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Faction Overview

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What is the Black Hand?

The Order of the Black Hand essentially is a sanctuary where the fallen choose to reside. Although this faction consists of mostly the Dark Jedi, its doors are open to others who wish to embrace the likeness of their ways. Yes, I speak to you as well Dar'manda. The structure of the faction is temple of acolytes that embrace the Darkside in a more religious and personal standpoint. As it stands the faction is neutral and not generally war-like in nature as the Sith are due to the fact that they believe having a warmongering expansion habit is impractical and impulsive which clouds the mind from its connection with the Dark Arts beyond the understanding of the Force itself.

(More to come...)

Who can be accepted?

Anyone can be accepted whether it be Force Users or Non-Force Users but essentially this is a Dark Jedi faction.

Ranking System?

Yes, there is one and it varies depending if you are a Force Sensitive or not.

Force Users
  • Dark Jedi Master
  • Dark Jedi Knight
  • Dark Jedi Apprentice
Non-Force Users
  • Priest
  • Zealot
  • Acolyte

Minor or Major Faction?

It is meant to be a minor faction but if it does boom to a major faction it would be interesting to see the religious movement spread through the galaxies.

Politically inclined?

At the moment, I don't think so. They are neutral to the happenings of the universe as of now.

Military Power?

It would be taboo to them due to their dogma, but if the need rises they are capable of having starships like emissaries, cargo vessels, and defence warships.

  • Black Hand Admiral - Black Hand Fleet Commander
  • Black Hand Captain
  • Black Hand Commander - Black Hand Squadron Leader
  • Black Hand Lieutenant
  • Black Hand Ensign - Black Hand Crew Member

I may have interest in joining this faction, but feel skeptical. Is it possible to be part of another faction while still serving this one?

Good question. Surprising enough you can be due to their nature and practices. The faction serves as a place of meditation and advancement through the understanding of the Force through all its aspects. Although we do not condone the actions that members may take to serve other factions, all we require is their loyalty and respect to abide by the ways of this sect. Remember, this is a temple. Your temple. Your body is your temple. A place where you must find yourself and discover your true potential, but understand that when your 'brethren' here need you, you are expected to act on it without hesitation.

Home base of operations?

The temple resides in the unforgiving planet of Vjun.
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