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Faction Armory

Remaining Forces:

769th Coruscants Own, Individualists and Infantry - 1,000/16,000 - Almost totally destroyed and KIA.
Main Sub
Unique Units 769-Br Breaching Regiment

770th Loyal Sons, Clones and Infantry 12,000/16,000 - One Quarter Destroyed or Merged with the Militia.
Clones - Male: [member="Mythos"] | Female: [member="Nyx"]
771st Faceless First, Stealth, Scouts and Recon. 12,000/16,000 - One Quarter Destroyed or Merged with the Militia
Clones - Male: [member="James Justice"] | Female:
772nd Durasteel Dogs, (DuraDogs) Armored Corps. - 12,000/16,000 - One Quarter Destroyed or Merged with the Militia
Male: [member="Rohlan Verd"] | Female:
Sithwatch Militia, Byss, Tython and Coruscant Groups. 12,000 Strong.

For RP Purposes:
Supply is as you would think poor. Moral is okay among the clones, not stellar but then they are clones. Moral among the 769th is terrible.
Logistics and lines of supply are cut in many places, and command and control is in hiding. The militia is as previously was fanatical after the sithout, though obviously calmed down over time. Please contact me if you've done anything to quell this, and do see this message, though i'll obviously ask prior to any dom itself.

Faction Armory:

OS-PBC-770 - Portable Blaster Carbine. Extremely fast firing to give it a chance against modern armors.
Cheap, able to be dropped from a great height in crates, works great with the Sithwatch, for long campaigns to relieve troops, for counter insurgency or insurgency work!
OS-Blastail MC1 - Mass Produced Cheap Tank
OS-FPHS - Gungan Inspired Shields, with Ion Buffers
OS PDS - Point Defense System, Controlled by an AI
SK-45-br-the-Botnet-FFE - Hacking Tool

Any common items from Fire For Effects Catalogue

Dreamer Robes - Initiate

Kethanite Shock Mount Armor

The Shards of Darth Krayt's Reborn Armor (Currently awaiting to be rebuilt)

Biosect Droid MKII

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