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Faction Technology List

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Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Having a public list of all of your faction's technology is required as a rule under the Warring Faction section in the rules, and I, as well as other members of the Staff, thought it would be a good idea to get a thread out there that gave links to all of the data.

The Galactic Republic

The Sith Empire

Omega Protectorate

The Confederacy

Black Sun

The Galactic Empire

Mnechei Dominion

The rest of the Major Factions do not, to my knowledge, have an armory posting in their faction. I would like to encourage all of you to compile a list which can be done decently quickly by searching the individual approved sections of the factory. This helps advertise what you have to new potential faction members as well as clearly state what you have to warring factions.
Not open for further replies.