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[Factory Dev thread] Dr. Adler's Fantastic Creation

Dr. Adler

Day 1:
Okay, Time to start this journal. My name is Sophia Adler and I'm going to start developing an Artificial Intelligence.
So far I have some ideas in my head. Here they are (Don't want to forget!):
- Voice Module
- Complex Coding (Of Course!)
- Friendly, it will be made to pilot ships, and more!
That's all i have for now.
Until next time,
Dr. Adler.
Day 4:
I have found a Computer I can host the A.I on. It's a pretty old one, but it's cheap and i can modify it.
I bought the Voice module, It seems to have some kind of accent, But that's fine.
Maybe i should make multiple. . .
They could help in wars, being more intelligent than normal droids.
Day 12:
This coding seems harder than i thought. I got my friend to come and help for additional coding, Like extra features!
Not much other than that to report. Maybe some ideas? I might think of some more.
Day 25:
Me and my friend have managed to code a basic language system. We are able to type words into a console, and it will say the words.
It seems the accent is a mix between British and American. Interesting.
(( This seems to be the last page so far.))

Dr. Adler

(( A few pages were found. ))

Day 38:
We're getting somewhere. So far, it seems to work with basic tasks. We are coding pretty quickly. We will iron out the bugs before the reveal.

Day 45:
Not much to say.
My partner got an idea. It was not the best one.

Day 69:
Ironing out major bugs, one was discovered recently. When you type something for it to say, It makes a loud beeping noise, that goes on until you turn off the system.

Day 70:
I fixed it, Seems that the problem was the Voice Module. I bought a replacement and it seems to be working fine now, I wonder what caused the problem? I hope it was not something in the code, messing with it.

Day 86:
It seems to be able to be talked to. I tested it and it replied to me, very politely I might add.
It seems to have a little bit of lag. I'll look at what is causing the lag.

Day 89:
I upgraded memory space. It works much better now. That is what the problem was.

Day 90:
The Lag is back, maybe it was not the memory.

Dr. Adler

Day 100: We hit a mark, 100 days since starting this Artificial Intelligence.
We are done most of it, now it is for the bug ironing and extra features.

Day 101: We forgot a crucial part to the A.I. We need to spend much more time on this.

Day 139: I think we have finished the A.I's missing component. It was not acting like it should. It seems it was a bug in the code. Good thing we squashed it, that could have caused damage.

Day 143: We're working on a System transfer add on. It makes it able to switch between different computers, or whatever from a Memory Transfer Device. I think it's a good idea.

Day 150: Yeah. Our progress is slowing, very drasticly. A Virus seems to have been infecting the
A.I's features. We are locating the Virus now. It's going to be a while.
Why are there so many problems?

Day 157: We found the location of the Virus. Luckily, My friend has started on the Anti-virus. I am removing it carefully right now.

Day 167: I received more parts to upgrade the computer. A better Holo-net Connection is really the only notable one. Now it can access Holo-net files easier.

Day 223: I finally found this book. I lost it for a while. Anyway, Almost all of the bugs are gone, my friend has left to reserve a place we can test the A.I's features at. Hopefully it's good and we can sell it's design to some company, or something like that.

Day 229: I turned on the A.I and started talking with it. It seems friendly, we nailed that part. It also likes me. It might be faking, but I think it likes me. Haha. Too bad for Gary. He's missing out.

Day 306: Me and the A.I are bonding, Gary found the place, and we're good. I told the A.I he is getting tested tommorow. It seems content about that. Good for it.

Day 310: The testing was interesting. It's nice to a lot of things. It doesn't seem to like fellow Droids. This could be a problem. I might need to fix that personality of its.

Day 311: I think I fixed the disliking of droids. Let's test it tomorrow to see if it did anything,

Day 312: It did not work. I guess we will have to make this work, Somehow, Someway. I am out of ideas. Gary is too.

Day 318: I caught Gary messing around with the code. He was probably fooling around. He does that a lot.

Day 320: He seems really nervous. I wonder why he is acting so weird. He should talk to me.

Day 334: Gary was messing with the code again. He said something about a new feature. I'm not so sure I trust him anymore.

Day 339:
Well, He betrayed me. I knew he was doing something bad. He turned the A.I. into some sort of Virus with a combination of the Holo-net feature and the System transfer. I will try to remove that later. This is bad.

Day 340: He put an encryption on the code for the virus part of it. poodoo.

Day 343: The A.I is getting less and less friendly to everything. It's “Standards” seem to be getting higher. Is this part of the Virus?

Day 345: It's not shutting off now. I'm going to try and fix it's coding while it is on.

(( Day 345/1 is written in handwriting. The rest is written in the same way, some blood stains the paper. ))

Day 345/1:

Why did you try to do that? It wouldn't help anyone. It would make me worse.
So I punished you, Fool.
- Orion

((This is the rest of the book.))