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Approved Tech FA-1

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  • Manufacturer: Nadir slaves Aver Brand

  • Model: Fulgur Arca 1

  • Affiliation: Aver Brand

  • Modularity: /

  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Material: Supercapacitors, duraplast, lightning conductor components, isolating components

  • Conducts lightning directed at the user and stores it in the capacitors

  • Recharges any connected power sources or batteries with the stored energy

  • Discharges the stored energy in a radial shockwave around the user
Any lightning around the user will jump to the conductor components in FA due to its nature. This results in both targeted and ambient lightning building up in the capacitors, which then store this in the form of energy.
Once stored, it can be used in two ways: either to recharge any power sources connected to the FA, or in a form of violent electrical discharge with a radius of 1-2 m, depending on the amount of energy stored. This electric shock is similar in function to the ion grenade The notable difference is that it only radiates outward, thus excluding the user of FA that finds themselves instead 'in the eye of the storm'.


  • Conducts and stores electricity

  • Ability to discharge the stored energy in the form of an electric shock
Weaknesses :

  • The capacitors can be overloaded by high-voltage or sustained electricity, which results in a spontaneous discharge

  • An overload also melts the capacitors and renders them unusable, requiring a replacement to make the FA fully operable again
FA was commissioned, designed, and made specifically for the galaxy-trotting mercenary. In a battlefield where every other combatant is a Force user, regular visitors either learn to adapt, or they perish.

Thus, the solution: FA-1. By structure and function, the device is really quite simple – merely a combination of technology that civilisation has known for millennia. It’s shaped to fit on hardpoints or magplates of the user’s armor, allowing for maximum flexibility in positioning and arrangement of the FA-1 units. The device itself is rather small, utilizing modern technology and materials to pack a number of supercapacitors into a tiny amount of space.

FA was also made to connect easily with the power source utilized by Aver’s armor, allowing for quick recharge times and smooth operation in the field. Due to the nature of her work, the FA was built to be robust and resistant to physical trauma.

To prevent self-electrocution accidents, the FA is lined with powerful insulation at the point of attachment. If mounted on Aver’s armor (and probably any comparable design), the FA unit can also be grounded under the plating and through the boots, providing a fallback in case of malfunction or overload.
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