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Fakk 2

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Eater of the Dead
Name: Fakk 2

Region: Unknown regions
System: None
Suns: None
Orbital Position: Orphan
Moons: None
Coordinates: B,20
Rotational Period: 36
Orbital Period: 1 galactic year (225 million standard as the time it takes the galaxy to fully rotate around the center)

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 16,756 km
Atmosphere: Thick Hydrogen and Helium Atmosphere
Climate: Frozen
Gravity: 1.2
Primary Terrain: Mountain

Native species: None
Immigrated species: Mnggal-Mnggal
Primary languages: None
Government: None
Population: 1
Demonym: Mnggal-Mnggal
Major cities:
Major imports: None
Major exports: Murakami Orchid
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe

Culture: None
Technology: None
History: <Abridged history of the planet>
Notable PC's:

Intent: To create a planet for future storyline and horror plot.
@[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"]

Hey there, a few things;

I need you to add the measurements used for rotational period; also the orbital period seems ridiculously too large, I'm going to ask you to lower that to something a little more realistic. Also, what is it orbiting? There is no star etc.

You have an immigrated species, therefore I /need/ you to fill out the technology, cultural and historical sections.

As this is an ice planet you also need to mention the imports this species requires to remain alive.

Please remember that you are adding to the lore of the site by making planets, and as such I need this done to the highest of standards. How did this species get here? what are they like? how do they live?

Edit: Also, how can this be both terrestrial and have a purely hydrogen-helium atmosphere?


Eater of the Dead
I'm sorry but upon reviewing this again I've decided it's going to contribute next to nothing to the lore of the site; there are lots of barren ice planets which can fit the generic specification you're after, but as it stands I'm going to have to deny this.

You can have this second chanced if you wish.
Not open for further replies.