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Faction Threads (Updated 3-1)

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
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Faction Threads
Honor Met - A gathering where the Emperor rewards those who contributed in the defense of Atrisia against the Fringe. (Ongoing)
Death by Powerpoint - A meeting between leaders of the Empire to determine what to do next in a changing Galaxy. (Ongoing)

Event Threads
A Walk to Remember - A military dominion of the city Maravin as part of the Valen event. (Ended)

Spy Party - Chiss space is being united, and the final planet in the chain is Schesa. However assassins have come out of the wood works to kill the incompetent chiss leader. (Ongoing)
The Dark Acolytes - An investigation thread primarily focused on Inquisitors. (Closed due to Treaty)
Rebirth of an Empire - The declaration renaming the Atrisian Empire to the Galactic Empire, and then seizing control of the planet O'reen through force. (Finished)


To Steal Another Man's Tea - The Lord of the Fringe, have foolishly attempted to invade Atrisia. We shall crush them. (Finished)