. Maybe they could find some valuables aboard the ship while they were there. Drof left the cantina and went to where he was staying on Corellia which was a small room, big enough to lay low and store some extra gear.

He did one last thorough check of his gear before departing. Drof arrived at Dock 5, where he saw Merric getting his ship ready for departure and to where he shouted at Rhoso "Alright Rhoso, let's see what your ship can do"
[member="Merric Rhoso"]
Pulling the sent file up on his wrist come he looks up to Drof'del waving "Sounds good!! I'll see you soon." His face lighting up with a smile as he walks off.

A while later...

Merric slides the weirder a mask back over his held, inspecting the quickly cooling molten metal. Sliding the mask back down he activates the weirder once more finishing the repair job on the skin of the ship. Sliding off the mask he wipes a build up of sweat off his forehead, before noticing Drof'del's arrival.

"just in time I just finished, hop aboard." He points up the gangway with his thumb "We'll leave as soon as you're ready, she'll go well at least I hope she does." Picking up his tools and gear, he enters the ship placing the tools into a storage compartment. "Now the grand tour!!" The ship was rather bare only holding the essentials, "We both have bunks, there are no private rooms. There is a common area but I striped some of the junk we don't need to make more room for storage if needed, umm.. That's my droid" he points to a slicer droid currently deactivated on the deck " Call him Henry... Well I think that's all you really need to know." He starts to head to the cockpit "Cockpits this way, once you get comfortable we'll leave!" The excitement I his voice is extremely obvious through the conversation.

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
By the time Drof made his way back to where Merric's ship was, the slicer was finishing a few final touches on the vessel.

Merric Rhoso said:
"just in time I just finished, hop aboard."
Drof nodded and added "Nice vessel you have here! She seems sturdy enough to make this trek"

Heck he was much better off than Drof least Merric had a ship. Drof made his way into the ship and he was greeted by all sorts of machinery and rooms in front of him. He listened as Merric gave this grand tour. He could hear the excitement in his voice and smiled at the notion.

"I dont mind at all, a damn fine ship if i do say so. What do you call her?" he quipped as he made his way to the cockpit. The cockpit is where one can enjoy the vessel and the views that the galaxy had to offer.

The slicer droid was a nice addition too...maybe Drof should get a droid also; but first he would need a ship to hold said droid.....someday he thought to himself.

The duo was getting ready for a decent haul...should Lady Luck feel gracious enough toward them. Maybe they would come out on top with this.
[member="Merric Rhoso"]
"Nice vessel you have here! She seems sturdy enough to make this trek"
Laughing lightly Merric turns his tone humorous "She'll get us there in one piece." He taps the wall closest to him clanking on contact.

"I dont mind at all, a damn fine ship if i do say so. What do you call her?"
He pauses for a moment in thought "Well about that.." He looks at the ground "I don't have a name for her, you're welcome to think of one if you want." Keeping quiet about the ship originally being owned by Merrics old boss before he and the other crew mates were picked off. Obtaining the ship by surviving the assault and adopting it under his wing, Merric thought bringing it up might cause suspicion or possible trust issues.

He takes a seat in the cockpit spinning around "The ship's hyper-drive motivator has been acting up recently, but the trip should be smooth and quick."

[member="Drof'del Tavor"]

Drof'del Tavor

Soldier for Hire, Mando at Heart.
Drof'del relished in Merric's positive attitude. For sure they would make it there in one piece, and they would for sure make it back with a good haul to boot if Lady Luck favored them.

Merric Rhoso said:
"I don't have a name for her, you're welcome to think of one if you want."

Drof thought for a moment, then shook his head "I am sure you will think of one, and besides I can't name her for you, that's the Captain's privilege" he said with a noticeable smirk on his face.

He pulled up his datapad and enlarged the mission parameters by plugging in the coordinates of the supposed crash site. He knew that Merric couldn't be distracted while they were en route but he would still relay some info to better help Merric.

"According to maps, the crash site is in a valley, neighboring some mountains. I do see a clearing about 5 klicks away, so that may be a good enough landing area for your vessel here."
Drof was seated in the co-pilot seat, he had never rode shotgun with someone before but it certainly put a whole new perspective in his head. This is actually really nice.

With the duo en route to Rydonni Prime and making good time, Drof'del sat back and enjoyed this job.

[member="Merric Rhoso"]

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