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Faction Gear, Resources, & Ships

Like Lightning
The Moross Armory

This is a complete listing of all items that have been made for the faction, or with faction resources, as well as unique items created by members for you to inspect and look at! Should you have any you wish to add, you are more than willing to do so by posting below.


  • Erebos's Pact - Unique - A ring that aids in the usage of Force Drain, and Consume Essence.
  • Mark of the Aesir - Limited - A tattoo that can be uniquely made for members of the Covent/Crusades that show their devotion to the cause. Can also be hidden through the force.

Melee Weaponry:
  • Bladesworn - Unique - A sword made in much to the same style and fashion of a Beskad, the iconic sword of the Mandalorians.

Ranged Weaponry:
  • N/A

  • N/A

Speeders/Ground Vessels:
  • N/A

  • N/A

  • Item Name: (Please hyperlink it)
  • Production: (Unique, Semi-Unique, Limited, Minor, Mass-produced?)
  • Description: (What is it, and what will it be known for?)