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Factory Policy

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I'm sure most of you are aware, the mandate that was previously imposed has been lifted in light of the Purge. This mandate, for those who do not know, limited each account/subaccount to two submissions a week and called for peer review in the Factions to be a mandatory part of the approval process. While this ruling has been suspended for now, I feel as though once the recovery efforts are completed, that there will be a return to this mandate. So, I've decided to head this ruling off at the pass and implement the Faction-side portion of it now.

As such, let it be known that any individual who desires to make a submission into the Factory, on behalf of the CIS, said submission must be posted in the pre-board for review. Once we have looked it over, given feedback, and it is cleared by us, then go ahead and submit it. I look to the example of the dialogue between Xhal and Darth Solrune as a "this is how it should work" type deal.

So, to our factory-minded individuals, post up here first!

And to those of you who may find themselves bored, or just have a few minutes of free time laying around. Browse through the Pre-Board and help your faction mates out. They'll be glad you did, I'll be glad you did, and Staff'll be glad you did. :)

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