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Approved Starship F-33 Serica

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Jorus Merrill

is mek bote

  • Intent: A new generation of elite starfighter for Silk Holdings. Been a while.
  • Image Source: Sabre Interceptor by Alistair Macintyre, found at
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Silk, The Wretched Hive (design consultation)
  • Model: F-33 Serica
  • Affiliation: Open Market (use as you see fit, unless you're a dirty Sith, in which case you better have a darn good reason for owning one)
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Turadium, duranium, glasteel
  • Classification: Elite Starfighter
  • Length: 16 meters
  • Width: 11 meters
  • Height: 3 meters
  • Armament: Average
    2 laser cannons (wingtip, fixed forward)
  • 1 dual blaster cannon turret (ventral, partially automated, 360-degree fire arc)
  • 1 multirole warhead launcher
    4 standard-size missiles (concussion, proton, mag-pulse, etc.) OR
  • 2 large warheads/charges (proton bomb, flame carpet, seismic charge, Empion mine, etc.)

[*]1 multirole small-deployables bay
  • Varying combinations of micromines, antipersonnel/antivehicle thermal detonators, Stage Three charges, comm relays, small probes, utility beacons, Conner nets, etc.

[*]Defenses: High
  • Turadium/duranium hull
  • Advanced ray shield generator
  • Advanced particle shield generator

[*]Squadron Count: Very Low (4)
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
[*]Speed Rating: High
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow (5)
  • Standard Communications Array
  • Slow Hyperdrive
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Can Enter Atmosphere and Land

  • Advanced Sublight Engines
  • Advanced Shield Generators
  • Advanced Targeting Systems

  • Great speed.
  • Very tough hull and shields.
  • Extremely adaptable loadout.
  • Multi-angle attack options.
  • Separate ray/particle shield generators allow one to remain functional while the other is battered down by its damage type. This only offers a small net advantage over a unified deflector shield generator, as...
  • ...the ray or particle shields will each drop a bit faster than a unified deflector shield.
  • Slow hyperdrive is suitable for in-sector transit and not much more. This fighter needs to get where it's going courtesy of a larger ship, or can react to threats from nearby bases.
  • Unimpressive main weaponry (two laser cannons, one basic warhead launcher).
  • Low squadron count.
Description: The F-27 Serica is a spiritual child to the immensely successful Terminus-class starfighter. Unlike the Terminus, the Serica is a single-seat fighter that retains forward-oriented weapons. Just like the Terminus, however, the Serica can bring unmitigated pain upon enemies who don't happen to be right in front of the pilot. A 360-degree dual blaster cannon can deploy from the ventral hull, and advanced autoblaster targeting systems can keep up sustained fire on maneuverable enemies while the pilot's attention is elsewhere.

Along similar lines, the Serica has the option to deploy any number of obstacles in its pursuers' path, from tractor-scrambling Stage Three charges to micromines too small for sensors to pick up. Enemies who like to play games and apparate on one's rear screens quickly find themselves entangled by Connor nets, flummoxed by small gravity mines, pummeled by dual blaster cannons, et cetera. The Serica can also use segments of its deployables bay to carry small comm relays and probes, or even for grenade bombing runs.

For convenience in extreme circumstances, a second person can squeeze into a small seat behind the pilot. The compact fighter often uses this space for a portion of its survival supplies, so choose wisely.

A split ray/particle shield setup makes the Serica a bit better against multiple damage types than against a single type. For example, a laser barrage may leave ray shields at 10%, but particle shields will remain at 100% - but the same laser barrage would have done somewhat less damage to a standard deflector shield than to the ray shield. Simply put, weapon type X will hit harder than normal, but weapon type Y will face undamaged shields. A variation of standard power transfer technology (often used to shunt power between engines, weapons, and shields) allows a pilot to switch power between ray and particle emitters if needed. For example, if the enemy is only using mass driver weapons and a pilot doesn't expect to encounter energy weapons, the pilot can drain the ray shields to bring the particle shields back to full strength. Again, choose wisely.

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
[member="Gir Quee"]

Dagnabbit, thought I'd finally gotten the new system right. Can you check my work?

Production: -2
Armament: 0
Defenses: +2
Squadron Count: -1
Maneuver: +1
Speed: +2
Hyperdrive: -2

Or is this a 'find another weakness or cut a strength' thing?
Directorate Officer
[member="Jorus Merrill"], absolutely. I do make mistakes as well, and I do appreciate it when people point them out. I don't want to give anyone the shaft when I judge their submissions, especially if it's a case of me accidentally clicking the wrong value on a spreadsheet.

Here's my schema:

Production: Limited (-2)
Armament: Average
Defenses: High (+2)
Squadron Count: Low (8) (-1)
Maneuverability Rating: Moderate (+1)
Speed Rating: High (+2)
Hyperdrive Class: Very Low (10) (-1)
It looks like we differ on the hyperdrive, but we're otherwise on the same page.

It's entirely possible to get a -2 rating for the hyperdrive, but that means that there isn't a hyperdrive at all. Here's the typical rating scheme used for hyperdrives (It does show up in the spreadsheet if you use it):

Very Fast (Faster than x1.0): +1
Average (x1-x4): 0
Very Slow (x4-x10): -1
None: -2

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
Ahh, that explains it. I don't use the spreadsheet, no - I've never managed to make it work on my devices - just the posted template examples and so forth. I dropped one rating (squadron size) and tweaked some small elements in the description. Let me know if that works for you.
Directorate Officer
[member="Jorus Merrill"], ratings and balance looks solid.

Jorus Merrill said:
Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow (4)
This is probably my fault from not providing you with better annotation in my previous post. Very Slow applies to hyperdrives slower (but not equal to) than x4.

If you'll change this to x5, we should be set.
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